November 29, 2005

Wasting time…

Well, supposedly i should have finished my dissertation chapter by now, so that Lewis could come and visit tomorrow… i'm afraid that what has actually happened, is i've done fuck all. Having a run of such productive days recently was clearly a complete fluke, and i have now returned to the useless non-working Emma who everyone knew before… I have absolutely no inclination to sit down and do this bloody work, and that in itself is now pissing me off.

I wasted a huge amount of yesterday, and i have now wasted all of today, so far (i suppose i'll still be up for hours, so there is hope for me yet!)... What i have achieved is to eat a load of rubbish and so make myself feel disgusting, and also to get worked up about things which really isn't good for me either.

On the plus side, Top B last night was fab, as usual. I just want to make the point straight away that my blog post last night reflected in no way on the Top B experience. I was actually far more drunk than i realised (isn't it frustrating when u realise that the next day??), and had a good old boogie in the marketplace. Huge thanks again to Chris for the lifts, having seen how bad the snow / ice was, i'm convinced we would have ended up sliding all over the place and going arse over tit in a big way trying to run for the bus, so it is much appreciated, thank you!

Also thanks to the random group of lads who wouldn't let me through on my way back from the bar, telling me it was someone's birthday, and would i give him a birthday kiss… I think it marked the return to my old ways, really it is so much easier for me to live like that… i need to stop getting disillusioned and distracted, and just do what i know and what i do best… bollocks to it, Emma's back!

There are so many reasons contributing to me feeling down and a bit weird, and the fact that i just cannot wait to get out of here… i can't explain properly on the blogs, but trust me i've had enough of things, and i just know that this break is going to do me the power of good… bring it on :-)

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  1. I know you're right and that the break will do you so much good. This house does get to you eventually – theres seriously something in the water!! Please come back after christmas, the happy, loving life Em that we all know and love. I hate seeing you so miserable. I'm going to miss you so much over the holidays!!!! I love you. Seriously, i really do.

    29 Nov 2005, 22:09

  2. I always come to the party late… so I'd like to add another 'me too' to Laura's comments! Take care Em, wanna see you cheery soon xx

    30 Nov 2005, 00:14

  3. Yay for the return of Em-Bob – do wot makes u happiest…

    …if that means gettin pissed as a fart, pullin random men, wastin time doin absolutely nought, escapin the ken house and the whole World of uni… DO IT!!!

    U gave me a good piece of advice the other day – be urself and bollocks to it all!!

    (ain't it strange how ur own advice often comes bak to u!!)

    All the best my dear and really hope ur feeling ur good old self again soon! Enjoy X-mas, it a WONDERFUL time :-D

    30 Nov 2005, 09:22

  4. p.s. if u fancy a big fat piss up ove the X-mas break, gimme a shout…u know there's no judgement here ;-)

    30 Nov 2005, 09:23

  5. Dissertation sucks, its all too true! Feel like i've done my share of hard work this term and bollocks to it, i'm having a break, those damn tutors will not ruin my xmas spirit, I will do the fucking dissertation when I bloody want to! Go girl! Us classics gals in Kenilworth should get together and have a good old, dissertation distracting, time wasing, junk food eating night together and priase ourselves on doing numerous essays, learning of ancient and pointless languages and hours in the library already this yr!! WOHOO!

    30 Nov 2005, 14:43

  6. Lol, thanks everyone… that doesn't sound like me at all Lisa, hehe!! A big fat piss up?? Don't you mean loads of big fat piss ups?? oh yeh, bring it on….! :-)

    Hi Jodie, that is so true!! My dissertation still hasn't progressed, i'm going to work on it like a mad-woman tomorrow, and if i can't get the bloody chapter finished, i really won't care anymore! Hope yours is going better than mine! Would be fab to get together next term, bring it on for us classics finalists!


    30 Nov 2005, 20:49

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