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August 28, 2006

I have lived through 88 of these 158 things…

A. Put numbers in the boxes instead of x's (example: 1, 2, 3, 4, )
B. Repost as "I have lived through of these 158 things."

[1] I have read a lot of books.
[x] I have been on some sort of varsity team.
[x] I have run more than 2 miles without stopping.
[x] I have been to Canada.
[2] I have been to Europe.
[3] I have watched cartoons for hours.
[4] I have tripped UP the stairs.
[5] I have fallen down an entire flight of stairs.
[x] I have been snowboarding/skiing.
[6] I have played ping pong.

[x] I swam in the ocean.
[7] I have been on a whale watch. (i'm saying yes, but it was actually looking for dolphins…)
[8] I have seen fireworks.
[x] I have seen a shooting star.
[x] I have seen a meteor shower.
[x] I have almost drowned.
[9] I have been so embarrassed I wanted to disappear.
[10] I have listened to one CD over and over and over again.
[x] I have had stitches.
[x] I have had frostbite.

[x] I have licked a frozen pole and got stuck there.
[11] I have stayed up til 2 doing homework/projects. (I've stayed up all night doing work…)
[x] I currently have a job. (please don't rub it in)
[12] I have been ice skating. (i'm terrible at it)
[13] I have been rollerblading. (only when young, and was terrible at that too!)
[14] I have fallen flat on my face.
[15] I have tripped over my own two feet.
[x] I have been in a fist fight.
[x] I have played videogames for more than 3 hours straight.
[16] I have watched the Power Rangers.

[x] I attend Church regularly.
[17] I have played truth or dare.
[18] I have already had my 16th birthday.
[19] I have already had my 17th birthday.
[20] I've called someone stupid.
[21] I've been in a verbal argument.
[22] I've cried in school.

[x] I've played basketball on a team.
[x] I've played baseball on a team.
[x] I've played Rugby on a team.
[x] I've played football on a team.
[x] I've done cheerleading on a team.
[x] I've played softball on a team.
[x] I've played volleyball on a team.
[x] I've played tennis on a team.
[x] I've been on a track or cross country team.
[23] I've been swimming more than 20 times in my life.
[x] I've bungee jumped.
[24] I've climbed a rock wall (on one of those fake climbing walls, was so damn proud of myself!)
[x] I've lost more than $20.

[25] I've called myself an idiot. and worse
[26] I've called someone else an idiot.
[27] I've cried myself to sleep.
[28] I've had (or have) pets.
[29] I've owned a Spice Girls CD.
[30] I've owned a Britney Spears CD.
[x] I've owned an N*Sync CD.
[31] I've owned a Backstreet Boys CD. (several, and they are really good!)
[x] I've mooned someone.
[x] I have sworn at someone of authority before.

[x] I've been in the newspaper.
[x] I've been on TV.
[x] I've been to Hawaii.
[x] I've eaten sushi.
[32] I've been on the other side of a waterfall
[x] I've watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies.
[33] I've watched all the Harry Potter movies.
[x] I've watched all of the Rocky movies.
[x] I've watched the 3 Stooges.
[34] I've watched "Newlyweds" Nick & Jessica.

[35] I've watched Looney Tunes.
[x] I've been stuffed into a locker/I have stuffed others into lockers.
[36] I've been called a geek. (when i was at middle school the phrase was usually 'square')
[x] I've studied hard for a test and got a bad grade
[37] I've not studied at all for a test and aced it.
[38] I've hugged my mom within the past 24 hrs.
[x] I've hugged my dad within the past 24 hours.
[39] I've met a celebrity/music artist.
[40] I've written poetry. (only at school but it was pretty good stuff if i do say so myself!)
[x] I've been arrested.

[41] I've been attracted to someone much older than me.
[42] I've been tickled till I've cried.
[x] I've tickled someone else until they cried.
[43] I've had/have siblings.
[44] I've been to a rock concert.
[45] I've listened to classical music and enjoyed it.
[46] I've been in a play.
[47] I've been picked last in gym class.
[x] I've been picked first in gym class.
[48] I've been picked in that middle–range in gym class.

[49] I've cried in front of my friends.
[50] I've read a book longer than 1,000 pages.
[x] I've played Halo 2.
[51] I've freaked out over a sports game.
[x] I've been to Alaska.
[x] I've been to China.
[52] I've been to Spain.
[x] I've been to Japan.
[53] I've had a fight with someone on Instant Messenger.
[54] I've had a fight with someone face–to–face. (verbal fights, of course)

[55] I've had serious conversations on any IM.
[56] I've forgiven someone who has done something wrong to me.
[57] I've been forgiven.
[58] I've screamed at a scary movie.
[59] I've cried at a chick flick.
[60] I've watched a lot of action movies. (well, not a LOT, but a couple here and there…)
[61] I've screamed at the top of my lungs. (seriously, don't take me anywhere near Alton Towers!)
[x] I've been to a rap concert.
[x] I've been to a hip hop concert.
[62] I've lived in more than 2 houses. (technically yes, if you include the house we were in before we moved here when i was 1, plus uni accomodation)

[63] I've driven on the highway/been on the highway.
[64] I've driven more than 40 miles in a day/been in a car that went more than 40 miles in a day.
[x] I've been in a car accident.
[x] I've done drugs.
[65] I've been homesick.
[66] I've thrown up.
[67] I've puked on someone. (really sorry, bloody alcohol…!)
[x] I've been horseback riding. (sadly not, unless you count donkeys on the beach??)
[x] I've filled out more than 10 MySpace surveys.
[68] I've spoken my mind in public.

[69] I've proved someone wrong.
[70] I've been proven wrong by someone.
[x] I've broken a leg.
[x] I've broken an arm.
[71] I've fallen off a swing.
[72] I've swung on a swing for more than 30 minutes straight
[73] I've watched Winnie the Pooh movies.
[x] I've forgotten my backpack when I've gone to school.
[x] I've lost my backpack.

[x] I've come close to dying.
[x] I've seen someone die.
[74] I've known someone who has died.
[75] I've wanted to be an actor/actress at some point.
[76] I've done modelling. (lol, yes if making wooden or clay models of animals counts!)
[77] I've forgotten to brush my teeth some mornings. (only when horrifically hungover!)
[78] I've taken something/someone for granted.
[79] I've realized how good my life is.
[80] I've counted my blessings.
[81] I've made fun of a classmate.

[82] I've been asked out by someone and I said no.
[x] I've slapped someone in the face.
[x] I've been skateboarding.
[83] I've been backstabbed by someone I thought was a friend.
[84] I've lied to someone to their face.
[85] I've told a little white lie.
[86] I've taken a day off from school just so I don't go insane. (well, i took a day off school once just cos my friends were all going on an art trip, and i would have had no one to talk to… hence i would have looked incredibly unpopular and gone insane!)
[87] I've fainted.
[x] I've had an argument with someone about whether cheerleading is a sport or not.
[x] I've pushed someone into a pool.
[x] I've been pushed into a pool.
[88] I've been/ am in love. (i think i kinda have been…)

88 out of 158… that's crap!!

August 27, 2006

Happy 21st Emma!

So yesterday was the 21st birthday of my best mate Emma. We had a fab party in Perton, and dressed up for the occassion:

Me and Emma in our jazzy pink dresses

It was great to see some of our old school mates who i hadn't seen for a while, including Steven and James. We had a good old boogie, tucked into a lovely buffet, enjoyed the chocolate fountain, and even had a go on the karaoke… i sang Build Me Up Buttercup, and I Will Survive with Emma and Julie:


We also teamed up against the lads to give a beautiful version of Summer Nights… the pink ladies clearly doing better than the boys!

Then we had a limo ride (with mucho champagne) into town, and went into Blast Off to continue the party. All in all was a fab night, rounded off with a Subway and taxi home at 3. Cheers to the birthday girl, can't believe we're both officially grown ups now, how scary! I'll always be 17 at heart :–)

August 25, 2006


So i was feeling a bit down in my last post and was asking for chocolate to make me feel better… i wake up this morning and i have post! An envelope for Miss E. K. Holt BA (Hons) in Chris' writing… and yes my lovely boyfriend had sent me two bars of Dairy Milk. Bless. Much smiling and happiness since then, thank you darling :–) Feel lots better now… it's the little things that count… I wonder if i made a post saying i needed a grand piano to make me feel better he might buy me one of those too…?!

August 23, 2006

Feeling bleurghhhhhh

I've decided i need to get back into the blogs properly, though i'm not really sure why cos i don't think anyone actually reads mine anymore (sob sob)... i'm feeling a bit 'bleurghhhh' today, if that makes any sense, i can't really be arsed to do anything else, so i thought i'd blog. It's a silly time to do it really when i've got nothing to say, but hey. Haven't really updated my blog since the end of uni, so i might as well run through a few things that have happened:

  • i've been on hols to wales with the rents for a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries and have a complete break. Went surprisingly well actually, had a lovely time.
  • i've graduated with my 2:1 degree from Warwick, had a fab day on campus, and came home to drink champagne after and go for a meal with the immediate family
  • i turned 21, had my long–awaited barn dance with a large selection of relatives and friends (mostly from uni, cos other than Emma they're the only decent ones i've got who can be relied upon, cheers guys, i love you). Went very well indeed, felt very loved, the uni peeps all came and dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls and got into all the dances, it meant so much to me. Also received a huge number of very generous presents, was a success all round really!
  • Since then i've been looking around for a job, and not really getting anywhere. Feeling a bit lost, ok, very lost… still don't know what i want to do in life, or where i'm going to end up, and even the temporary measure to tide me over hasn't got up and running yet…
  • been away for a lovely weekend in Devon with Chris, who i'm missing very very much. Was great to spend some quality alone time together at long last…
  • chris has also been up to stay here for a weekend. was so good to have him around at home, and he's been getting on really well with the family and Emma, so it's all good!
  • Emma's stayed here for a week while my parents went on hols, was great fun, as always, but two things came out of it: 1) it shows how we're maturing slightly, cos we were mostly pretty sensible and we didn't need to drink everynight and have house parties etc, and 2) it made it even more obvious how much i miss uni and the independent living with young people, being able to do what you wanted, say what you wanted, and not worry about being in the parents' house.
  • got the internet up and working, which has been a very long process… still waiting to get the BT hub phone, once that's here everything should (fingers crossed) be rosy
  • not really got back into the driving thing yet, just been out a few times with dad, nothing too major. Need to get myself proper BSM lessons again, but sadly that requires money…
  • working on a scrap–book of memories of the past 2 years in Ken House, i'm over halfway through the book and i'm quite pleased with it so far, it's entertaining and emotional work!
  • i've done loads of sorting in my room and chucking out of old stuff to be able to fit things in that have come back from uni. I've only got a small pile waiting to be seen to outside my door now, otherwise i feel much better and junk–free. Having moved a few bits of furniture round my room, i also feel like it's loads bigger and welcoming, so that's all good.

other than that, i don't really know what to say… there are exciting things (hugely exciting things in fact) coming up and good stuff going on, but at the moment, i'm staring out at a rainy, dark, miserable wolverhampton street, i'm hungry again, i miss uni terribly, i have no job and no money, and my dog is very ill indeed… hmm, this wasn't supposed to be a depressing post, don't know what's got into me… someone give me chocolate…!

August 21, 2006

My years at Warwick

So, before i start going on about all that's happened since i left the wonderful Warwick bubble, i thought i'd take this set of questions from a friend's blog to sum up my experiences at uni. Here goes, I'll be as honest as i can!

1. Course and Years of Study : Classical Civilisation – 3 years

2. No of jobs at Uni : none at uni, waitressing at Molineux Stadium during Summer and Christmas hols

3. Craziest moment of Uni : these are going to be tough to answer!! um, maybe knocking Lauren over with a tesco trolley after Top B in the first year… stalking the frenchies during the first year… having to go to hospital in the middle of the night for a not very pleasant experience (also in the first year)... there are lots, my life is one big crazy moment!!

4. No of fights : none… arguements and bitching but no fighting

5. No of time throwing up (alcohol related) : hmm, i can remember 6 occasions… wow, that's quite an impressive memory!

6. Most drunk in a single sitting : absolutely no idea…. a LOT!

7. No of relationships : 1 :–)

8. No of randoms pulled : ok, seriously, that's impossible to answer… hundreds??

9. No of pulls (person known) : hmm, maybe 5? ok, that difference doesn't look too good!

10. No of ppl slept with : at uni, 8

11. How many close friends : 9

12. Favourite night spot : the union, without a doubt, loved it!

13. Favourite Club : Mirage, far too hot and sweaty, and too expensive, but fab for a proper boogie in a club

14. Favourite night out : what a specific night out of all 3 years?? you've got to be joking!! 99% of them were totally fantastic, i can't choose…. generally, top b, skool dayz and time tunnel / boogie nights were the best

15. Houseparties attended : 2 at other peoples houses, a few random nights at ours (Ken House)

16. Best lecturer : Penny Murray. Alison Cooley and Penny Goodman also high on the list… but Penny Murray was responsible for my best marks this year and getting me through my dissertation, she's a star

17. Best Field trip related day : i only went on 2 trips, one to the british museum in the first year, and the other to Shrewsbury / Wroxeter in the second year… neither of which filled me with enthusiasm for my course i have to say, but they were alright..!

18. Best moment of Uni : The whole thing has been fantastic, so many highs and memories to treasure forever, but i think the single moment that meant the most to me was standing in University House realising that i'd got that 2:1… i can't explain the feelings inside me… Laura was there and saw the reaction!

19. Worst Moment : hmm, there have been a few lows, none of which i regret cos it all made it such a fab experience and ive learnt so much in every way. One extremely hard moment i remember was having to tell Amy H a horrible thing in the first year which i knew would devastate her, but she had to know.

and finally,
20. What will you take from the experience : great friends, a good degree, life skills, hundreds of entertaining photos, a properly bound dissertation of 12,000 words of my own hard work, fantastic memories which will always make me smile, and the knowledge that i did it all and to the full, i've got everything i wanted out of my student years, they have been the best years of my life, and i don't want to leave them behind. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in making it such a perfect experience for me. I wish everyone well in the future. Cheers to Warwick :–)

August 09, 2006

I'm back!!!

Woo, hellooooo blogging people, i'm back :–) FINALLY, after months of nagging my poor dad, weeks of waiting, and days of frustrated setting up, it seems that i now have a decent internet connection restored to the Holtie household… not only am i online, but i'm finally doing it in style with a BT total broadband wireless hub, oh yes people, the Holties are getting bang on it for once! Having been online every day of my university life, i have been feeling the strain somewhat in recent weeks. It's cost me a fortune in phone credit and besides Chris, i've hardly spoken to anyone. Not anymore… i can now e–mail and msn and blog and everything…. oh baby, here i am!! Entries will follow soon to catch up on my exploits since leaving the wonderful bubble that is the university of warwick (sob sob) – yes that's right folks, i'm still sad about it!... And i may not have a job, but besides these minor issues, life is goooood…
i'm online, i'm online, woo hoooooooooooo!!!!

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