February 08, 2011

Reflections on Week 15

Well, that was awesome. I worked a mere 26 hours last week and this week is looking much the same which is a wonderful decrease on PP1's 50-60+. I'm trying very hard to do less work, I have a habit of filling my time with work of some sort because it feel like there should be something to do. I take great delight in honing something to perfection, which takes hours for little additional benefit. As in a task could take 30mins to do to a (pretending grades apply to stuff like lesson planning, resource making and prereading ) C grade, 1 hour to a A and 2 hours to do to a A*. I can't help but spend the 2 hours on it, I'm trying now to forget about the A* and make good judgements as to whether a task needs to be done to a A or a C. I'm trying to convince myself that working like this doesn't limit the standard I'll reach at the end. It's more likely to mean the standard of my teaching increases through PP2 as there will actually be time for sleeping and I'll be refreshed enough to teach properly.

I'm enjoying working with my (new) group. I've taken on a "if someone else can do it to 70% of the standard I can, let them", rather than fighting to get everything with my name on it to the standard I want. I'm way more relaxed and laid back as a result, which I think my group prefer! We're working pretty well together although there is a quieter few I'm going to be focusing on while we're still in uni, I like to hear what everyone says and it's really nice when we can all talk freely. If you have to fight to get a word in edgeways then you're lucky to speak for yourself let alone bring in others. So I'm glad that's improving. Our work output is way better as a result.

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  1. “if someone else can do it to 70% of the standard I can, let them”
    Cheeky! As a member of your group I am quite offended- my work is at least 110% of the standard of yours!
    (You forgot to mention certain members of your new group are stupidly competitive!)

    09 Feb 2011, 18:16

  2. Congratulations Emma, that’s the first time in a long while that I’ve seen 110% used correctly. (“I always give 110%!” is a huge bugbear of mine, if 100% isn’t the maximum effort you can give then when does 110% mean? Surely it is far inferior to a claim of 200% effort, for example. etc, etc more rant.)

    It was something someone mentioned while I was working on the Special Project (not that that was below what I could do – that was actually better than what I’d have come up with by myself) and I thought it articulated what I’d been trying to think quite nicely. It just means I can chill whenever we do something (which I know the guys of our group have appreciated!) as I know we have a 30% margin of error. Our group has done some fantastic stuff recently (e.g. enrichment project) so I’m well happy anyway.

    09 Feb 2011, 18:24

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