January 04, 2006

4th January 2005

Right, first of all, I'm sorry I gave up on the November blogs. I just had too much work on etc etc etc….
However, I'm turning over a new leaf blog-wise and starting a fresh run from today.
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Mine was fair, but not out of this world by any means.
I'm glad to be back, I love Leeds and my family alot, but seriously, a month at home is a long time. Although WHY didn't we break up a week LATER????, we could be coming back at date not so near the New Year.
Anyway, I'm boring myself, so God knows what I'm doing to you if you're still reading this.
Take care, and I'll promise to return soon.
Really, I want to make this a regular thing, but I lack focus and commitment at the best of times. Fingers crossed (if anyone cares).

November 22, 2005

November 22nd 2005

Hello again, I'm not sure whether I'll make this a daily thing, who knows, although I'm sure no-one has read anything yet.
My major gripe today is the building work in the Social Studies courtyard. Could somebody please tell me if there really is a necessity to blockade ALL of it, meaning I have to walk THROUGH the Social Studies building to get to the library…..
Also, why does my bus always seem to hit every set of red lights…...
And why does it take me an hour to get up after my alarm goes off…...
Compared to issues such as world poverty and the environment, I know these are minor concerns, but still.
On a positive note, I've been playing a game called "work out the celebrity twin" with people I've met. The idea is to think which celebrity (or other 'normal' person) looks most like the individual you are speaking to. I won't divulge my findings, but try it tomorrow, and I promise you it'll make you laugh, (or not depending on whether you have a life and can think better things to do like hold conversations with people without thinking 'Chris Moyles' or 'Keira Knightley'.)
No unfortunately, I didn't speak anyone who looks like Keira Knightly, but thankfully none that look like Chris Moyles either.
I should probably wrap this entry up.
Seriously though, if you do read this please leave a comment. I suspect I'm talking to myself, but I may need gradual confirmation!
Tune in my head: Modern Way by Kaiser Chiefs (great band)
OK, end of post.

November 21, 2005

Second Blog Entry: November 21st 2005

First of all, I'm going to make this my last blog where I state how many blogs I have already created, if you catch my drift. If I get into the habit, then we'll soon have Fortieth Blog Entry, Thousandth blog entry etc., it'll become tiresome. I'll just put the date down in future and leave at that. OK I'll finish this paragraph now before you fall asleep….
Anyway, how cold is it today? Stepping out of the house this morning was like a scene from 'The Exorist' with all the fog. And it's only November, I'll be frozen solid in January! Well that global warming for you folks (OK, I said I wouldn't be political).
It's weird to think it's Week 9 already. The term, and I keep saying this, has just flown by. Even more remarkable, because I was in my house a week before term proper started up. I personally feel we go back far too early for Christmas, as most unis don't break up until Mid-December. That means we go back to Warwick before Epiphany, when the decorations are still up at home. Now, that's not right.
I've got to go, 'cos I rambled on for too long and I've got some work to do for John Locke (well not FOR him but about him) anyway, I'll probably do it the morning 'cos I'm unusually tired. I've just noticed I've used anyway twice.
Oh, shut up Ed. Stop typing. Good.
Bye then folks, type to you soon.

November 20, 2005

First Blog Entry: November 20th 2005

Hello world.
My name is Ed Sanderson and I'm currently a second year politics student here at Warwick. Although it's safe to say I'm a pretty unremarkable individual, the thought of blogging greatly interests me. Those who read this and know me, and expect a current affairs rant (or anything vaguely political) will be disappointed. I intend to use this blog to 'vent my spleen' on the day today (not The Day Today, which is a fine piece of satire, and much better than 'Broken News'). This is a space where I move away from political discussion and opinion and merely comment on my mudane existence. Therefore, I intend to keep this blog in a form of a diary, not a 'what I did today' journal, but a daily paragraph or so commenting on things that have intrigued and annoyed me as I go about trying to be as happy and amiable on the outside, whilst being as acidic and demented as hell on the inside…..
At this point, I should tell you about my interests. They are fairly general, to tell you the truth. My favourite band is the Kinks, my favourite actor is Marlon Brando, and my favourite colour is green, or purple, or red… I don't know what my favourite colour is. The tune that is in my head right now is Mr Brightside by the Killers, which kinda sums me up.
If you have any comments about what I write, please post them, although if I still have your attention, you must either be sadder than average (join the club, folks), or be my stalker, who'll I'll talk about in later editions.
Anyway, I'll love you and leave you, and keep your eye out for future posts.
The journey starts here…
All the best,
Ed Sanderson.

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