November 25, 2005

Productive Day

So it's quite a bit later than when i was intending to have finished work and be going to bed… doesn't really bother me, i'm usually up til much later than this, it's just that Friday is my early get up day, and i hate the thought of the cold, dark mornings when no one else is awake…

Anyway, the point is that i've achieved quite a lot today (i mean for me, on a free day)... i had a nice little lie-in, sprayed vanish on the carpets like a mad-woman after Saturday's sick fiasco, sorted out all my notes and various things in my room that hadn't been done for over a week… read an entire Greek tragedy (the Women of Trachis) in preparation for tomorrow's lectures.. and i actually really enjoyed it. I've got to the stage of actually liking my course, this is fantastic! Also did a load of washing up, which was interrupted by a very pleasant visit… Chris came round and brought flowers and chocolates for me and Amy because of recent shitness and he was concerned about us feeling down. It was really nice of him and we appreciated it sooo much, thank you darling, it was a lovely gesture :-) We've made a big impact into both boxes of chocs already… don't think they'll be around much longer!!

After a long break for dinner and watching TV, i realised i still hadn't done my presentation for my seminar tomorrow… so i've been sat here working on it like a good girl for hours!! I'm sooo impressed with myself because i never do the reading for seminars and even when i've had to do presentations in the past, i've relied heavily on someone else to get me through it and often found that afterwards i still hadn't got a clue about what we were supposed to have looked at. But not this time, this time Em's in control :-) obviously it helps that the seminar is for the Augustus module and is about his impact in the city of Rome…. i also do a module on the city of Rome, and have therefore lifted all info from the appropriate lecture handout and notes from a couple of weeks ago… i now have a presentation that i actually understand, that sounds pretty impressive and that lasts longer than two seconds… lets just hope it goes so well when i'm stood at the front of the lecture theatre in the middle of my long shitty friday tomorrow… we shall see!
Anyway, just thought i would share the good news before i retire to bed :-) Night everyone!

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  1. Yay for productiveness :-) Keep it up, only a week left now!


    25 Nov 2005, 08:05

  2. Well done on the productivity!!! I wish I was doing so well currently. Tonight and Tomorrow (daytime) is devoted to a report I feel. Or should be. Or might be. Who knows really. I'm keen to get it done after all. Ish. ;-)

    25 Nov 2005, 09:20

  3. Big Congratulations!!

    25 Nov 2005, 14:52

  4. Yay u :-) Well dun my sweet!! I think this "productive" thing must b catchin, cuz Iv actually prepared all of my work 4 Monday's lessons already :-O and am into my third text 2 b read 4 one of next year's uni modules!!! Really, this isn't like me (as u well know!) – there's sumthin in the air Em-Bob…I'm beginnin 2 grow a wee bit concerned…

    Keep up the hard work tho chick!

    Love u xxxxxxxxxxxx

    25 Nov 2005, 15:25

  5. Oh my god! You are putting all the rest of us Kenilworth Classicists to shame! Go you :)

    25 Nov 2005, 15:44

  6. Yay, thanks for all the comments people :-) woo hoo, don't know what has happened to me, it's really weird… but Lisa, i'm seriously worried about you if that's all true!?!

    25 Nov 2005, 23:21

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