November 13, 2005

This weekend

Hola beautiful people!
Thought a little update was needed today, haven't written a blog entry in a couple of days, shock horror!! So here goes…

Friday was a long long day of lectures, for some reason it seemed longer than normal and my concentration lapsed a lot sooner than it should have done. Maybe because i'd only had 4 hours sleep on Thursday :-( Anyway, it was also the 11th of November, so i hope everyone was wearing their poppy with pride. It upset me to see how few students were wearing them on campus. As usual i wore mine specifically in rememberance of my grandfather and the horrors he lived through… lest we forget

Yesterday i started my City of Rome essay… i'm so pleased with myself – it's due in on Tuesday and i started it with an entire 3 days to go – maybe i've turned over a new leaf huh?? We'll see… obviously in this case, leaving it to the last minute like normal would mean missing Top B, which is out of the question, so i had to get on with it!! Anyway, i wrote almost a third of it yesterday (731 words to be precise), which was exactly what i wanted to achieve, so that was fab… just need to continue with that shortly and get another third done, and i really will be laughing :-)

Went out to Skool Dayz in the evening, and it was hugely disappointing, we were so up for it, but it just wasn't meant to be. Laura, Lauren, Amy O and Siggy didn't exactly miss much… except queuing for drinks for well over an hour in the Cooler, getting drinks thrown over us, not being able to move and constantly being pushed out the way and trodden on… not exactly the ingredients of the best night out, but we still had a laugh with a few random moments….

The bus didn't come (oh, what a surprise…), but we did manage to get a few guys walking down the highstreet staring at us while we were waiting, took us a while to realise that it might have been because we were stood in the middle of Kenilworth in skool uniform on a Saturday night…

I got drink knocked all down my arm, and before Amy could offer to lick it off, Chris had whipped out a packet of Kleenex and was mopping it up… was a highly amusing moment, thanks Chris :-)

Amy was wearing her new beautiful boots, so in the taxi home we got Shed to take photos of our legs…

As usual, the taxi driver was slightly taken aback when asked to drop us at the back of Sainsbury's car park, so i confirmed that was what we wanted and told him we wanted to have a threesome in the Trolley Park… well Amy and I had a good time, Shed was there to capture the moment…

When we eventually got back in the house, Shed continued taking random photos, and this my dear friends, is the Ken House bar…

And that is my summary of a pretty random night… now i must continue with this god damn essay so i can go to the wonder that is Top B!

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  1. Sorry to hear I didn't miss out on much!


    13 Nov 2005, 19:07

  2. Never mind, they can't all be fantastic i suppose! We did still have a pretty good laugh actually, getting home seems to have been the best part of the night!! Hope you had a good weekend, are you up for Top B this week?

    13 Nov 2005, 20:40

  3. And I missed out on a session in a trolley collection point… I'm crushed.


    13 Nov 2005, 22:31

  4. Hehe, thanks for the comment darlin, took you long enough to think of that!! I hope you're being serious, you should be crushed, you missed a good 'session' as you put it!!

    13 Nov 2005, 22:47

  5. i'm crushed i missed it too!! but it sounds like Skool Dayz wasn't that much of an evening. i guess if i had to miss a Skool Dayz it was better that i missed a crap one! we'll have to have an ultra-fab time at timetunnel to make up for it! you'll have to show me the joys of the trolley park too….;-)

    13 Nov 2005, 22:58

  6. Absolutely, my love! :-) it's great fun!! And Time Tunnel is going to be sooooo fantastic, bring it on…!

    13 Nov 2005, 23:09

  7. Probably not going to be at Top B as have a mountain of work to do… Still coming to Time Tunnel though :-)


    14 Nov 2005, 00:27

  8. Oh dear, that is a shame! Good luck with all the work then… i have to admit that if i don't get my act together with this damn essay fairly soon then i may not be able to go to Top B at this rate!! i'm so determined though, i've got to be able to do it!!
    Hope you're up for a big night on Saturday then – i'm so excited that my best mates are coming, it's going to be fab :-)

    14 Nov 2005, 00:40

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