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October 22, 2005

Freaky Friday of Week 4

Ok, now i've wasted a lot of time doing those useless quizes that probably no one will read, i thought i might as well write a proper entry about my day to fill up a bit more time that should be spent reading…

So my Friday didn't have the best start when our fire alarm started beeping for absolutely no reason at 3:50 this morning when we were all in bed and all was quiet… it was like a scene from a horror movie with us all appearing on the landing at the same time, straight out of bed. Of course nothing was actually happening, it didn't go off properly and it stopped beeping pretty much as soon as we were all out of bed. How i love our fire alarm! Having put my light out at 2:10, and set my alarm for 7:40, i was not hugely impressed with this interruption to my beauty sleep, but there was nothing i could do about it.

I woke up with my alarms and stupidly turned them all off in my sleepy state (yes, i really do need 3 alarms to get me up in the morning – and clearly even that doesn't always work…). I then woke again an hour later, and thought 'oh shit'. I could have rushed to get to uni on time for my first lecture, but i really couldn't face starting the day in such a rush. Because i don't have any breaks between my 5 hours, i like to have a big breakfast and put my face on properly, so that i'm ready to face the world. So i made the decision to not panic and to get ready normally and just go in ready for my second hour of the day. I would be able to copy the notes from someone else, and after all this is only the first lecture i've missed so far this year, i'm doing brilliantly! (this is skating over the fact that it was a hugely significant and useful lecture relating to my dissertation topic, sods law huh??).

Somehow i still managed to be running a little later than planned and had to rush to get to the bus, knowing how random and crap they are, ranging from ridiculously early, to ridiculously late, to never at all!! Just got to the corner by Sainsbury's and it went past me, i panicked and ran after it (living in kenilworth there wouldn't be another bus to uni for at least half an hour), and i have to say after all my rants about buses, this wonderful bus-driver saw me and waited at the stop. I wanted to hug him, I wanted to tell him i loved him… instead i managed a 'thank you so much' through my heavy breathing and scramble to find bus money… oh the joys of public transport huh?!

Anyway, the lectures i actually managed to get to today were fine, i was just having one of those days where i couldn't really be bothered by the time i got there, so wasn't at my best concentration-wise, but then i never really am in my lectures, so it wasn't anything unusual. Kept myself going by eating almost an entire large bag of maltesers (mmm), and was hugely relieved when my housemate Amy text to say she was on campus and could give me a lift home… no buses were required, thank god!!

Haven't done a huge amount this evening, watched some TV, kept eating, did a bit of karaoke, talked about this weekend with my housemates… it's Shed's 21st tomorrow, so we're all going out to a fancy restaurant in birmingham and then to a bar or two after that, should be a good un, but us girls had to make serious decisions on clothes and dress options (it's black tie).

I'm so tired, i'm planning to go to bed soon, have a gorgeous long sleep, maybe do a little bit of reading tomorrow, and otherwise spend the whole day getting ready, oooh yeh!
And thats about all my news at the moment i think. Not a fab day, but i haven't let myself get stressed out or feel shitty like yesterday, and i've got a good weekend to look forward to. Updates to follow on the events of Shed's birthday i suppose…!

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