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October 24, 2016

Are you excited?

This is a question I have heard ever since I said I wanted to study at Warwick Uni. Everybody was asking 'Are you excited?'. My friends, family, then tutors when I finally got here. I didn't know what to say cause I really didn't feel the excitement at that time. I was rather scared by coming back to uni after such a long break, starting living in a new country, without my family and my closest friends... Then suddenly one day, taking a bus to uni, listening to some music, it hit me. I am here for a year! I can study what I like! I can read as much as I want! I am meeting fantastic people! Yes, I AM EXCITED!

October 13, 2016


I would not be original or different from many other people starting their blog if I said that I wasn't convinced about blogging when I first read I should do it throughout my year at Warwick Uni. Then, when I started hearing about it at the induction, first lectures (or shall I say course meetings?), together with all the reasons why I should blog, I decided to give it a go. Please don't think I got rid of my doubts! Can I be systematic enough? (From my experience with diary writing I can't.) Can my entries be interesting enough to be read? Well, even if it is not the main purpose, I imagine it is nice to receive comments and exchange the opinions this way. Can I be concise enough not to be boring? We will see ;-)

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