September 07, 2005


Indonesian- the langauage of onomatopeia

Kocok-kocok: mix/shake
gedebak: sound of something heavy having fallen
Gedebar-gedebur: sound of beating or throbbing
Gedebrak-gedebruk: loud sounds of something heavy fallen, very loud stamping feet.
Gedebuk: heavy footsteps/thudding or pounding noise
Gedumbreng: sound of jangling, clanking
Kelentang: sound of a tin can being struck (how precise is this??? what about aluminium?)
Kelentang-kelenting: sound of knocking, rattling, chattering
Kelenteng: sound of a tinkling bell
Kelentung: sound of a cow bell
kesup: sound of sucking
Ketimbung, ketimpung: sound of splashing in water
Ketipak-ketipuk: sound of pitter patter
ketiplak: sound of clogs
Ketepak-ketepak: sound of horses on a hard surface
Gojlok: shake up, jolted
Geledek: thunder
Gelebap: sound of object falling

I could go on….lets not

August 11, 2005

its been a long time

Can you believe I haven't been able to get into my stupid blog since the last itme I wrote in it- which was in the Easter break! lol

Anyhow, that poster of stretches in the uni gym which bugs me, the same one is used at Riverside gym in London….I wish they would correct the colour before they print anymore!!!

I don't have anything more interesting to say…I'm bored at work- its the summer hols. Actually, the job's, its just I don't have anything to do atm except research on future prices of coal for some financial modeling thing we have to do. The actualy work is ok, but coal is dull. I've learnt a lot about coal though- how you mine it, what you do with it before selling it, the different types, the calorie contents of specific coal types….moisture contect, sulfur composition (more sulfur is bad btw!).

OK. Hope everyone is having a good summer.

If anyone knows where and what Lisa Amin is up to, pls contact me- she's meant to come visit me but I havent heard from her in ages and I'm slightly worried.


March 28, 2005

new to blogs…

I've heard a lot about this blog business so I've decided to give it a go! Mus, you'd be proud of me…it was you who suggested I document all my random lil eugenia thoughts that flit around my dreamy head.

Actually, I have this one thing on my mind atm that is very very bugging! I don't know how often any of you go to the Warwick gym, but if you do, go take a look at the poster at the far end of the gym where all the mats are; the one with all the stretching diagrams. Anywho…the figure of the guy stretching in the poster wears a yellow top and purple shorts in every single stretch EXCEPT ONE!!! The one where he's lying on the floor (bottom right picture), he's wearing yellow shorts and a purple top! Oh my goodness it bugs me…

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