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October 02, 2010

Science reflective journal – week2

Writing about web page

While I find reflection and thinking easy, blogs are less so, particularly when I look at the prompts given. We have learnt a lot about planning certainly, the importance of it, methods to do so and what goes into making a good lesson.

The thing is, that’s not the most important thing this week. Every so often in my notes you’ll come across a * next to a point. These are not ordinary points, they’re either very important things or unrelated thoughts, well, I say unrelated. They’re actually thoughts and notes about what I want to see in my classroom.
-Poster on wall with what I expect/will give back?
-Spiral curriculum poster
Among others.

As for things I still have to do…
- Wait for reply on what my TRN number is so I can book the skills tests.
- ... or maybe send another e-mail from my regular account, I have a horrible feeling the first may have been eaten by the wonder that is the university e-mail account (again)
- Lesson plan SCT1, in for the 8th I believe.
- CCT2, in for the 15th.
- Tutorial 2? When does that have to be done by anyway?
- Get some sleep… nah, that one isn’t important ;)

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