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March 19, 2011

How do I join the PGCE dropbox thing?

It's been on my to-do list for ages and now I forgot how to do it :(. Please help!

March 07, 2011

Reflections on Week 22

So it's not been a bad week. Relationship with Year 8 group has been my main focus and I think that's been vastly improved. Very fond of them already. They're starting a lot of low level behaviour which I'm going to have to start giving consequences for. My shared Year 9's have been given a 5 min breaktime detention for Monday which I'll do with the other trainee. I've done the admin side of this during the lesson while she is busy teaching so that we have an exact list of who needs to turn up and when, etc. Don't want anyone slipping through the net or being accused of not turning up when they weren't in the lesson, need to know who actually turns up and so on.... there is a lot of hassle to giving detentions and I haven't even mentioned having to give up break to do it in! I'm really pleased with the way we are working together now, it feels like I have a more purposeful role in the room and we're getting much better at the dynamic.

I'm getting more used to advance planning and quite like it. I still think my lessons are pitched a little on the low side, for most pupils. It's hard because one girl in my Year 8 class is getting lost but basically everyone could be pushed onwards. They have very short attention spans so work best in 3 min bursts, which rules out them getting on with tasks at their own pace.

And good news! I'm staying in Warwick for the next 3.5 years so can start looking for teaching jobs in this area now. I've been on the TES but the current selection isn't for me, loads miles away and a couple of private schools. Keep looking! I'll start writing some personal statement-ish paragraphs soon.

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