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November 16, 2005

Mark Antony

I would just like to add that Mark Antony in the BBC production of Rome is very fit, and seeing him naked tonight has distracted me somewhat… in a very pleasant way ;-)
Also Amy's little problem with her knee bone and pint of water was highly amusing, and made me cry with laughter for the second time today, thanks hun!
Right then, Rome and Lost are finished, so i am therefore going to bed immediately! Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams ;-)

Still feeling weird

Well, things aren't seeming that much better today after all… i think it's just that i'm very tired, but i'm still really out of it.
Didn't manage to go to bed early last night cos i stayed up sorting my life out and doing various odd jobs that needed to be done. I felt better for doing that, but it didn't help the sleep issue :-( The sorting out of my life included making a list of the work i have to do before the end of term so i can get myself organised. This consists of:

  • Read Electra
  • Read Women of Tracchis
  • Write my assessed Greek Tragedy essay
  • Write a presentation for my Augustus seminar
  • Do a load of reading for my City of Rome seminar
  • Complete my first proper Dissertation chapter

So there you have it. My official 'jobs to be done' list, there's no going back now!

Today, i had a lecture about the living conditions in Rome, which was pretty interesting, but i kept yawning and letting my thoughts wander… I also spent an hour finding books in the library for my next essay (happened to find a book that looks fantastic for my dissertation too!). Met up with Amy for lunch, and then with Siggy to go and see Fame in the Cooler. Other than a few problems with the microphones and sound at times, i thought it was excellent – i was drawn between wanting to get up and dance, and just wanting to go to bed!! Was very good though. By the time we got back, i'd got a headache and was gradually feeling worse… so since then i've had my tea and sat in front of the TV… had an amusing moment when Shed pulled the christmas tree apart and ended up throwing it around the living room :-)

Had a text from Emma earlier, and yes darlin i am sooooo ready for your arrival at Warwick… bought our tickets earlier, so anyone else who is intending to be at Time Tunnel on Sat with us (i.e. Lauren, Amy O, and Siggy) please get your arses in gear and get your tickets!!).

We have a slight issue tonight cos there's a Take That programme on which us Ken girlies really want to watch, but it's over the same time as Rome and Lost, so we've come to the conclusion that it makes more sense to watch Rome and Lost as normal and tape Take That to watch tomorrow. We've already found the tape!!
So now i'm going to sit in my chair in front of the TV, watch Rome and Lost, and then I AM GOING TO BED… straight away. No arsing around sorting out my life, i'm going to bed when Lost is over… and i'm so looking forward to curling up and being all warm and cosy and getting loads of beautiful sleep… :-)

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