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October 05, 2010


Interesting/amusing things that have happened in the PGCE so far:

  • Been far too excited over wearing a proper labcoat.
  • ...and rocks.
  • ...and UV bead bracelets.
  • ...and making a river.
  • Extracted DNA from a friend of mine Kiwi.
  • Seen my own cheek cells.
  • Been the Earth's crust (well, formation of)
  • The Earth's crust singing.
  • Watching the Earth (formation of) get a running commentry on where the rest of the class were.
  • Modelled a solid, liquid and gas in the middle of a lecture theatre.
  • Grown E. Coli and other things that can kill you.
  • Had the most glorious lie in ever... until 8.30.
  • Been directions person.
  • Had a yellow hat (lined paper with YELLOW on the front, I was far too excited about it).
  • Being told I have a nice voice.
  • Discovered the course books are much easier to read than physics ones.
  • Accumulated a small tree in handouts.
  • Been hyper, awake and writing a CV at 8.30 in the morning. On campus. Not even kidding.

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