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October 25, 2005

The day of bacon

Hola beautiful blog people,

Thought i should do a little update on recent events. As you have already heard from Chris, we had a particularly good Top B night last night :-) The good old cheese was back, music was fab, and we were in great company. Chris, bless him, had rather a lot to drink, and so provided good entertainment for all, hehe!!

However, i'm afraid to say that after four weeks of marriage, i felt the need to issue a divorce… Chris and i have grown apart recently, and i felt he didn't really love me anymore :-( i suppose this might require a little explanation on my part to those not in the know about the ken house marriages…
After the first Top B of the year, Chris brought us Kens back home and proceeded to make tea and toast for us all, and generally being lovely (as usual). Amy and i therefore decided that we would marry Chris, and thought it would be hilarious to continue our marriage with him the next day. After a few days though, in a fit of rage, Amy decided to divorce Chris and promptly married Shed (i can't imagine why the hell she did that, but there you go!!). I loyally remained married to Chris all this time, but he has repeatedly shown his affections are still directed at Amy, and he has been much more concerned with trying to get back in her good books than looking after me. This understandably has grated somewhat, and i have grown increasingly pissed off and bored by the whole thing. I finally decided last night that something had to be done, and i issued the divorce that has been looming for some time. He took it rather well, and thankfully we remain good friends. I'm pleased (and completely unsurprised) to see that he's moved on, and re-married Amy (who has divorced a poor unsuspecting Shed today, hehe!). Not being one to wallow in self-pity myself, i took the bull by the horns, and proposed to Siggy last night, who fortunately accepted my offer. So after a night of a few changes, i'm pleased to say that everyone appears to be happily married again and all is well (isn't that right, dear??).
I'm sorry to anyone who's either very confused or very freaked out by this story… living in this house can do weird things to you (as much as i love it), and this is an actual example of how we pass our time…

Anyway, i was woken this morning by the house phone ringing, which Laura answered (wrong bloody number) and then accidentally threw at my door. After realising that i was possibly still a little drunk, i sat quietly with a mug of tea, until i became human again… this was aided by Laura making bacon sarnies for us girlies, in an attempt to eat up shed's load of bacon which he's desperate to get rid of seeing as none of his birthday friends had any over the weekend and it will soon be going out of date…

This afternoon, amazingly, i have actually done some work… not much, but if you knew what i was like when it comes to doing work, you would be hugely impressed by my progress so far this week, especially after a rather drunken Top B night!

This evening, the eating of bacon has continued, with Laura and me both adding some to our meals, which was delicious and very satisifying as we progress down the packs on shed's fridge shelf…
EastEnders was fab with the return of Grant and Phil, and now i'm thinking i should be continuing with my amazing working streak… hmm, we shall see!

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