October 23, 2005

Shed's 21st

By Amy H, Emma and Laura

Hummer Hummer Hummer,

Right, to start we have to say that we were ready on time and before Shed who faffed for ages. 1–0 to us! We were looking beautiful but he didn’t say so. But Matt did, many times “you look fantastic. I really appreciate it” to be precise. And he was right. We looked soooooo sexy.

Shed drove us to his house where we were met by the sexy men and family members and glasses of champagne. After a little giggle over some baby photos of James we were feeling more at home. We got introduced a million times to everyone but everyone was really friendly. The Shepherds (as in sheep) en masse gave James a complicated bench press gym equipment thingy which amy wanted to have a go on but Shed wouldn’t let her (arse). We were just heading off for a tour of the house when we got stopped and sidetracked by a limo and a stretch Hummer Hummer. It was a club on wheels and had lasers and lights and champagne and mamma sound system and everything! Beautiful Beautiful.

Lauren’s toe of death was hurting and causing her problems cos she fell. Simpson’s was beautiful and we had our own big room with Jimbo-big balloons that we need here. Now. This actual second. More champagne. Seating plan. Coasters. Oo the coasters. They were well cool with baby photos of the shed with captions. Very funny.

Dinner. Canapés. There was a nice salmon one. Shot of soup. Cheese puff. Cheese sticks. Foie gras. Then we sat down. Sit. Going round the table we had Amy, Amy, Nick, Laura, Shed, Mari, Shed the elder, Katie, Lee, Lorraine, Mike, Powely, Mum of the shed, Matt, Lollybaby, Chrissybaby, Embaby. A very nice bunch. The food was lovely. Very yummy. Lots of drink. Magically refilling glasses. Mmm pudding. Chocolate Pringles. Sparkly inferno of a cake. Shed blew fire down Laura’s dress. Burnt boobies. Ash in bra.

Speech….interesting. we are speechless about it. We now know exactly when James was conceived and all about what James used to do in the swimming pool. Poor shed went bright pink. Very touching bits too.

Lets crack on. Botched taxi night. Got to Arcadian in end. Went to 52 degrees north. Very hot. 2 for 1 on cocktails the first time, only when Em went back, the deal had disappeared. Arse. Nice barman the first time though. Dancing. Shed had lots of sambuka. Matt and Lauren nudge nudge wink wink

Got outside. Made friends with policeman. Very nice man. Friendly. Posed for lots of photos. But there was a Birmingham problem and he ran off. The taxis pissed us around. Amy o and lolly stayed for a bit. hope they got home ok. we got home eventually. Matt’s conversation bless him was limited to asking where we were staying, asking us to visit him, telling us we looked fantastic, talking about getting james pissed. Same conversation, on rotation, over and over again.

Gate Queen did her duty fantastically. Straight into pjs all of us. Ended up in sheds room with the boys. Tea and a huuuge mountain of toast. And marmite for Chris from the vat of marmite Laura’s daddy gave her. 3 in a bed and the little one said…Laura fell out! All snugly. But shed was grumpy.

Shed: can we have the door open please?
Matt: PISS OFF!!!!

Matt: can we please go to sleep now!

So we left in the end. It was 4.00. Laura had to sort her washing out. We made washing art with coat hangers and knickers and socks outside Shed’s door. Had a little chat on landing about being troublemakers. Laura texted her Thomas and her Mummy. Couldn’t think of any trouble so went to bed.

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  1. I need sleep – I could have sworn I'm suffering from deja vu here, but that would just be ridiculous

    23 Oct 2005, 19:05

  2. Hehe, can't imagine why you would be feeling like that!! Maybe you do need a little lie down? Was a fantastic night, just needs to be mentioned again and again! Hope to see you at Top B this week?!

    23 Oct 2005, 19:20

  3. deja vu?! I've really no idea what you're talking about. That would suggest you've seen this entry somewhere before…. very strange. Plagerism on the blogs, i don't believe it!

    23 Oct 2005, 19:27

  4. Perhaps I do need a lie down – am feeling a bit tired after averaging a fair bit less than 7 hours sleep quite consistently for weeks now. But there we are. I might well be at Top B tomorrow, we have our kitchen Top B warmup social from 7 tomorrow which I'm going to so might well go on to Top B after. Will have to set the recorder for TV though!

    23 Oct 2005, 19:43

  5. Think you need to have an early night then, how come you haven't been getting a decent nights sleep? Excellent news about Top B… if you start drinking at 7, you should be pretty battered by actual Top B time!! whats so important on TV that you would be missing??

    23 Oct 2005, 19:53

  6. What's an early night! I just haven't been sleeping because I have had too much to do in the evenings and I get up early every morning to start work on more things… And my body clock never sleeps past 9AM anyway. I don't know that you've ever seen me drunk and I don't think you're about to tomorrow somehow, sorry to disappoint! What's important on TV? Fifth gear and the gadget show of course!

    23 Oct 2005, 20:12

  7. Excuse me, but aren't you the same Christopher Sigournay who claimed that 5 hours' sleep was plenty? :-p

    That said, I also seem to have experienced from déja vu today…

    23 Oct 2005, 21:39

  8. Yes, i seem to remember that comment about 5 hours' sleep being plenty!!
    Ok, everyone just get over the deja vu thing, we wrote the post together, and it was appropriate for both of our blogs, it doesn't mean that you have to read it twice!!
    Hope you both (and everyone else out there) have been watching Gladiator tonight, what a fantastic film :-) bring it on for Maximus!!

    24 Oct 2005, 00:14

    Hey sexy lady…thanx for ur comment…i had great time lastnite, was such a wonderful evening…YAY!! Been very good, attempting to do work all day today, despite my deadness (fab!) in order to venture out tomorrow nite!!

    I still have a lot to do and am a little worse for wear (including the toe of death…still it torments me but will not fully die!!! oh woe!!) The O is def not coming tomoro as she has a million books to read by tuesday (good luck with that one then!) and dont think other em is!! But i may well dare to elope alone! Yeeha!!

    Will blog u/text u tomorro my little canapes…thanks for lovely evening ken's…

    All my love,

    Lolly and the toe of death xx

    24 Oct 2005, 01:29

  10. 5 hours sleep is plenty on a short term basis. You misinterpret my comment – a week of 5 hours a night sleep and I would really start to get fatigued!

    24 Oct 2005, 09:35

  11. Ok ok, sorry Siggy, i totally agree with you on that one!

    24 Oct 2005, 15:02

  12. i would comment Em, but as we both have 11 comments, that would mean that you'd have one more than me in the competition of comments and now that would be silly.


    24 Oct 2005, 18:33

  13. Is 13 unlucky?

    24 Oct 2005, 19:45

  14. Hehe, absolutely not, but i still need more comments, laura's winning, this is not fair at all!! come on people :-)

    24 Oct 2005, 20:29

  15. no any comments anyone has to make, they can make on my blog!! :-P

    24 Oct 2005, 21:08

  16. Or not! Sorry hunny, but i'm not having that, just cos you've had your blog for longer doesn't mean that's fair, you know how much i'm loving the blogs already!!

    25 Oct 2005, 20:31

  17. hehehe, true, i've definately got you converted!!

    25 Oct 2005, 21:39

  18. definately, or definitely?? sorry!

    25 Oct 2005, 22:09

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