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November 10, 2005

I'm back!!

Hello there peeps, long time no speak!!
Hope everyone is well, i'm feeling fab after my week at home, was just what i needed :-) Despite having serious stress with the internet connection which seemed determined to cut me off whenever i got anywhere close to a blog, i managed to relax and sort my head out somewhat.
It was all the little things that i needed, like mum's home cooking, taking the dog for a walk round the block, sitting in the rocking chair while everyone else is rushing around doing 'home' things, playing the piano whenever i wanted, having long soaks in the bath… I went driving a couple of times with my dad as well, went shopping in wolves, got my hair cut. Spent time with Tom, who is as gorgeous as ever (and i swear he's saying 'emma' now!), and with my sisters – stayed at Jen's on Friday night. We got a chinese, had a few drinks, and watched The Bodyguard and An Officer and a Gentleman. Class. Was good to catch up with her.
Also got to see my home mates on Saturday. Went round to Rich's with Emma, Helena and Jo, had a few bottles, then went into Wolves… had a fantastic night… i felt the need to make a few phonecalls from the Goose to let the uni peeps know that i loved them… apparently i was slightly more drunk than i realised at this stage!! We went for a boogie in Reflex, which was fab, spent most of the night dancing on the podium in the middle of the club with Helena. Then we went to Subway and i returned home about 3:15, amazingly without waking my parents, check me out! :-)

I did manage to fit some work in, i've now started one of the main chapters in my dissertation, and done 1249 words so far, woo hoo! also read another tragedy to prepare for this week's lectures. Bought a new book which is absolutely fantastic… called 'Love, Sex, and Tragedy: Why Classics Matters' by Simon Goldhill. I'm loving it :-) it ties into my dissertation with the whole tragedy and sex theme, but it's just fantastic anyway, arguing why classics is important. I am finally feeling the love for my subject, i've learnt to respect it, and things are falling into place at last, i think i actually understand, woo hoo (by jove, she's got it!), so this book couldn't have come at a better time! Recommended reading for all!
On a similar theme… i hope everyone watched the first episode of Rome… it wasn't quite what i was expecting, i don't know why, i think it was a bit in your face, but i loved it anyway and shall be watching the whole series!

I have randomly got really hooked on sudoku as well. Having completed my first puzzle at the back of a magazine here shortly before going home, i then actually bought an entire book of sudoku puzzles while out shopping in wolves (is that hugely sad?? i don't really care to be honest, i was enjoying it!)

Oh and i also did a bit of research into plans for my 21st… i just can't wait for it to be my birthday now we've got into the season of 21st's, it's so exciting! My mum and i went to check out a possible venue and had a little think about numbers and so on… all i know is that i want huge balloons like shed had!! It's a bit shit that my birthday will fall on a sunday tho, we had been thinking of having the party on the saturday night to bring in my birthday, but the venue we want to use is already booked on that saturday :-( they are free on the sunday, but that's a bit awkward for people going to work the next day, especially if they're travelling some distance… not quite sure what to do really, need to have a big think about that one!

anyway, that was my week at home, got a lift back yesterday morning with my parents cos they were going to see my aunt and uncle in stratford. Went straight to my lecture, which was a bit of a shock to the system, but never mind! Also had to visit the library, go to a volunteering training session, and do a sainsbury's shop, as well as catching up with everyone… needless to say it's taken a while to finish unpacking! Went for a nice relaxing drink with Siggy in the evening and had a good long chat about life, think it did us both good, thanks for a luvly evening hubby :-)

I should, of course, be starting a City of Rome essay by now, but there are still a few little things i need to finish sorting out in my room. But hey, i'm back, so watch out Warwick!! A couple of extra points – i'm currently obsessed with the new Madonna song, Shed's already made a new TUNES cd for me which includes it (bless him, thanks darlin). Also i'm a tad stressed and annoyed by the random posts that have been appearing on the blogs of a couple of my friends while i've been away, it's really quite unnecessary, and i wish they'd just piss off. Never mind.
Right then, that's me sorted for the mo,
see you all soon peeps,

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