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December 18, 2006

Lack of anything to say…

And yet again i feel a vague need to blog without anything remotely interesting to say… feels like im never on here anymore, it’s weird. Anyway, work goes on, and on. And on some more! Lol, it’s not that bad, i’ve just had a long day. Was one of those when you really just do not want to be there. I’m finally getting the Christmas spirit, at long last. Usually i’m so Christmassy, but i haven’t been feeling it yet at all this year. I think it’s cos i’m so behind with everything, since starting work i’ve suddenly run out of time to do things!! I spent the majority of yesterday writing cards, so at least they are all done. I’ve almost got all my presents, although i’m still in need of a few odds and ends. The Christmas tree is up at work, we’re gearing up to dress up on Friday (i’m going as the comedy colleague, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… mmm sexy, there’s always one isn’t there?? And yep it’s usually me). Then it’s the work party on Friday night which i’m looking forward to… after a nice recovery period on Saturday, Chris will be arriving and staying til the morning of the 27th when i have to go back to work, i’m mega mega excited that he’s going to be around to share in our family Christmas. I know he’s not a Christmassy person at all, but it’s going to be so lovely to have him here, i think he’ll fit in just right. Knowing that it’s only a week away, i even dragged out the Christmassy piano music the other day and had a little go, in fact the clarinet even came out, shock horror! Was nice actually, i tend to forget about the clarinet, but as i like to prove every now and then i still haven’t forgotten how to play it. It never was and never will be my first love, but it’s a lovely instrument. So there. I lost my point. If i ever had one. So yeh, i’m gearing up to a Christmassy mood, seems more real now, think i’m most looking forward to Chris arriving to be honest. Will help when we get the house decorated, but we don’t tend to that til late every year anyway.

Otherwise, what else has been happening?? Um, work has it’s moments, but generally i’m getting on pretty well. I haven’t been given my targets yet (due to not having been on the sales course yet), but i’ve already started collecting points, which is rather good. I also unknowingly faced a ‘mystery shopper’ the other day, and the scores have come back… let’s just say it was good :-) My district manager came round and told me i was a “little star”, and the regional manager personally phoned me to say well done and that everyone was signing my praises. So i think i’m doing alright…

Finally had chance to see my nephew Thomas the other day as well. Auntie Em has been missing out due to working full-time these days, but it was ever so reassuring that he hasn’t forgotten about me. He quite happily came to sit with me to open his card, and when he couldn’t open a box, he passed it to me and without prompting said “Auntie do it”. Bless. It’s going to be a good Christmas. Chris doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for!!! Sue and Tim bought a Santa outfit for Tom the other day, which originally he wouldn’t put on at all, but now they can’t take it off him, he’s so funny!

Tom in his Santa outfit, December 2006

Bless him. Little star.

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