May 30, 2011


Effective resource management can turn around a company sinking in debt. The famous waste identification and elimination of delay times, redundant movements, redundant materials, optimisation of downtimes,... is one significant approach. These wastes maybe identified where the status quo is questioned and new ways of working are encouraged. But if 'Business is as usual' then it may be assumed to be so til the business is shut down!! People familiar with the system need to be encouraged to share their thoughts on improving the system.

Is 'great' thinking exclusive?

Is it only great and recognised thinkers who think? Of course not!! Every human thinks. So what makes great thinkers great if indeed they are? Is it their ability to express their thoughts in a (sophisticated) language that is widely understood among an audience of significant numbers? Or is it seemingly novel ideas that get to be widely published?

I choose to think (I am thinking!!) that thinking is inherent and is limitless irrespective of the context and culture. From the first man to the end there will always be ideas that seem novel in their time of expression. If an idea does not get expressed, developed and shared with others, it will remain just an idea thus may not get to the genius book of records. I wonder what criteria is used to break the records. It can be a beyond-lifetime achievement to be recognised as a philosopher!! To this day, reference is made to Socrates ...

Does explicit knowledge equal tacit knowledge?

How explicit can tacit knowledge be translated? Language can be limiting in translating implicit knowledge to explicit, particularly where it is not common to all within a specific context. Interestingly, an aspect of this subject matter was discussed during the  OPP module when a statement by the former UN Secretary General, Koffi Annan, indicated the need for a shared language that represents the values of UN. The debate in class was how can actions be measured and matched to a specified breach of values. It is quite subjective to the assessor. I think tacit-explicit knowledge is subjective to the subject and observer and may not be maximally captured and codified.

October 10, 2010


On our second day in class, I was introduced to the term 'blog' and told that it will contribute to my module assessment. It is a new experience of sharing thoughts but wondered whether it should be a mode of evaluation on an academic program. I am yet to dig deep.

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