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October 30, 2005

Random info

Someone sent me a disgusting text last night, it was so disgusting that i can't even tell you what it was, all i can say is that it was totally out of the blue, uncalled for, and quite horrific.
Another random point about last night is that i completed my first sudoku puzzle, i have to say the whole thing had passed me by totally, until i found one in the back of a magazine yesterday, and i have to admit that i quite enjoyed it, is that sad??
Lauren came round last night, was really nice to catch up, watch some TV, have a bit of a karaoke session, was a good night :-)
And I'm so grateful for the extra hour in bed, i may still be tired, but every little helps.
As for my dissertation? Yep, still not started it…
On a brighter note, it's Top B tomorrow, i'm need of a big drinking session (sorry shed!), so everyone get your arses in gear and get down to that union!! Bring it on…

Withdrawal Symptoms

I've just realised that i've gone an entire week without eating ice-cream. This is fantastic (i'm conveniently ignoring all the other shit i've eaten this week….), i've broken the ice-cream cycle. In the first four weeks of term i ate four pots of ben and jerry's. In the fifth week of term, i ate none. Great work Em, keep it up!

October 29, 2005

The last few days

Ok peeps, i haven't done a proper entry in a few days, think an update is required… i've had a few shitty mornings / days, which then thankfully developed into very enjoyable evenings :-) Feeling a bit down at the mo, not quite sure why or whats going on, so thought i'd make a little list of whats been shitty or fab over the last few days to try and sort my head out…

Shitty things:

  • Buses have been very very very frustrating just lately. On Thursday, i was at the bus stop on time, and no bus came. For half an hour. So i was quite dramatically late for giving my presentation about my dissertation to fellow students, good start huh?? And today i got to the bus stop several minutes early… the wanker was several minutes late. I am not impressed. If they're going to be early, then they should timetable it like that, and then stick to that time, instead of changing every bloody day so you never know where you are, arghhhh….

  • So the presentation itself – had to present my ideas for my dissertation to my tutor and about 10 students… i hate presentations at the best of times, but i hadn't prepared this properly, i was hugely late, and then i found out quite a few people are covering similar topics to mine, and one girl in particular is writing a very very similar dissertation (except hers sounds better). There are a lot of good ideas, and i'm now starting to feel just a little bit lost amongst it all…

  • I don't know why, but my sleeping has been fucked up recently. I usually sleep like a baby, because i never get enough sleep and i'm always completely knackered. I've been just as tired as ever this week, and yet i'm being really weird with my sleeping… I think it was Tuesday night when i just couldn't fall asleep for hours, literally. I don't know what was wrong with me, i was tired, i was in a warm comfy bed, the house was quiet… somethings praying on my mind and keepin me awake, and its stressing me out. Also the last 2 mornings i've woken up and my quilt has been all over the place and i've been really hot, i must have been tossing and turning all night, and i just don't normally do that…

  • My concentration levels in lectures is going downhill already. I've been doing so well this year, but this week i've just not been with it at all. It's pissing me off because i thought i'd changed and that i was going to be really on top of my work this year, finally, when it's most important…. but maybe not after all

  • I've just realised the amount of work that's building up. I'm staying for the first half of reading week specifically to do work (that is sooo unlike me!), Laura and Amy have already gone home, so i'm not gona have many distractions, theres no reason why i can't make good progress for a few days… but the thought of it… And no Laura and Amy means i'm all alone with Shed, which is fine, i've done that before, but i do still need my girlies around me, especially when i'm feeling like this. Shed is doing well, bless him, he's sat through 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' tonight because i wanted to watch a romantic girly thing, but it's only made me feel more depressed.

  • I'm just feeling weird generally. I'm eating a LOT of shit, i just can't help it, i've lost all will-power i had. I know i'm putting on weight, and it's making feel fat and gross, but i still can't stop. I don't know what's wrong with me. It should be that time of the month, that would explain a lot, but it's not… another sign of my fucked up body. I should be stressing about careers, I am stressed about it when i actually think about it, but i still haven't done anything towards researching options or talking to advisers… I'm going to end up with nothing to do but go with Steven's suggestion (bless him, i thought it was fab!!) of building a time-machine so i can visit ancient civilisations… :-)

  • Also spending an absolute fortune this year so far, money i really don't have, and that is definitely stressing me out as well

  • Everyone's been ill already, and i just hate the idea of everything turning out like the end of last year, which came to a very abrupt halt with a few illnesses, or the middle of last year, which was also shitty due to illnesses. I don't like the idea that Laura is probably still very ill, i just want everyone to get better and be feeling fab again

  • Randomly, an extra point i just have to add… my CD player keeps skipping, and it is PISSING me off now

However, on the plus side:

  • I have actually done quite a bit of work this week, more than normal, including actually sitting in the library and making notes (admittedly i was waiting to meet Laura and Amy, i wouldn't have been there otherwise, but never mind, it made me feel very studious!)

  • I've had a couple of lovely evenings out – Top B, as we know, was fantastic on Monday, then Amy and i went to see Edward Scissorhands with Siggy on Wednesday, and us Kens went out with Chris and Siggy last night for a gorgeous meal in Warwick. It's been really nice to spend more time with the later additions to our mad friendship group and get to know them better. I do feel like we're all good friends now, rather than them just being friends of Laura's who we've met a few times… cheers guys, heres to many more fab times this year :-)

  • I am going home soon, probably either Wednesday or Thursday for the last bit of reading week. There's a few things i need to do, and it'll be great to see everyone, especially Tom (my gorgeous nephew – i think you may have heard of him before!!), who's been pretty ill this week, and who needs a massive hug from his devoted Auntie Em. I'll also be able to work on my driving with dad, which i'm quite excited about now i'm getting the hang of it and dad is relaxing rather than thinking i'm going to kill us both!! Of course, i can always play the piano when i'm at home too, my usual release of stress, anger, depression, emotion of any sort… (but going home also means going to work on Saturday, which will indeed mean a bit extra cash (definitely needed!), but i just can't be bothered to go to work on a Saturday when i'm at home… oh well, got to be done i suppose)

  • Oh, i've just remembered a good little update as well, in case you were wondering about the bacon overload situation in the Ken house now – well, i can infom you that we've done ourselves proud, eaten a hell of a lot of bacon sarnies, bacon in pasta, bacon wrapped round chicken… and we now have just one piece left, excellent going i think!

So, my solution to all this… give me a few days, and i'll be fine. In the mean time – lets go out, get whammed and dance like tits! Anyone who's up for it, let me know, please remember there's only me and shed in this house for almost an entire week… please help me! (sorry shed, u know i love u really…!)

Huge apologies for the massive nature of this blog, i wouldn't be surprised if no one bothered to read it, that's fine, it was more for me than anything else. And if anyone is still there, well done, you deserve gold stars :-)

October 28, 2005

What the hell is this??

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

October 25, 2005

The day of bacon

Hola beautiful blog people,

Thought i should do a little update on recent events. As you have already heard from Chris, we had a particularly good Top B night last night :-) The good old cheese was back, music was fab, and we were in great company. Chris, bless him, had rather a lot to drink, and so provided good entertainment for all, hehe!!

However, i'm afraid to say that after four weeks of marriage, i felt the need to issue a divorce… Chris and i have grown apart recently, and i felt he didn't really love me anymore :-( i suppose this might require a little explanation on my part to those not in the know about the ken house marriages…
After the first Top B of the year, Chris brought us Kens back home and proceeded to make tea and toast for us all, and generally being lovely (as usual). Amy and i therefore decided that we would marry Chris, and thought it would be hilarious to continue our marriage with him the next day. After a few days though, in a fit of rage, Amy decided to divorce Chris and promptly married Shed (i can't imagine why the hell she did that, but there you go!!). I loyally remained married to Chris all this time, but he has repeatedly shown his affections are still directed at Amy, and he has been much more concerned with trying to get back in her good books than looking after me. This understandably has grated somewhat, and i have grown increasingly pissed off and bored by the whole thing. I finally decided last night that something had to be done, and i issued the divorce that has been looming for some time. He took it rather well, and thankfully we remain good friends. I'm pleased (and completely unsurprised) to see that he's moved on, and re-married Amy (who has divorced a poor unsuspecting Shed today, hehe!). Not being one to wallow in self-pity myself, i took the bull by the horns, and proposed to Siggy last night, who fortunately accepted my offer. So after a night of a few changes, i'm pleased to say that everyone appears to be happily married again and all is well (isn't that right, dear??).
I'm sorry to anyone who's either very confused or very freaked out by this story… living in this house can do weird things to you (as much as i love it), and this is an actual example of how we pass our time…

Anyway, i was woken this morning by the house phone ringing, which Laura answered (wrong bloody number) and then accidentally threw at my door. After realising that i was possibly still a little drunk, i sat quietly with a mug of tea, until i became human again… this was aided by Laura making bacon sarnies for us girlies, in an attempt to eat up shed's load of bacon which he's desperate to get rid of seeing as none of his birthday friends had any over the weekend and it will soon be going out of date…

This afternoon, amazingly, i have actually done some work… not much, but if you knew what i was like when it comes to doing work, you would be hugely impressed by my progress so far this week, especially after a rather drunken Top B night!

This evening, the eating of bacon has continued, with Laura and me both adding some to our meals, which was delicious and very satisifying as we progress down the packs on shed's fridge shelf…
EastEnders was fab with the return of Grant and Phil, and now i'm thinking i should be continuing with my amazing working streak… hmm, we shall see!

October 23, 2005

Shed's 21st

By Amy H, Emma and Laura

Hummer Hummer Hummer,

Right, to start we have to say that we were ready on time and before Shed who faffed for ages. 1–0 to us! We were looking beautiful but he didn’t say so. But Matt did, many times “you look fantastic. I really appreciate it” to be precise. And he was right. We looked soooooo sexy.

Shed drove us to his house where we were met by the sexy men and family members and glasses of champagne. After a little giggle over some baby photos of James we were feeling more at home. We got introduced a million times to everyone but everyone was really friendly. The Shepherds (as in sheep) en masse gave James a complicated bench press gym equipment thingy which amy wanted to have a go on but Shed wouldn’t let her (arse). We were just heading off for a tour of the house when we got stopped and sidetracked by a limo and a stretch Hummer Hummer. It was a club on wheels and had lasers and lights and champagne and mamma sound system and everything! Beautiful Beautiful.

Lauren’s toe of death was hurting and causing her problems cos she fell. Simpson’s was beautiful and we had our own big room with Jimbo-big balloons that we need here. Now. This actual second. More champagne. Seating plan. Coasters. Oo the coasters. They were well cool with baby photos of the shed with captions. Very funny.

Dinner. Canapés. There was a nice salmon one. Shot of soup. Cheese puff. Cheese sticks. Foie gras. Then we sat down. Sit. Going round the table we had Amy, Amy, Nick, Laura, Shed, Mari, Shed the elder, Katie, Lee, Lorraine, Mike, Powely, Mum of the shed, Matt, Lollybaby, Chrissybaby, Embaby. A very nice bunch. The food was lovely. Very yummy. Lots of drink. Magically refilling glasses. Mmm pudding. Chocolate Pringles. Sparkly inferno of a cake. Shed blew fire down Laura’s dress. Burnt boobies. Ash in bra.

Speech….interesting. we are speechless about it. We now know exactly when James was conceived and all about what James used to do in the swimming pool. Poor shed went bright pink. Very touching bits too.

Lets crack on. Botched taxi night. Got to Arcadian in end. Went to 52 degrees north. Very hot. 2 for 1 on cocktails the first time, only when Em went back, the deal had disappeared. Arse. Nice barman the first time though. Dancing. Shed had lots of sambuka. Matt and Lauren nudge nudge wink wink

Got outside. Made friends with policeman. Very nice man. Friendly. Posed for lots of photos. But there was a Birmingham problem and he ran off. The taxis pissed us around. Amy o and lolly stayed for a bit. hope they got home ok. we got home eventually. Matt’s conversation bless him was limited to asking where we were staying, asking us to visit him, telling us we looked fantastic, talking about getting james pissed. Same conversation, on rotation, over and over again.

Gate Queen did her duty fantastically. Straight into pjs all of us. Ended up in sheds room with the boys. Tea and a huuuge mountain of toast. And marmite for Chris from the vat of marmite Laura’s daddy gave her. 3 in a bed and the little one said…Laura fell out! All snugly. But shed was grumpy.

Shed: can we have the door open please?
Matt: PISS OFF!!!!

Matt: can we please go to sleep now!

So we left in the end. It was 4.00. Laura had to sort her washing out. We made washing art with coat hangers and knickers and socks outside Shed’s door. Had a little chat on landing about being troublemakers. Laura texted her Thomas and her Mummy. Couldn’t think of any trouble so went to bed.

October 22, 2005

Freaky Friday of Week 4

Ok, now i've wasted a lot of time doing those useless quizes that probably no one will read, i thought i might as well write a proper entry about my day to fill up a bit more time that should be spent reading…

So my Friday didn't have the best start when our fire alarm started beeping for absolutely no reason at 3:50 this morning when we were all in bed and all was quiet… it was like a scene from a horror movie with us all appearing on the landing at the same time, straight out of bed. Of course nothing was actually happening, it didn't go off properly and it stopped beeping pretty much as soon as we were all out of bed. How i love our fire alarm! Having put my light out at 2:10, and set my alarm for 7:40, i was not hugely impressed with this interruption to my beauty sleep, but there was nothing i could do about it.

I woke up with my alarms and stupidly turned them all off in my sleepy state (yes, i really do need 3 alarms to get me up in the morning – and clearly even that doesn't always work…). I then woke again an hour later, and thought 'oh shit'. I could have rushed to get to uni on time for my first lecture, but i really couldn't face starting the day in such a rush. Because i don't have any breaks between my 5 hours, i like to have a big breakfast and put my face on properly, so that i'm ready to face the world. So i made the decision to not panic and to get ready normally and just go in ready for my second hour of the day. I would be able to copy the notes from someone else, and after all this is only the first lecture i've missed so far this year, i'm doing brilliantly! (this is skating over the fact that it was a hugely significant and useful lecture relating to my dissertation topic, sods law huh??).

Somehow i still managed to be running a little later than planned and had to rush to get to the bus, knowing how random and crap they are, ranging from ridiculously early, to ridiculously late, to never at all!! Just got to the corner by Sainsbury's and it went past me, i panicked and ran after it (living in kenilworth there wouldn't be another bus to uni for at least half an hour), and i have to say after all my rants about buses, this wonderful bus-driver saw me and waited at the stop. I wanted to hug him, I wanted to tell him i loved him… instead i managed a 'thank you so much' through my heavy breathing and scramble to find bus money… oh the joys of public transport huh?!

Anyway, the lectures i actually managed to get to today were fine, i was just having one of those days where i couldn't really be bothered by the time i got there, so wasn't at my best concentration-wise, but then i never really am in my lectures, so it wasn't anything unusual. Kept myself going by eating almost an entire large bag of maltesers (mmm), and was hugely relieved when my housemate Amy text to say she was on campus and could give me a lift home… no buses were required, thank god!!

Haven't done a huge amount this evening, watched some TV, kept eating, did a bit of karaoke, talked about this weekend with my housemates… it's Shed's 21st tomorrow, so we're all going out to a fancy restaurant in birmingham and then to a bar or two after that, should be a good un, but us girls had to make serious decisions on clothes and dress options (it's black tie).

I'm so tired, i'm planning to go to bed soon, have a gorgeous long sleep, maybe do a little bit of reading tomorrow, and otherwise spend the whole day getting ready, oooh yeh!
And thats about all my news at the moment i think. Not a fab day, but i haven't let myself get stressed out or feel shitty like yesterday, and i've got a good weekend to look forward to. Updates to follow on the events of Shed's birthday i suppose…!

October 21, 2005

Ok, next one…

Right, here goes quiz number 2, you bored yet?? :-)

A: The most Audacious thing you’ve ever done
Haha, a few related incidents spring to mind, but i'm not publishing those on here!!

B: Favourite Badger joke
Don't think i've heard any. I know some good bloke jokes though…!

C: Favourite Curry
Not a big curry fan, but i do like a nice Chicken Korma

D: Number of drinks it takes to get utterly Drunk
Haha, depends how quickly i drink them and how much i mix different drinks during the evening… in a normal night out i probably have about 15 units, that would get me pretty drunk, but not paraletic unless ive been doing my downing and mixing tricks or drinking things that i know don't agree with me such as tequila or barcardi…

E: Your most Effeminate characteristic
What do you mean, i am a woman, everything about me is feminine!! (except my horrible manly voice actually!). i love my girly chats, my make-up, shopping in Boots for exciting toilettries…

F: The last thing that you got for Free
Um, do lecture handouts count?? Otherwise probably a few pens from the general careers fair the other day!

G: Number of times that you’ve visited a Gym
I had to use the gym quite a lot in P.E at school, and since then i believe i visited the uni gym 3 times in my first year – check me out!!

H: Where you call Home
Good old Wolverhampton (in case you hadn't realised, i'm a proud Brummie!)

I: (leaving things open for dodgy minds…) Any Instruments that you play
Hehe, well… ;-) Ok, seriously, the piano and clarinet

J: (and again…) Favourite Juice
That's just gross!! Um, i'd probably go for pineapple

K: Song that you would sing Karaoke to
I sing everything on karaoke!! Ive done Build Me Up Buttercup and Summer Nights with my home mates, and particular Singstar favourites at uni are Eternal Flame, Superstar, Suspicious Minds, Video Killed the Radio Star, I Think We're Alone Now, Hungry Like the Wolf, Just Like a Pill…. i could go on, and on, and on…!

L: Number of times you’ve Laminated – and if you’ve achieved your laminating qualifications from the MC Office yet
Um, i don't really get this, but i think the answer is none!

M: (As seen on the BBC News website:) How much Money do you think you’d need to be happy?
A lot more than i have right now!!

N: Favourite Naan to have with aforementioned curry
Just a plain naan will do for me

O: Your Oldest possession
Teddy. He's been practically everywhere with me, i used to honestly believe that i couldn't sleep without him but i've had to learn how to! He's been through a lot with me, apparently i pulled his head off through the bars of my cot once… poor thing

P: Your worst Phobia
Don't like spiders or any insect things really, not too fond of heights, but i think my worst phobia is fire, it terrifies me!

Q: Something that makes you feel Queasy
Tequila, smell of sick, blood and gory stuff on hospital programmes… theres just no need!

R: Recent New Year Resolutions made, and how many still going?
Don't remember the last time i made actual new year resolutions

S: Favourite Season
It's got to be summer, i love the sun, the warmth, holidays, my birthday…!

T: Number of cups of Tea consumed per day (on average)
Hmm, on average probably 1, sometimes i have none, sometimes i have more than one… depends how hungover i am!!

U: The most Useful lesson you’ve ever learnt:
Just to do your best and be yourself, people can't expect anything more than that

V: Number of Valentines cards received (either in your life or in the last year – depending on how popular you are!)
None last year, in my life: one real one, and a few fakes

W: A film that can make you Weep
To be honest, i cry very easily at films, i just can't help it… i'm trying to think of one in particular, Titanic, or Pearl Harbour probably

X: Have you ever dyed your hair to become Xanthocomic (Blonde: link)
haha, no, can you imagine me with blonde hair?? i think not!

Y: The first memory you had, at your Youngest
Wow, i don't know really, maybe going to Disneyland Paris to meet Minnie Mouse

Z: Favourite animal you could see in a Zoo
um, monkeys, penguins or seals i think!

Bored, might as well do this quiz thingy…

Ok, i wasn't going to bother with these, but thought i might as well occupy myself with something more appealing than dissertation reading or watching crap on TV, so here goes…


16th July, fab summer time birthday :-)

I'm afraid that's a secret, sorry!

Can i have more than one?? Martini Bianco and lemonade, Malibu and coke, Archers and lemonade…

half a pot of ben and jerrys phish food ice-cream

Lots of bad things!! ice-cream, chocolate, haribo kiddies super mix, pizza, chips, mums lasagne, puddings in general…

Third year, finalist

Currently the bus network through Kenilworth, lack of free practice rooms on campus when i want to use them, the rise in drinks prices in the union, not having any money, not being able to stop binge-eating… oh, and my housemate james!!

Jenson Button will win the F1 World Championship in the future

Student, obviously!! casual part-time waitressing job at the Wolves Molineux football stadium when i'm at home (Hi Ho Wolverhampton!!). Supposed to be searching for future careers at the moment…


My family, my friends, my dog, Wolverhampton, Warwick uni, getting pissed, going out on the pull, loud music, being happy, having fun, holidays, sunlight, summer-time, Christmas, playing the piano, making people smile, sexy men, the smell of sexy men, being a student, being young…...

Dirty Dancing

Sorry, i have to know you or be under the influence of alcohol before i give that out!

Um, not entirely sure about this one… under, i think

My favourite perfumes are Dior Addict, Dior Pure Poison, CK One… on a bloke, i particularly like Davidoff Cool Water, but pretty much anything, i find all mens colognes soooo sexy…

I'm a girl who works to her routines, i love to have lists, and think things through obsessively

Um, can't say that i've been on an actual 'road trip', don't really know how to answer that one… i am currently learning to drive though and last went out with my dad when i was at home last Sunday

No, only passively

Friends, Teachers, No Angels (come on people!), Lost, Desperate Housewives

What, right now?? Bright purple!

Never been, sorry!

I wish for a lot of things, but i can't tell you because they're private and they won't come true otherwise!!

On my jaw over the summer, when i was having problems with my wisdom teeth coming through, the little sods



Feeling better

Just wanted to say what great friends i have, and how much i love my housemates… how could anyone feel down in this house?? Their total craziness has taken my mind off anything crappy from today, and i've been completely distracted from doing any form of work-related activity. Adding to that a few episodes of Friends, more chocolate, a long hot shower and a scarily green face-mask, things are looking much better :-) Cheers guys.

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