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March 08, 2017

L = f(l, gm, s)

Leadership is a function of a leader, group members and situation (Avolio, Bruce J., 2007; DuBrin, Andrew J., 2016). But shall the leader really be first in this equation? If leadership is about flexibility and adapting to circumstances in order to achieve common goal, shouldn't leader come as the last? In the sense that depending on a situation and what kind of people he/ she leads, the approach to group members, the approach to problem, the leadership style and ultimately the leader behaviour and strategy will differ.

Being a leader does not mean to stay at the top of the group, being passive and just giving orders. Being leader means to move all the time, from big picture to details and back, from individuals to group as a whole, from achieving a target to improving group morale, etc. We cant's stagnate, cause if we do we will stay behind.

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