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November 01, 2005


This morning the sun is shining, and the sky is blue :-)

The Dissertation has begun…

Hey hey,
this probably isn't a good idea, seeing as i've just got in from the wonder that is Top B, but i feel a need to write a new entry, i meant to do it before i left, but i ran out of time (surprise surprise).
I just wanted to say how much better i'm feeling right now (and not just cos i'm drunk!). Last night, i spoke to my mother on the phone, and accidently started crying, naturally she became quite worried about my state here and has been plotting with dad a number of ways to get me home earlier than originally planned this week. Owing to the fact i do intend to do actual work during my reading week, i had said i would not go home til wednesday or thursday, giving me half the week to do some serious work on my dissertation here before i went home, so i didn't have to carry all the extra books and notes back with me on the bloody trains (can u tell i'm not a fan of public transport??)... my dad has now offered, bless him, to come and pick me up (i am a fairly local girl anyway!) tomorrow, and bring me back before my next lecture in the middle of week 7. this naturally stressed me out immediately, because i have not planned for going home so soon, and a lot of things will end up rushed at either end, and it will also mean spending a full weel at home in the middle of term, which was not my intention. however, having thought about it further, i have realised that my parents' suggestion brightened my day earlier, and it will be a hell of a lot easier for me, and i do know i need to get out of this place and sort my head out… so that is the plan, my dad is arriving tomorrow afternoon at ken house to pick me and my books up, and that will be that… and i have to say it will be just what i need :-)
also making me a much happier bunny today, are the facts that i've had a couple of nights of much better sleep just recently, ive narrowed down a selection of essay titles to be done shortly after reading week, ive read the Eumenides, one of the plays i needed to read this week, ive caught up with a lot of people i needed to talk to, and today… wait for it… i started my dissertation!! woo hoo!! ive done an introduction today, its currently 552 words, and im ready to continue with one of the main chapters once i get home and have a few days to myself :-) i am hugely relieved to have got started anyway, cheers to me!!
Shed and i went to Top B as planned, Chris was working and we saw him briefly, and we met up with Siggy for a little boogie in the marketplace… was a very good night… i just remember Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine, and finishing with the Killers :-) had a good night surrounded by two of my four favourite men of the moment (chris was busy working, and baby tom is a bit too young to be enjoying nights in the union!!). as chris would say, i 'got whammed and danced like a tit'... although chris also told me earlier on msn that i was 'the most filthy dancer in the uk'... quite a title i thought!! cheers chris darlin!
right, i suppose i should go, need to get to bed, so i can sleep off this large amount of alcohol, get up and be ready and packed before my dear father arrives :-)
thanks for everything peeps, u know who u are :-)
love u guys, see you in a week,

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