November 15, 2005

Essays, Top B and lack of sleep

Ok, the essay is done… after a long few days i managed to complete it well before normal, was pretty impressed with myself. Progess was slow on Sunday due to a lot of arsing around and wasting time, so i ended up staying up til 4:30 working on it because i wanted to get to a certain stage before i went to bed. It worked though, because then it was a lot easier to finish off yesterday. The whole thing was finished and printed (after a minor stress that i had run out of ink) before dinner time, so i was very pleased with myself… of course it was probably a pile of bollocks, but i don't much care cos it's done now! Have eaten a ridiculous amount of junk while working on it though – cake, icecream, a whole block of galaxy, two packs of haribo… all in a couple of days, not good :-( i just can't work without having something to eat, i can't help it!

Anyway, my amazing early finish meant that i could indeed go to Top B, although it was only me and Amy who went in the end, and we didn't go til later. But we randomly had a really fab night, was just right, and we had such an appreciation for Top B last night – we didn't have to queue at the cloakroom or even in the market place bar, they played good music, we didn't get anyone chucking purple over our heads, and we didn't even get that many people standing on us… was highly successful! Also managed to get a taxi pretty easily and the driver happened to be a particularly nice one. Stayed up for a bit having tea and toast and discussing the world afterwards… it's all good babe :-)

Had to get up much earlier than i would have liked today though to hand the bloody essay in… got it signed into the book 5 mins before the deadline (ok, some things will never change…!). I then rewarded myself with an hour of piano playing in the music centre, was just what i needed :-)
Then had a careers talk about getting graduate jobs in the local area, which finished much earlier than i was expecting, so had a quick dash round sainsbury's and was back nice and early :-)

Since then i've been feeling pretty weird. I can't work out what's wrong with me, i think i'm just overtired so i'm letting little things get to me much more than they would normally. I've just not been with it at all this afternoon, there are so many things i needed to sort out today, but i haven't looked at any of them. I should be on a huge high now, with this essay in, having had a good time last night, and a fantastic weekend planned…. i still can't wait for that!! My best mates from home, Emma and Helena, are coming on Friday and staying till Sunday. Laura's boyfriend Tom and his mate Mark are also visiting over the same weekend, and we have a MASSIVE night planned on Saturday at Time Tunnel, it's going to be fantastic… but i do warn everyone in advance, i'm going to be wrecked, i know it will happen, and trust me if you think you've seen me drunk, you've seen nothing til you've seen me out with Emma!!

I am still very excited about these plans, but even thinking about that hasn't cheered me up today, what the hell is wrong with me?? (ok, don't try and answer that anyone!). Anyway, i ended up sitting watching Hercules before dinner (which was obviously fantastic – who put the glad in gladiator? Hercules!), having more icecream, and now i'm sat here with another fucking bar of galaxy. I need to stop this. Think of how huge i'm gonna be by the time i've finished my dissertation… oh dear :-(
Right, i really should go and do something useful then i suppose, then hopefully get an early night and lots of beautiful sleep! And everything will seem so much better tomorrow. Sorted.

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  1. I've felt pretty bleuugh this evening too. Maybe its a Ken House thing. Still, its all gonna be over by tomorrow, we'll sleep it off and then start gearing up for our massive weekend!! Its gonna be fab. Hope you feel better soon hunny. Sleep well. Love Ya xxxx

    15 Nov 2005, 22:13

  2. You seem to have caught this off of me… I suggest that you cure yourself as soon as possible. Still, at least you have essays done and Top B was good and you have Time Tunnel to look forward to! Cheer up my dear, all will turn right before long.


    15 Nov 2005, 22:39

  3. Thanks guys… sleep well Laura, and Siggy i think you should take your own advice and cure yourself as soon as possible too! You also have Time Tunnel to look forward to, and "all will turn right before long"!

    15 Nov 2005, 23:01

  4. Indeed it will. Mid July to be precise!


    15 Nov 2005, 23:08

  5. Woo, mid July means my birthday, now that will be exciting!! :-) Seriously though, things can improve before then… work will still be heavy, but that doesn't mean everything else has to be bad, please be more optimistic!!

    15 Nov 2005, 23:25

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