August 21, 2006

My years at Warwick

So, before i start going on about all that's happened since i left the wonderful Warwick bubble, i thought i'd take this set of questions from a friend's blog to sum up my experiences at uni. Here goes, I'll be as honest as i can!

1. Course and Years of Study : Classical Civilisation – 3 years

2. No of jobs at Uni : none at uni, waitressing at Molineux Stadium during Summer and Christmas hols

3. Craziest moment of Uni : these are going to be tough to answer!! um, maybe knocking Lauren over with a tesco trolley after Top B in the first year… stalking the frenchies during the first year… having to go to hospital in the middle of the night for a not very pleasant experience (also in the first year)... there are lots, my life is one big crazy moment!!

4. No of fights : none… arguements and bitching but no fighting

5. No of time throwing up (alcohol related) : hmm, i can remember 6 occasions… wow, that's quite an impressive memory!

6. Most drunk in a single sitting : absolutely no idea…. a LOT!

7. No of relationships : 1 :–)

8. No of randoms pulled : ok, seriously, that's impossible to answer… hundreds??

9. No of pulls (person known) : hmm, maybe 5? ok, that difference doesn't look too good!

10. No of ppl slept with : at uni, 8

11. How many close friends : 9

12. Favourite night spot : the union, without a doubt, loved it!

13. Favourite Club : Mirage, far too hot and sweaty, and too expensive, but fab for a proper boogie in a club

14. Favourite night out : what a specific night out of all 3 years?? you've got to be joking!! 99% of them were totally fantastic, i can't choose…. generally, top b, skool dayz and time tunnel / boogie nights were the best

15. Houseparties attended : 2 at other peoples houses, a few random nights at ours (Ken House)

16. Best lecturer : Penny Murray. Alison Cooley and Penny Goodman also high on the list… but Penny Murray was responsible for my best marks this year and getting me through my dissertation, she's a star

17. Best Field trip related day : i only went on 2 trips, one to the british museum in the first year, and the other to Shrewsbury / Wroxeter in the second year… neither of which filled me with enthusiasm for my course i have to say, but they were alright..!

18. Best moment of Uni : The whole thing has been fantastic, so many highs and memories to treasure forever, but i think the single moment that meant the most to me was standing in University House realising that i'd got that 2:1… i can't explain the feelings inside me… Laura was there and saw the reaction!

19. Worst Moment : hmm, there have been a few lows, none of which i regret cos it all made it such a fab experience and ive learnt so much in every way. One extremely hard moment i remember was having to tell Amy H a horrible thing in the first year which i knew would devastate her, but she had to know.

and finally,
20. What will you take from the experience : great friends, a good degree, life skills, hundreds of entertaining photos, a properly bound dissertation of 12,000 words of my own hard work, fantastic memories which will always make me smile, and the knowledge that i did it all and to the full, i've got everything i wanted out of my student years, they have been the best years of my life, and i don't want to leave them behind. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in making it such a perfect experience for me. I wish everyone well in the future. Cheers to Warwick :–)

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  1. Theres too many important things in that post for me to comment on them all, but i just wanted to say how honoured i am that i was there with you to share in your best moment at uni – realising you'd acutally got your 2:1! :–D

    24 Aug 2006, 17:04

  2. Hehe, thanks hun, i think it was fairly obvious what a HUGE thing that was for me… sorry for being in such a state! Thanks for being there with me :–)

    25 Aug 2006, 23:17

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