November 01, 2004

Your DVD review broke lots of stuff

Writing about web page

Hi Edward,

I'm afraid we've just had to delete your review of Team America. It
looks like there was a bug with the DVD review for that particular
amazon entry which broke lots of stuff :(

Could you please re-create it, but create it as a Music review because
that ASIN is actually for the soundtrack. Here is your original text:

"Team America:world Police. The latest film by the geniuses trey parker
and matt stone who made and still are making southpark. In case you
can't tell from the title this film is about team america (the world
police) going out doing what america does best attacking terrorists
along with that collateral stuff they always seem to bomb too. It's
made using the type of puppets you'd usually see in thunderbirds or
stingray or joe90 or captain scarlet and the mysterons (not the crappy
mysterons from the boar but the cool ones with the lights and the
woooooh sounds and the big boomy voice woooh but there aren't any
mysterons in this film anyway so ). The fact that this is a big film
with puppets in it makes it awesomo enough to be great but couple with
the not so witty satire and humor of the southpark creators it makes for
double-plus-good-awesomo film. If you're offended by people sayin fuck
asshold dick and pussy alot then watch this film you'll love it, no
really! Anyway I can't say anymore without spoling the plot just
remember look out for the panthers and the terrorists must be stopped or
it'll be like 9/11 times a thousand. Yes thats right 911000!!!!!

4stars only as it's not as good as southpark the movie but still ones
you need to watch.

It's out in America now but not till januarary in the UK go to your
friendly hub or .com and it now."

Sorry about that
Blogs admin.

PS. You might want to drop the reference to dc++ and breaking copyright
as that breaks the T&C's

Hahar my first post and I broke stuff always a good way to start out.
Also why on earth isn't there a film review catergory surely more people would want to to review films than books. Probably got something to do with the links to to try and sell stuff to poor students
Certain parts have been edited to comply with Top Cats rules can you tell which bits?

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