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September 28, 2006

Oh spider, where are you??

So after my nightmare of a spider situation on Tuesday night, i spent most of Wednesday tipping the contents of my room upside down and searching for the goddamn shitter. To no avail. I’ve got a fairly large room and a hell of a lot of junk inside, most of which has been pulled out and inspected closely for living creatures. It’s done me a good turn really cos i’ve ended up sorting the boxes under my bed which have been there untouched for years, and i’ve found stuff i’d completely forgotten about (i.e. childhood collections of random items, my Take That stickerbook from 1994, and a variety of letters that my sisters sent me when they were away at uni all those years ago!).

So i’ve now decided that the sodding spider walked out of my room that night, and i’m trying to convince myself that there really isn’t (currently) anything else living in my room. Consequently i forced myself to sleep in here last night again, so i think i’m getting back to normal… despite checking everything i pick up several times for spiders, and keep thinking i can see something moving out the corner of my eye!

To add to these fun and games, i went to the dentist yesterday for my usual 6 monthly check up, all was going well til he said “ah, you’ve got a cavity there, do you want me to do it?”... to which he got a spluttered response of “what, a filling, now???”... yes emma, a filling, shock horror! I’ve had two or three before, but they were a long time ago, and i just wasn’t mentally prepared for that (not that i have a phobia of the dentist as well i’d just like to add, but it’s not my favourite place in the world!). So he did it right there and then, and i’ve got another horrible filling which i keep running my tongue over cos i just can’t help it. I suppose that’s what three years of constant snacking at uni does to you. Never mind.

Today has gone slightly better, spent the morning with my nephew, he’s such a star :-) i sat on the kitchen counter earlier and he told me, clear as day, to mind my head!! Bless him. Just wish his other sentences made sense, it’s still all jibberish, so everyone’s just smiling and nodding and saying ‘oh really’ to keep him amused!

So now i should be getting my stuff together for going to Chris’s tomorrow, i’m not packed yet, and i don’t tend to travel lightly!! I’m off out for a meal with my sisters shortly, i’m looking forward to spending some ‘quality’ time with them, we don’t often get chance to have a proper catch up with everything else going on these days. And bring on the food, i’m starving already!!

September 27, 2006

A productive day spoilt by a spider!!!

Having had a very slow and uneventful day yesterday, i’ve got that satisfied feeling tonight of having been on the go all day, doing useful / enjoyable things… on top of that Chris is getting on really well in Skipton, and i’m another day closer to going to visit him at the weekend, woo!

So i’ve been shopping today, and i’ve purchased exciting new blue trackies, and very jazzy new hair straighteners, so that’s cheered me up no end! Also got new passport photos done and consequently could renew my young persons railcard which ran out last week. I’ve also now bought my train tickets for going to Chris’ this weekend, so that adds to my excitement for today…

For the first time in ages i’ve been for a drive today with my dad, which included driving round the ring road in town etc, and it all went very well, so i’m reassured that i haven’t forgotten it all.

I’ve also been invited out for a meal with my sisters and maybe one of their friends on Thursday, so that’s something else to look forward to :-)

I’ve been researching iPods further and explaining what they are to my parents… basically the more i think about it, the more i want one, and now i know what i want, it’s a just a matter of time…

Chris is back online now, so we’ve been able to chat all night on msn, which has been lovely, and suddenly the evenings gone – i just don’t know where all the time goes!

And that’s it really. Doesn’t sound like much, but i’m a cheerful lady tonight. Although i haven’t posted about job progress recently, i have a major thing in the pipe-line, but i don’t want to tell the world til it’s all finalised, and it’s taking a while to get it sorted. But i think the relief of knowing i’m going to have a job to go into soon has set in now, and i’m starting to enjoy what free time i have left rather than stressing everyday about searching and applying for new things. It’s brilliant. Finally i’m feeling that my life has some direction and i’m feeling more like myself. Anyway, more details about this will follow when stuff is sorted…

My main problem at the moment is that i know i have a spider lurking in my room at the mo… i picked up an item of clothing from the back of my chair earlier, noticed a mamma spider crawling on it out of the corner of my eye, promptly dropped it as soon as poss, and the little bugger ran off before i could move… it went right between my wardrobe and chest of drawers, so now i know that i definitely have a large eight-legged creature sharing my room with me, not the best thought… ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ok, would you believe that as typed that, i just noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye… the little shitter had returned… i’ve just spent god knows how long trying to chase the evil sod around my room and waiting for it to appear in different places. One appeared down the side of my bed, whether this is the same evil sod is another matter, but hell it was a big spider all the same. And this time it was by my bed. Much bigger stress. I’m now not entirely sure where it is, but i’m so stressed i can’t even contemplate getting into that bed tonight. So i haven’t. I’m now sat in the spare room bed trying to calm down. I’ve left everything as it is in my room, can wait til i have my dad to help me hunt down the little shitter (or big shitter as the case may be) during the day tomorrow. I know it is an irrational fear, but i can’t help it. They freak me out, big time. I don’t care if people laugh or take the piss out of me for moving into the spare room right now (and yes, i am aware that there’s likely to be several spiders hiding out in here, but i don’t want to think about that right now!!). OH, the stress. So much for my happy contented end of the day…!

September 25, 2006

Oh, how time flies when you're having fun…

Well last week plodded on and on, but eventually the weekend came and Chris came to stay :-) Of course the time that he was here went incredibly quickly and once i again i find myself alone at home, waiting for something to happen… was fab to see him though, and i can now officially say that four months on we have been on our first proper date!! Friday night we went out to Bella, a local Italian restaurant, and very nice it was too. Saturday i took him to the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford and he romantically explained the inner workings of all the engines! Then we went into town to get him some stuff for his house in Skipton, and we just stayed in and watched Pearl Harbour in the evening. Sunday he experienced some of the usual Holtie household chaos with Sue and Tom coming for lunch with us. It was all very enjoyable, and i miss him already… not long to wait though as I’m going up to see him at Skipton next weekend, woo hoo! So that’s that really… here’s a photo of the lovebirds taken yesterday in my garden:

Me and Chris, Sept 06

Ahhh, bless :-)

September 21, 2006

For the love of Classics

Today i have finished reading a bloody fantastic book: “Love, Sex & Tragedy – Why Classics Matters”, by Simon Goldhill (professor of Greek at Cambridge)... i got it some time ago when the title jumped off Waterstone’s shelf at me, at about the time i was starting my dissertation. It seemed amazingly appropriate for my topic, and extra amazing at the time because it wasn’t on any suggested reading lists, it was new, and i could finally do some ‘reading around my subject’, woo hoo! Alas, i only managed to get as far as the first few sections before it got sidelined with other stuff taking priority, but i did use some references in the introduction to my dissertation. Now that i’ve graduated, i don’t want to admit that i’ve actually finished. I want to hang on to my student days at Warwick, and i want to feel the love for my course, and to still feel involved (I watched Gladiator the other night and sobbed along once again)... so i picked it up, and read the entire thing over the past few days. And i have to say it was fantastic. For all those classicists who have to put up with ‘What’s that then?’, ‘Why did you study that?’, ‘What’s the point in learning about the Greeks and Romans?’, ‘How can it be relevant or helpful to today?’... read this and get some answers ready!! And for those annoying shitters who ask the questions, go and read the book. Classics is a brilliant subject, fascinating, and relevant in so many ways to modern day society. This is what it says on the back of the book:

“Our debt to the ancient world can be seen all around us. Classical columns adorn our buildings, classical heroes fill our cinemas, and we are still as obsessed with the gym as the Greeks. But the influence of the Greeks and Romans is far greater than this. Here Simon Goldhill brilliantly examines the most basic areas of modern life, from marriage and sex to politics and entertainment. Whether we are falling in love or waging wars in the name of democracy, he reveals how classical ideas shape our behaviour and our attitudes. Inspiring, thought-provoking and illuminating, ‘Love, Sex & Tragedy’ emphatically shows why classics still matters.”

Fantastic. Read it!

September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Thomas

So today has been the second birthday of my darling nephew Thomas James Gough. I cannot believe it’s been two years since the cheeky chappy was born, with all that stress just before i moved into the Ken House. Gosh, think of all that’s happened in those two years! He seems to be growing up really quickly now, and he’s still as adorable as ever… we’ve just had a little gathering at my sister Sue’s house for him, and this is a pic of him unwrapping his hobby horse from Auntie Em:

Present time!

I don’t think he was entirely sure what to do with it til grandma jumped up and started prancing round the room on it, was highly entertaining… when it was handed back to him, he turned it round and gave it a kiss, so i suppose you could class that as a seal of approval!!

Hobby horse comes out to play!

He had lots of exciting presents, most of which had a tractor theme, as his obsession grows and grows… give him a tractor or a plane and he’s happy! Tim did a lovely BBQ, despite the chilly wind, and there was good old fashioned birthday cake, just like mum (sorry, grandma) used to make for our birthdays… mmm

Time for cake...

Happy birthday Tom, with lots of love from your Auntie Em

September 17, 2006

Saturday Night #2

I think it’s finally happening… i’m growing up. No, really, i think i am! Having hardly been out up town this summer due to serious lack of money issues (and other stuff going on), i went out last night with Emma cos it was her last night out before she returns to uni. And, well, it was ok. Fairly normal night really, but then it was different… my whole mindset was different really. Obviously i just don’t have the funds to get wankered like i used to, but then i don’t actually want to anymore, i don’t see the point in it. Yeh, i still like having the odd drink and getting rather tipsy, but i don’t like going further than that these days. I was looking round at the people and the place last night, and yeh it was alright, but i’d have given anything to be back in the union again. I just didn’t feel a desperate need to be there. I was looking at people drunkenly staggering around and pulling randoms, and i just felt like it was a world away from me now, which seems weird as my whole life revolved around doing exactly that for so long. I didn’t mind chatting to new people, but i didn’t give two short shits about them or what they thought of me. I know this is probably mostly to do with my relationship with Chris now, but i still feel that i’ve changed and moved on a bit on my own. I missed Chris like hell last night, especially thinking about him up in Skipton on his own, adapting to his new world with all the emotional stress he’s dealing with at the moment. I just wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that i love him. I can’t wait for next weekend when he’s coming to visit… a weekend that won’t involve going out up town, something a bit more sedate like going to the cinema or for a meal… i don’t know… maybe last Saturday watching the proms instead of being out on the town wasn’t such a bad night after all! (i never thought i would say such a thing!! i don’t want to turn into a boring old fart!!! oh, what has happened to party girl Em?!)

September 13, 2006


A solution to feeling crappy… have a long soak in a hot bath and think about all your friends who make you smile… think about the good times you’ve had with them, the memories you have, and all the good things you have to be happy about. It works :-)


My ex-boyfriend has just text me to say he’s met David Hasselhoff today… random or what?! Oh well, it has rather amused me and cheered me up. The freaks i know! :-P

September 12, 2006


I don’t really know what to say, but i don’t really know what to do, and that’s why i’m blogging about nothing… does this make sense?! I’m bored, i’m actually bored. I haven’t been bored in aaages… there’s always stuff going on here. Well, there’s still stuff to be done, don’t get me wrong, i’ve got a list of things to do. But i don’t want to do them. And i don’t feel like doing anything. I’m just lost, suspended in time and space, lost in a weird place. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so lost as during the last few weeks… i don’t think i’ve ever cried so much as i have during this past week. It’s an emotional ‘time of the month’ granted, but it’s pretty hard to move on, getting confused about what you want out of life, where the hell you’re going, and searching for a job wears you down… big time. I’m at breaking point. Ironic really as i may just be in the process of sorting something, at long last… (i don’t want to talk about it, it’s all anyone asks about or wants to know at the moment, i’ve had enough)... but hey i’m still lost in my weird little place, and the tears just won’t stop…

September 09, 2006

Saturday Night

It comes to something when your Saturday night consists of searching online for jobs (again)... munching through a large bar of chocolate despite not being hungry, and watching the Last Night of the Proms… (not even listening to it as loudly as i would like because my nephew is sleeping across the hall way). Rock on, party girl Em.

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