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August 23, 2006

Feeling bleurghhhhhh

I've decided i need to get back into the blogs properly, though i'm not really sure why cos i don't think anyone actually reads mine anymore (sob sob)... i'm feeling a bit 'bleurghhhh' today, if that makes any sense, i can't really be arsed to do anything else, so i thought i'd blog. It's a silly time to do it really when i've got nothing to say, but hey. Haven't really updated my blog since the end of uni, so i might as well run through a few things that have happened:

  • i've been on hols to wales with the rents for a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries and have a complete break. Went surprisingly well actually, had a lovely time.
  • i've graduated with my 2:1 degree from Warwick, had a fab day on campus, and came home to drink champagne after and go for a meal with the immediate family
  • i turned 21, had my long–awaited barn dance with a large selection of relatives and friends (mostly from uni, cos other than Emma they're the only decent ones i've got who can be relied upon, cheers guys, i love you). Went very well indeed, felt very loved, the uni peeps all came and dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls and got into all the dances, it meant so much to me. Also received a huge number of very generous presents, was a success all round really!
  • Since then i've been looking around for a job, and not really getting anywhere. Feeling a bit lost, ok, very lost… still don't know what i want to do in life, or where i'm going to end up, and even the temporary measure to tide me over hasn't got up and running yet…
  • been away for a lovely weekend in Devon with Chris, who i'm missing very very much. Was great to spend some quality alone time together at long last…
  • chris has also been up to stay here for a weekend. was so good to have him around at home, and he's been getting on really well with the family and Emma, so it's all good!
  • Emma's stayed here for a week while my parents went on hols, was great fun, as always, but two things came out of it: 1) it shows how we're maturing slightly, cos we were mostly pretty sensible and we didn't need to drink everynight and have house parties etc, and 2) it made it even more obvious how much i miss uni and the independent living with young people, being able to do what you wanted, say what you wanted, and not worry about being in the parents' house.
  • got the internet up and working, which has been a very long process… still waiting to get the BT hub phone, once that's here everything should (fingers crossed) be rosy
  • not really got back into the driving thing yet, just been out a few times with dad, nothing too major. Need to get myself proper BSM lessons again, but sadly that requires money…
  • working on a scrap–book of memories of the past 2 years in Ken House, i'm over halfway through the book and i'm quite pleased with it so far, it's entertaining and emotional work!
  • i've done loads of sorting in my room and chucking out of old stuff to be able to fit things in that have come back from uni. I've only got a small pile waiting to be seen to outside my door now, otherwise i feel much better and junk–free. Having moved a few bits of furniture round my room, i also feel like it's loads bigger and welcoming, so that's all good.

other than that, i don't really know what to say… there are exciting things (hugely exciting things in fact) coming up and good stuff going on, but at the moment, i'm staring out at a rainy, dark, miserable wolverhampton street, i'm hungry again, i miss uni terribly, i have no job and no money, and my dog is very ill indeed… hmm, this wasn't supposed to be a depressing post, don't know what's got into me… someone give me chocolate…!

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