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December 07, 2006

Almost Friday

I don’t blog enough any more, it’s quite distressing really… but when i’ve got time to blog, i don’t have anything worthwhile to say. There used to be so many little things to mention and all the time in the world to mention it in during university terms. No longer, no longer. Never mind.

I have to say i think i’ve adapted rather well to the working life thing, i’m doing a lot better than i expected with my getting up, and the job itself is going well. It’s all fine really, but it’s the little things you miss. For example, i haven’t seen my nephew Tom for many weeks now, which is so ridic considering how close we live to them. He hasn’t been very well recently, and consequently mum and dad have had him during the days rather than sending him to nursery. Normally i’d have been around all day, and he’d have auntie Em to play with. But he’s probably forgotten who i am by now. This grieves me greatly. He’s quite a little cheeky chappy by all accounts now… we had a few amusing quotes the other day. When Tim was banging around in the garage one day and dropped something loudly, Tom turned round and said “careful daddy”. Then when Tim got in the other day, he said to Tom, “how’ve you been today Tom, are you alright or are you still struggling?”. To which Tom replied “struggling”. Bless. Obviously he hadn’t got a clue what he was saying, but he knew he hadn’t been alright! He’s such a darling. Looking forward to him being around over Christmas. I probably won’t get to see him before then at this rate… Oh well, that’s what you get when you’re working i suppose.

Today felt so much like a Friday, and it’s been unbelievably quiet for no apparent reason, everything’s gone quite slowly. Never mind, tomorrow is Friday, and that means i’m getting on a train to Skipton as soon as i finish work, and going to spend the weekend with Chris. Can’t wait, it’s been ages since i was there, and he needs many many big hugs at the moment.

There’s not much of a point to this entry really, but i felt like blogging, so there you go…

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