June 05, 2006

Panic sets in.

Only two days to go now til my first exam and panic is beginning to creep in around the edges. This is both good and bad – because panic makes me work – but it is panic and therefore not pretty. However today's revision of computing and Storey's electronics has gone fairly well except me having a dim moment about Karnaugh maps and this is making me feel pretty good.
On a lighter note it was Chris Payne's birthday on saturday, and Debbie's so birthday presents all round. Much fun was had on saturday night at Chris's – even tho Nathaniel got us thrown out of Wetherspoons!!
And tonight I'm off to Tom's for dinner and to probably watch a film. I've not been there before so I have to negotiate my way around Tile Hill but it'll be all good I'm sure.
So must go and make myself pretty!
Happy Revisioning

June 01, 2006

Joyous Revision

This is quickly turning into an excellent way to procrastinate from revision!! Today I am mostly looking at electromechanical systems – which is good cos I actually have a chance of understanding that!! Yesterday I tried fluid flow which really just made my brain feel runny. So we're moving on. However minor things do keep getting in the way – such as the downloading of last weekends Dr Who (since I was getting steadily pissed at a civil partnership cerremony), and the general presence of shiny fantasy games on my PC(ie Morrowind and NeverWinter nights and the such). These games were made to stop me from revising. Which is very unhelpful!!
Also everyone I know seems to have gone and seen X–Men 3. This is bad cos I so desperatly want to see it (the others are two of my faveourite films and I loved the cartoons as a kid). Nick's seen it, my housemates have seen it, a load of mates have seen it… it's like they're all just rubbing it in! Oh well. I shall hopefully go see it soon.
On another tangent, I have an arse of a cold. Not helpful when one needs to be at ones best to work! Vitamin C here we come.

May 30, 2006

Da da da daaaa

Ah ha! I'm writing again in a reasonalbly short space of time!! Been at Nick's mum's this weekend for her civil partnership ceremony. It was such a wonderful event – an incredibly beautiful ceremony and a fab party afterwards (perhaps a touch too much wine :s). All his family were there and generally were very welcoming, so at least for those who knew last summer has generally been put in the past which is good. Just revision now and the run up to exams, tho recently I've also been trying a social life on for size and actually developed a friend. Hopefully I'll be seeing him soon to go see X–men. Woot!
Sorrry for rambling
Em x

May 16, 2006

See….I do write occasionally!

So yea it's been ages again. Much stuff happens and I don't bother writing. But new fun things are happening so I felt a strange need again. An old freind of mine, Dan Marshall, is moving back to Birmingham after living in America for many years. This is very cool! It'll be fab to see him cos it's been like two years since I last saw him on a visit.
Nick and I are still going – he has his first exam for his masters today and will be finishing on friday and coming here which is fab!
I've also developed a tad more of a life which is good. Gotten more involved with LARPs and Scifi – even ran my first game! I am supposed to be revising but you know. What the hell!
Anyway. I'll have to set a reminder on here or something to make myself wrtie more. I need to get into the habit!
Em x

February 15, 2006

Trying to Blog more…

Well. I never use this so I thought maybe I'd have a bit of a crack!
It's 8.14 on a day when I don't have to be on campus til around two and my beautiful lie in is ruined again :(. Just can't seem to sleep much at the moment. Which isn't particually helpful. Having a rather stressful time too, what with trying to find a new house to live in and failing miserably. Having much work. And having no money. And having a boyfriend in Glasgow – a cold and not brilliant place. (Apologies to anyone who lives there…). But i'm sure everything will come out in the wash – it has done so far, so I am as ever hopeful :) I will try to remember to come and have a ramble tomorrow

January 27, 2005

New LARPS pics

Follow-up to LARPS from Em's blog

Well, I went and actually played the week after that, still not many people tho. So this weekend, when there were about 16 of them and proper adventure took place, I took more pictures…. see LARPS gallery…

January 09, 2005


Had a rather fun afternoon playing around with a digital camera whilst watching the LARPS society mess about behind rootes. Took many photo's at Nick's request, so all you lucky people can have a looksee at what my mad boyfriend has been getting up to….
So have a look in the gallery…..........

October 12, 2004

Skills for success

Skills for Success:

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills



Logical Thinking

Quantitative Thinking


Continuing Education

Maintaining a Professional Library




Common Sense


Involvement in the Community

Skills for Creativity:

Persistence (‘Stick-to-it-iveness’)

Questioning (‘Asks Why’)

Never Satisfied

Learns from Accidents

Makes Analogies


Develops Qualitative & Quantitative Understanding

Good Visualisation Skills

Good Drawing Skills

Unbounded Thinking

Broad Interests

Collects Obscure Information

Works with Nature

Keeps an engineering ‘toolbox’

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