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June 05, 2005

Rant 5: Enough of the rants

Okay, so I managed four (and it wasn't daily), but now I've decided to ditch this and go for an 'isn't … brilliant!' page. Part of the reason is that I've finished exams (woo!) and life seems so much more tranquil. Very tranquil, and I don't want to ruin the calm by ranting. So I shall restore the yin (or is it yang?) and heap praise on things that I feel deserve it. In a new section, cunnilngly titled 'Isn't … brilliant!'.

June 03, 2005


Don't get me wrong, this isn't about toasters in general, i find these fantastic inventions. Why, we'd have no toast if it wasn't for toasters And then where would we be? Well, I'd be without any breakfast for a start.

My niggle – and that's all it is, a niggle, is that the toaster in our kitchen cannot make normal toast. It either undercooks it or seriously burns it. There's no in-between stage; it just goes straight from bread to charcoal. Surely it's not that hard?

Anyway, until something's done I'll have to use the grill…

June 01, 2005

Day 3: Cleaners and Fire Alarms

On to day 3, and I'm realising that I really do have lots to rant about. So much so, in fact, that today it's a double-whammy of a rant because I'm feeling extra bulshy. Which I'll allow, becuase it's my blog. When you get a blog, you can make the rules.

Anyway, so today it's the cleaners. It might just be because my room is next door to the office for, like, all of cryfield, but I've asked other people and it's not just me. They turn up at eight in the morning, and yell at each other down the corridors. And bearing in mind the walls here are made from, like, paper, the shouts of "Hi Stacey, y'alright!?" can be heard quite loudly. Is it so hard to talk in a quiet voice and leave us to sleep? I think not. And it's not even as though they're particularly understanding; we get thrown out of the kitchen whilst cooking so they can clean it and then they throw your NME away because you accidently left it on the table. And they've all got walkie talkies with top-secret codenames. What's that all about? Come on guys, you're not secret agents.

And on the subject of horrible noises, what's up with the fire alarm? Possibly the most ghastly noise ever. A piercing shrill that makes my toes curl. Horrible. And then they test it at random times, like half seven, for just long enough for you to stumble out of bed, put on a dressing gown and get half out the door before they turn it off. How hard can it be to let us know they're about to test them? Then maybe we can stick something in our ears, or leave altogether.

And that is today's rant

May 31, 2005

Day Two: Spider Solitaire

I guess I don't actually have anything against this game (although it's got nothing on freecell), it's just that I feel I might be a little more productive without it. It would be okay if you could play just one game, but it doesn't work like that. Either you lose and feel like you have to play again, or you win but feel so let down by the crappy (let's face it, very crappy) fireworks that you need another go to satisfy the solitaire urge.

Or is it just me?

Anyway, not in a ranting mood, just want to get this work done!

May 30, 2005

Day 1: The Printers in F211

Well, being in the midst of exams and obviously without anything more productive to be doing, I've decided to have a rant. More than that, I decided to have one every day. It's going to be tough, but I think I can rise up to the challenge. There's a lot that annoys me at the moment. So day one: the printers in F211.

Having several pages that needed to be printed out, I wasn't going to waste my own valueable ink when I had £25 left over on the engineering computers. So off I trapse across campus to reach the engineering block, en route trying to avoid small kids on nature trails, hobos trying to sell me the big issue and brain-dead students stumbling in a drunken haze (possibly third years). Eventually I reach the engineering computer room. I sit down, enter my user name wrong three times before I realise I'm using the one I was given at school, find what needs to be printed (all 50 pages) and press print. Only then, when I around to collect the work from the back of the room do I discover that the printers are locked in the cupboard!

"Why!?!" I scream at the top of my voice, smashing my hand through the nearest computer screen (I might not have actually done this). Which is a good question. Why do they need to lock up the printers? Is it simply to annoy us and to make us lose printer credits? I think so. I mean, it's not exactly as if we're going to be able to steal a printer of that size. surely? And why would we; it certainly wouldn't fit into my cheapy cryfield room. No, instead, they merely lock up the printers to annoy us. Well me, at least. And now I have to wait until tomorrow to try again. And all this time I could have been doing revision! (To be fair, I could have done revision instead of writing this, but it makes me so very angry…)

Anyway, that is today's rant. I'm off to find a new subject for tomorrow. If you have anything you'd like to rant about, feel free to do so here. (Microsoft Ofice? Washing machines that swallow your money? 'Crazy frogs'?).

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