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September 07, 2005


Indonesian- the langauage of onomatopeia

Kocok-kocok: mix/shake
gedebak: sound of something heavy having fallen
Gedebar-gedebur: sound of beating or throbbing
Gedebrak-gedebruk: loud sounds of something heavy fallen, very loud stamping feet.
Gedebuk: heavy footsteps/thudding or pounding noise
Gedumbreng: sound of jangling, clanking
Kelentang: sound of a tin can being struck (how precise is this??? what about aluminium?)
Kelentang-kelenting: sound of knocking, rattling, chattering
Kelenteng: sound of a tinkling bell
Kelentung: sound of a cow bell
kesup: sound of sucking
Ketimbung, ketimpung: sound of splashing in water
Ketipak-ketipuk: sound of pitter patter
ketiplak: sound of clogs
Ketepak-ketepak: sound of horses on a hard surface
Gojlok: shake up, jolted
Geledek: thunder
Gelebap: sound of object falling

I could go on….lets not

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