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October 20, 2004

More Pdp stuff… Wahey

20/10/04 – Attended IMechE/IEE intro conference

October 03, 2004

My Summer On The Fringe

Writing about web page

For six weeks this summer I braved the freezing temperatures of Edinburgh, employed as a theatre technician on the Fringe Festival. Well, I say employed – I was paid 250 for the six weeks, which works out as around 50p per hour. But it was great fun, I met some great people, and got lots of experience (not wholly unrelated to engineering).
We spent the first two weeks turning a church hall into a fully functioning theatre.
This included installing a lighting and sound rig, rewiring many plugs, installing phone lines, constructing wooden rostra – all of which taught me the importance of planning, as well as providing some hands-on experience of electrics and electronic systems.
Once this was completed, it became my responsibilty to maintain the theatre, and help deal with the companies that were using the theatre to put on shows. From this I learnt a fair amount about management and being diplomatic. There were several instances where lack of communication and disorganisation lead me to having to think on my feet.
Near the end of the six weeks we had the more fun task of taking everything apart, and storing it for next year. Again this needed a large amount of planning to make sure various deadlines were met, and expenses reduced to a minimum.
At the end of it all I was exhausted, as was everyone else, but with an amazing sense of satisfaction and achievement, and an inexplicable desire to sign up to do it all again next year!

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