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November 29, 2005

Wasting time…

Well, supposedly i should have finished my dissertation chapter by now, so that Lewis could come and visit tomorrow… i'm afraid that what has actually happened, is i've done fuck all. Having a run of such productive days recently was clearly a complete fluke, and i have now returned to the useless non-working Emma who everyone knew before… I have absolutely no inclination to sit down and do this bloody work, and that in itself is now pissing me off.

I wasted a huge amount of yesterday, and i have now wasted all of today, so far (i suppose i'll still be up for hours, so there is hope for me yet!)... What i have achieved is to eat a load of rubbish and so make myself feel disgusting, and also to get worked up about things which really isn't good for me either.

On the plus side, Top B last night was fab, as usual. I just want to make the point straight away that my blog post last night reflected in no way on the Top B experience. I was actually far more drunk than i realised (isn't it frustrating when u realise that the next day??), and had a good old boogie in the marketplace. Huge thanks again to Chris for the lifts, having seen how bad the snow / ice was, i'm convinced we would have ended up sliding all over the place and going arse over tit in a big way trying to run for the bus, so it is much appreciated, thank you!

Also thanks to the random group of lads who wouldn't let me through on my way back from the bar, telling me it was someone's birthday, and would i give him a birthday kiss… I think it marked the return to my old ways, really it is so much easier for me to live like that… i need to stop getting disillusioned and distracted, and just do what i know and what i do best… bollocks to it, Emma's back!

There are so many reasons contributing to me feeling down and a bit weird, and the fact that i just cannot wait to get out of here… i can't explain properly on the blogs, but trust me i've had enough of things, and i just know that this break is going to do me the power of good… bring it on :-)

My thought for the night

I would like to go home now.
I need to get out of here.

November 28, 2005

Another productive day and a weekend of doing very little

So here's my update of the last few days:
I did get approximately 3 hours of sleep on thursday night, but amazingly got up on time and survived through a long Friday much better than i expected. My impressive productive streak continued all day… i actually listened, concentrated, and made plenty of notes in all my lectures (highly unusual!). I even, dare i say this, enjoyed the stuff that i learnt, and appreciated my course as much as ever… i think i actually have turned the corner with this new love of classics now! In Tragedy, i was fascinated by the play, and made extra notes as things popped up that i knew would fit brilliantly into my dissertation…

I also made my presentation to the Augustus class, this went really rather well. I was so happy to be prepared for once, that i didn't mind standing at the front of the lecture theatre and reeling it all off… i felt very knowledgable (again, highly unusual!).

I managed to get a chance to talk to my dissertation tutor very briefly, which was a relief, wasn't sure if she thought i'd forgotten about her! I don't need to see her til next term, when we can discuss the stuff i'll have handed in by the end of this week, and i told her about my plans for the christmas hols (as in reading the comedies and getting started on that chapter…), so that was all good. Went to the library and raced round to get a few books to help with the dissertation work that's got to be done this week…

Also saw another lecturer to get the mark for my first assessed essay of this year – i got a 2.1, so i'm rather pleased about that. She made some very good, helpful comments as well, so that was fab.
All in all, was a long day at uni, but i felt very studenty and studious, so i didn't mind it so much. Was ok til i had to wait hours for the bus, and then the bloody thing couldn't go down the highstreet cos it was all roped off for the christmas lights being turned on… luckily i had my wits about me (for once) and got off in time before it headed into the sunset towards leam!

After being back in the house about 20 mins, i then went out again with Amy (and later Laura) to witness the wonder that was the Kenilworth Christmas lights being turned on! It was pretty cool actually, Kenilworth is such a community, and it seemed like the entire town was out… the highstreet was tranformed with all the little stalls and kids rides etc… and Mercia FM had a stage set up outside Boots, playing good music and showcasing the fabulous rock and roll society of Ken – i wanna be able to dance like that, seriously!! By the time the lights were actually turned on, us girls were totally frozen and returned home to put dinner on! Proceeded to sit in front of the TV all night and relax… which was fine til we heard noises in the house… Amy and i were genuinely scared and had to sit up til the Shed returned home from his ball to sort us out… which he did by scaring the shit out of us in his bedroom doorway, making us scream, and waking Laura up, which she wasn't at all amused by…!

Had a little lie in on Saturday, and basically wasted the entire day doing a whole load of nothing, was fantastic after my recent attempts at serious hard work! Dressed as a soldier girl for our random house gathering… Laura was a beach babe, and Amy was a beautiful Mrs Santa… Shed won first prize though with his shorts and stripy socks combo, was a fantastic sight!! :-) Chris and Siggy arrived as Amy and i were belting out a good xmas song down the karaoke microphones at top volume and enjoying a few doubles… they succeeded with the task of bringing good food items, which was very pleasing. All in all was a good night, if slightly random at times (that was indeed the whole point!), especially when Chris made a dare which he instantly regretted… lol!
We made plenty of exciting cocktails, and Amy and i were rather drunk by the end of the evening (any surprises there??), but it was all good fun! After the boys left, us girls lay around the lounge floor eating up anything that was left in sight… eventually the others went to bed, but i stayed up talkin to Lewis on msn til about 4 am, by which time i had to give up and go to bed myself…

I was so tired, i had the most wonderful lie in today… i actually didn't get out of bed til 2:15… i don't remember ever sleeping til that time (although i had been awake from alarms and house bangs in the mean time, but fallen asleep again… i guess i was pretty tired!!). I've sat around in my PJ's for the entire day, watching TV, and we put the film Emma on when there really was nothing else left to watch on TV, continuing to eat any random shit left over from the party… it's been great! Although i do now feel a sense of regret that i've done bugger all during the whole weekend, and that i really should be working on the dissertation cos it's not quite holiday time yet… what has happened to me, i don't normally get these feelings!! Weird, huh?! Oh well, i promise to work hard for the next couple of days, and everything will be alright!

I've arranged to go and see Harry Potter with one of my big sisters when i get home, so i'm looking forward to that. I spoke to my mum on the phone this evening as well, for the first time in ages… was nice to catch up. My nephew Tom is still ill unfortunately, and spreading it around the family… the dog has lost a claw… and dad continues to abolish walls and spread dust around the house as he works on the kitchen (will it ever get finished, i ask myself?!). Mum has also been finding out baby photos of myself, cos i need one for the Classics yearbook… they've obviously been having great fun going through the old photo albums, and it certainly provided a good laugh for us tonight :-)

Talking to mum tonight was one of those moments that is really nice and yet also upsetting at the same time… i can really picture everyone so vividly, and i just want to be there right now. I need to get out of this house. It's driving me crazy… and the thought of an entire month in Wolverhampton is soooo inviting right now, even if it means working on my dissertation, and working (hopefully) at the Molineux to earn money, and everything else… it doesn't matter, cos it's home, it's where i belong, and it's going to be Christmas (admittedly i'm still not feeling at all Christmassy right now, and i wish it was still summer!! but i do love this time of year, especially since i've been at uni, it's so nice to go back and be with everyone… watch Tom crawling round the tree…) as much as i love uni, and student life, blah blah blah… i want to go home. I need to get out of here before i explode.

And on that note, i'm off… i've just realised how long i've been talking, bloody hell! I'm still wide awake though (after my mamma lie in) so i think i'll do some useful reading…. bring it on for the women of Classical Athens!!

November 25, 2005


Dear friends,
This is a formal invitation to a Random (and i stress Random) mini house gathering in Ken tomorrow night. With Metropolis in the union, a lack of enthusiastic people for a Leam night, and a lack of money generally, we have decided we want to have a night of fun and drink and music etc right here in Ken House.
Dress code: Random
Time: evening
Necessary for entry: a Random food item, colour coded – please chose from following list – orange, blue, pink, red, yellow.
See you tomorrow – if you don't comment on this you will receive a text from one of us, and we will hunt you down and kick your ass!!

Productive Day

So it's quite a bit later than when i was intending to have finished work and be going to bed… doesn't really bother me, i'm usually up til much later than this, it's just that Friday is my early get up day, and i hate the thought of the cold, dark mornings when no one else is awake…

Anyway, the point is that i've achieved quite a lot today (i mean for me, on a free day)... i had a nice little lie-in, sprayed vanish on the carpets like a mad-woman after Saturday's sick fiasco, sorted out all my notes and various things in my room that hadn't been done for over a week… read an entire Greek tragedy (the Women of Trachis) in preparation for tomorrow's lectures.. and i actually really enjoyed it. I've got to the stage of actually liking my course, this is fantastic! Also did a load of washing up, which was interrupted by a very pleasant visit… Chris came round and brought flowers and chocolates for me and Amy because of recent shitness and he was concerned about us feeling down. It was really nice of him and we appreciated it sooo much, thank you darling, it was a lovely gesture :-) We've made a big impact into both boxes of chocs already… don't think they'll be around much longer!!

After a long break for dinner and watching TV, i realised i still hadn't done my presentation for my seminar tomorrow… so i've been sat here working on it like a good girl for hours!! I'm sooo impressed with myself because i never do the reading for seminars and even when i've had to do presentations in the past, i've relied heavily on someone else to get me through it and often found that afterwards i still hadn't got a clue about what we were supposed to have looked at. But not this time, this time Em's in control :-) obviously it helps that the seminar is for the Augustus module and is about his impact in the city of Rome…. i also do a module on the city of Rome, and have therefore lifted all info from the appropriate lecture handout and notes from a couple of weeks ago… i now have a presentation that i actually understand, that sounds pretty impressive and that lasts longer than two seconds… lets just hope it goes so well when i'm stood at the front of the lecture theatre in the middle of my long shitty friday tomorrow… we shall see!
Anyway, just thought i would share the good news before i retire to bed :-) Night everyone!

November 23, 2005

Finished :–)

That's it, i'm done. 2339 words is quite enough on that topic! Just need to sort myself out and get to bed… i'm predicting somewhere between three and four hours sleep before i'm supposed to be up again… i'm so wide awake now though, it'll probably take me a while to drop off, argh! Oh well, at least it's done, another thing can be crossed off my 'to do before the end of term' list, just leaving one tragedy to read, a fantastic presentation to write, and a bloody dissertation chapter to do (i'd almost forgotten i was supposed to be writing a dissertation as well…!)

November 22, 2005

I'm still confused!

Having just found out that Eleanor was the sixth person to have me listed under their favourites, i've just realised that it now says i'm on 7 peoples favourites… what is going on?? Is someone purposefully trying to confuse me here? Who is this new mystery person, show yourself to me!

I'm having a break…

Arghhh, 725 words…. is this ever going to end?? I have kinda made a plan thingy now though, that's something i suppose. I've finished an entire block of chocolate, don't have any sweets left, Amy's dinner smells gorgeous… just having a little listen to some of my favourite TUNES to make me feel better (if only it was that easy!!). Have obviously been wasting as much time as possible faffing around on the blogs, and am very intrigued… i have discovered that i am on 6 people's favourites… ok, not many i know, but i can't work out who the sixth person is…. Laura, Chris, Siggy, Simon, and Lorna… that makes 5 i'm aware of… so mystery person who are you??

I'm amused!!

I really will be starting my essay very very soon… but i just noticed an old school friend's name on msn – "Why women stay single: – they only want the sausage and not the whole pig!"
Lol, i'm highly amused!
Seriously though, i have to start my essay now, Laura just came in to check on me and i'd written 'The'. Oh dear…

This is it…

Ok, i'm finally about to start my essay… it's now almost 3 p.m, bollocks. At least i had a good sleep, a nice shower, a gorgeous bacon sarnie and cup of tea… i can't put it off much longer.
I think i've finally chosen my title, really couldn't decide, so i've just picked one – 'How successfully does the Eumenides resolve the conflicts and problems of the Oresteian trilogy?'... We'll see how it goes… at least that's 14 words already!!
Arghhhhh, why do i know this is going to be sooo painful??
Wish me luck!

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