November 09, 2010

Starter 1

And here begins my cataloguing of the lessons (or part lessons) which I do at my PP1 school. My first activity, a starter, ended up not existing because I had to go to a meeting, but here is the plan. 


Year 7 Class 7





No. Of pupils


Lesson time

11:25 - 12:25

Topic: Angles and Bearings

Previous work: identifying acute/obtuse/reflex angles and estimating the size of given angles

Next work: angles in triangles

National Curriculum References

Estimate the size of an angle using 90 and 180 degrees as guidelines (level 5)

Name acute, obtuse and reflex angles (level 5)

Pupil Learning Targets

To recall and consolidate previous work on angles

Personal Targets

To monitor progress of individuals, not just get a “general idea”

To use incorrect answers as a learning opportunity without embarrassing the incorrect pupil


Mini whiteboards (in pupil planners)

Whiteboard pens x16 (plus spares)

Tissues to clean whiteboards






Pupils arriving, sit down and get ready to begin. Whiteboard pens and tissues given out, pupils asked to find the whiteboard page of their planners.


Drawing acute/obtuse/reflex angles (Look out for interesting "borderline" angles, as a learning point eg acute angles can be tiny or almost 90 degrees. Is likely most diagrams will be 30-60 degrees)

  1. "Draw me a right angle...and hold your whiteboard up"

(If there are incorrect answers, chose someone with a correct answer to explain to the class what a right angle is. Ask incorrect pupils to have another go and hold it up.)

  • "Don't rub out your right angle, draw on that diagram: an acute angle"

(If there are few incorrect answers, do as above.

If there are many incorrect answers: probably have some which are obtuse. Borrow an acute and obtuse whiteboard from pupils. "We have some answers like this [acute] and some like this [obtuse]. Which one is right?" "Why?")

  • "Draw me another right angle and an obtuse angle on the same diagram"
  • "This one is tricky. Can you draw a reflex angle?"

(If there is confusion ask "who remembers what a reflex angle is?", take answers from class, then they can draw it)

Can pupils recall what it means to be acute/obtuse/reflex?

  1. Repeat acute/obtuse/reflex if there were incorrect answers. (To save time, could draw all three on one diagram and put a A, O, R next to each one)

Have the ones who previous got it wrong got it right this time?


Drawing estimates of given angles

  1. "Draw me a right angle, and write next to it how many degrees there is in a right angle".

"How many degrees are there in a right angle?"

  • "On that diagram, draw a 45 degree angle. I'm not expecting it to be exact, just do an estimate".

(With incorrect answers: draw on the board an estimate of the ones I've seen (far too big/small) and ask class if they accept those as around 45 degrees? Why/why not? How did they draw their (correct) ones? (Aiming for 45 is half of 90 so should be about half of a right angle))

  • (Unless diagrams are very messy) "On the same diagram: draw a 30 degree angle".
  • "Ok, rub all that off. Now draw a 180 deg angle."
  • "We'll finish off with one tricky one: have a go at drawing a 135 degree angle. "

(Expect them to struggle. While they think about it, write 90 deg + 45 deg = 135 deg on the board. Draw class attention to this and ask "How could this help?"

Can pupils estimate simple angles? Can they explain why?

Can pupils estimate angles as a composite of simple angles?

Spare time

Estimating the size of a given angle (less interested in precise accuracy, more interested in justifications.)

If class find drawing estimates of angles unexpectedly easy and have some spare time: draw random angles on the whiteboard. Ask pupils to write an estimate on their whiteboard. See range of answers and pick interesting ones to be justified to class.

IDEAS: 55, 15, 120, 340 Remember that angles don't have to be drawn anticlockwise from horizontal.

Can pupils justify their estimates, using simple angles as guidelines?

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