August 09, 2006

I'm back!!!

Woo, hellooooo blogging people, i'm back :–) FINALLY, after months of nagging my poor dad, weeks of waiting, and days of frustrated setting up, it seems that i now have a decent internet connection restored to the Holtie household… not only am i online, but i'm finally doing it in style with a BT total broadband wireless hub, oh yes people, the Holties are getting bang on it for once! Having been online every day of my university life, i have been feeling the strain somewhat in recent weeks. It's cost me a fortune in phone credit and besides Chris, i've hardly spoken to anyone. Not anymore… i can now e–mail and msn and blog and everything…. oh baby, here i am!! Entries will follow soon to catch up on my exploits since leaving the wonderful bubble that is the university of warwick (sob sob) – yes that's right folks, i'm still sad about it!... And i may not have a job, but besides these minor issues, life is goooood…
i'm online, i'm online, woo hoooooooooooo!!!!

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  1. Shed

    Woo!! At last she is back online and wireless too so I suppose you can now use your laptop around the house and garden :D.

    Happy blogging…

    09 Aug 2006, 22:51

  2. Welcome back to blogs my lovely

    10 Aug 2006, 09:42

  3. Hi Emma! Are you going to join WGA and keep your blog?? :)

    10 Aug 2006, 16:05

  4. Thanks guys!

    Sheddy baby – when you said your job starts on the 11th, was that August or September?? I assumed Sept cos that's a Monday, but just wanted to check so i didn't miss saying GOOD LUCK for your first day!! Hope you're ok.

    Eleanor – i have already joined WGA, and i definitely want to keep my blog up and running, haven't heard anything from them about changing username yet tho, have you?? Hope you're enjoying a fab summer and havin more luck searching for a job than i am!!

    10 Aug 2006, 20:09

  5. The Ooooooooooo


    Emma, im so glad you have returned to the world of cyber space and more importantly blogging…....

    peace ya'll

    10 Aug 2006, 23:53

  6. The Ooooooooooo

    PS. HEAD SHED where are the comments from you on my blog?????huh!

    Lauren and Amy–(plug)

    10 Aug 2006, 23:55


    maybe i should get my arse into gear and actually blog something myself!!

    glad to have you back online hunny!!


    13 Aug 2006, 11:31

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