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December 03, 2005

I'm going home…!

Well i guess i should make a quick blog entry to say goodbye and happy christmas to everyone, cos i'm going home tomorrow and i know what our computer and internet connection are like… i doubt i'll be able to get online much over the hols, so if you want to get in touch, try texting instead!!

Obviously i should be packing instead of sitting here doing this, but never mind. Haven't done any packing at all yet… but i'm so knackered, i'm just going to have to go to bed. Had very little sleep recently and consequently feel dead on my feet right now! Managed to get my dissertation chapter kinda done yesterday… it might need finishing off in a better way, and will certainly need general changes anyway… i'm waiting to see what Penny says, cos i'm a bit worried i'm skimming over things and spreading myself over too many considerably large topics… we'll see! The point is that i handed 3,305 words in today, when a lot of people i spoke to hadn't finished their chapter, or didn't bother handing anything in at all… so i'm feeling quite pleased with myself! :-)

Can't believe term has actually finished now and i can go home… it feels like i've been waiting forever for this moment, but now it's here, it doesn't feel right. Amy and Laura have already gone (i'm alone in the house with Shed… how brave am i?? or should that be the other way round? hehe!). It doesn't feel real, it's almost as if now it is here i don't really want to go… but then i still don't particularly want to be here right now… what the hell do i want?? I know i need to get home anyway – perfect example of how i need to sort my head out and get away from this place!! Got a few treats lined up this weekend: as it was mum and dad's anniversary today, we're all going out for a meal tomorrow when i'm back, so i'll get to see everyone straight away – mum, dad, sue, tim, baby tom, jen, and matt… will be lovely :-) also going to see Harry Potter on Sunday so that will be fab!

General plans for the month are:

  • do another dissertation chapter
  • general reading…
  • career research
  • work at the Molineux to earn money
  • go driving with my dad
  • spend loads of time with my family
  • go out on the piss with the home crowd in wolves
  • eat better, get some exercise, and feel better about myself…

It's all good babe :-)
Right then, i'm going to dry my hair and get into bed… hope everyone has a very merry christmas, enjoy the break and take care!

December 02, 2005

My mum and dad

So today is my parents' ruby wedding anniversary, that means they have spent an entire 40 years together!! Amazing isn't it?? 40 years with one person… they've been through so much together… i can only hope i find someone i can share my life with like that. Here's to many more happy years for my mum and dad!
This is the happy couple:

Congratulations mum and dad, hope you've had a lovely day… i'll see you tomorrow!! :-)

December 01, 2005


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