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November 22, 2005

November 22nd 2005

Hello again, I'm not sure whether I'll make this a daily thing, who knows, although I'm sure no-one has read anything yet.
My major gripe today is the building work in the Social Studies courtyard. Could somebody please tell me if there really is a necessity to blockade ALL of it, meaning I have to walk THROUGH the Social Studies building to get to the library…..
Also, why does my bus always seem to hit every set of red lights…...
And why does it take me an hour to get up after my alarm goes off…...
Compared to issues such as world poverty and the environment, I know these are minor concerns, but still.
On a positive note, I've been playing a game called "work out the celebrity twin" with people I've met. The idea is to think which celebrity (or other 'normal' person) looks most like the individual you are speaking to. I won't divulge my findings, but try it tomorrow, and I promise you it'll make you laugh, (or not depending on whether you have a life and can think better things to do like hold conversations with people without thinking 'Chris Moyles' or 'Keira Knightley'.)
No unfortunately, I didn't speak anyone who looks like Keira Knightly, but thankfully none that look like Chris Moyles either.
I should probably wrap this entry up.
Seriously though, if you do read this please leave a comment. I suspect I'm talking to myself, but I may need gradual confirmation!
Tune in my head: Modern Way by Kaiser Chiefs (great band)
OK, end of post.

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