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November 18, 2005

The amazing flushing toilet of the Ken House

So we've just had an interesting incident… I was just getting out the shower in our girlie bathroom, and i heard Laura go downstairs to use the loo. A few minutes later the pump was still running very loudly, long after it should have stopped. I nipped down to investigate and found that it kept re-filling and wouldn't stop flushing. I tried flushing it again, but no, it kept on going. I went to ask Laura what the hell was going on (she hadn't even realised it was still going), so she came to investigate too. She also tried flushing it again, but still it didn't stop. We tried to lift the lid off the back of the loo, but that wouldn't come off. We stood staring at the toilet, pondering the matter for a few minutes, then decided we would have to wake the Shed to see if he could do something to shut the wanker up. I don't think he was overjoyed at us waking him up at about half past midnight, and then us laughing about it, cos the story seemed so ridiculous, but he came to have a look. He couldn't lift the back off either. So he turned the water off (peace, beautiful silence), and then back on again. And thank Zeus it didn't start flushing again. Shed then tried to flush the loo, and surprise surprise it wouldn't stop… So he turned the water off again, and back on, and everything was quiet once more. We now have an 'Out of Order' sign on the downstairs loo door, and Shed will be calling his parents' plumber tomorrow, i shall talk to my dad, and Laura will ask Chris… and there we have it, the story of the toilet who's flush would never end!

Other than that, today has been lovely! I had… wait for this…. 10 whole hours of wonderful sleep last night, it was fantastic! And i was so out of it that i didn't even hear our fucking smoke alarm go off at 7 this morning (although Laura didn't hear it either… i guess we would have burned to death huh?!). I'm so glad it didn't wake me up cos i would have been SO pissed off if that fantastic sleep had been interrupted!!

Anyway, i've done a variety of productive things today, including cleaning jobs round the house, writing a letter to my parents (which i never do, so i'm hoping they will be pleasantly surprised!), venturing out to post the letter, reading Electra, and doing a tiny bit of reading towards tomorrow's City of Rome seminar… also watched the Take That programme we taped last night, was fab, they really were the best boy band ever, no one can ever replace them… just want to put the CD on now, but i think that might be the last straw for Shed!!

Right then, i must go and dry my hair and finish this seminar reading and go to bed! I've got to be up again in just over 6 hours… i guess my night of long fantastic sleep was just a one off and won't be repeated again for about another year… sigh

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