May 30, 2005

Day 1: The Printers in F211

Well, being in the midst of exams and obviously without anything more productive to be doing, I've decided to have a rant. More than that, I decided to have one every day. It's going to be tough, but I think I can rise up to the challenge. There's a lot that annoys me at the moment. So day one: the printers in F211.

Having several pages that needed to be printed out, I wasn't going to waste my own valueable ink when I had £25 left over on the engineering computers. So off I trapse across campus to reach the engineering block, en route trying to avoid small kids on nature trails, hobos trying to sell me the big issue and brain-dead students stumbling in a drunken haze (possibly third years). Eventually I reach the engineering computer room. I sit down, enter my user name wrong three times before I realise I'm using the one I was given at school, find what needs to be printed (all 50 pages) and press print. Only then, when I around to collect the work from the back of the room do I discover that the printers are locked in the cupboard!

"Why!?!" I scream at the top of my voice, smashing my hand through the nearest computer screen (I might not have actually done this). Which is a good question. Why do they need to lock up the printers? Is it simply to annoy us and to make us lose printer credits? I think so. I mean, it's not exactly as if we're going to be able to steal a printer of that size. surely? And why would we; it certainly wouldn't fit into my cheapy cryfield room. No, instead, they merely lock up the printers to annoy us. Well me, at least. And now I have to wait until tomorrow to try again. And all this time I could have been doing revision! (To be fair, I could have done revision instead of writing this, but it makes me so very angry…)

Anyway, that is today's rant. I'm off to find a new subject for tomorrow. If you have anything you'd like to rant about, feel free to do so here. (Microsoft Ofice? Washing machines that swallow your money? 'Crazy frogs'?).

May 20, 2005

Rant: the idiocies of MS Word

Why? Why? Did they design it to do absolutely the opposite to what you want? ALL the time? Like, the only time it doesn't put random capital letters in is when they're actually needed. Like at the beginning of a sentance.
And the spellcheck dictionary? That can't seem to use any language except 'American English'? Hello! We spell things properly. Like COLOUR, and GAUGE. With a U. That's the proper spelling.
And the bullet points? Putting themselves at random places on the page? And numbering that randomly starts from one again in the middle of the list? My god, what were you thinking, Mr Gates?
And tables, where you want just a normal, bog-standard table. Nothing fancy, just a few lines to seperate stuff? Is that too much to ask for? I don't want pretty colours, random fonts, just a nice simple table?
Aghh, it makes me so mad! Why does everyone use it? Why? It's blatently just rubbish? Why? Why?...

January 26, 2005

My heroin addiction and sex (and radiohead)

Ok, this isn't about heroin and sex at all, I just wanted to get as many people's attention as possible. Does anyone know anything about radiohead giving a lecture here some time? Apparantly it's on their website, but i couldn't find anything.

mylo at top b – ?

Of course, I could have just imagined it, but i think top b is changing. Now I can't remember much after about ten (coincidentally the time happy hour finishes…), but i think they played new music. Is it a sign of the apocolypse? What will they do next? Answers on a postcard. Or not

January 19, 2005

Little Thoughts

I kinda forgot I had a blog here. Here's something I was going to post at the end of last term but never got round to it:

*Well, it's the end of my first term, the first ten weeks, and here's a list of what I've learned:

1) Every student has at least 1 "witty" t-shirt. Generally, the more they own, the less funny they actually are.

2) Every student conversation will eventually turn to kids tv – or porn. Kinda two ends of the spectrum there.

3) Never, ever actually microwave baked beans for 4 minutes like it says on the can, unless you like stuff exploding.

4) If you add enough beer whilst cooking, anything will tast ok.

5) Never trust hand driers with the word "turbo" written on them. They're always pathetic.

6) There's too many people in the world with different names.

7) Going to bed earlier means you're more tired when you wake up. That's just how it works. And so the best thing to do is to never sleep (except then your brain starts bleeding).

8) You can halve your laundry by wearing clothes inside-out when they're dirty.

9) And maybe I've learned some engineering."*

November 08, 2004

My New Name (by Tregaskiss)

I've just searched on google for my name, and I found three Edward Elbournes!
One was me.
Another was a bloke who (from what I can tell) was called Elbourne Edwards (ie Elbourne was his first name).
And the third was a bloke who lived about 100 years ago called Edward Tregaskiss Elbourne. Which is a damn cool name, so I'm adopting it. So now my name is Tregaskiss.

October 20, 2004

More Pdp stuff… Wahey

20/10/04 – Attended IMechE/IEE intro conference

October 06, 2004



This is, as I'm sure you can read, Eddie's Blog. Which is a fairly sensible name for it, me being Eddie and all. And it being a blog. I can't think of much to put on it, although I have been told by my tutor to put stuff I don't like here. Like an internet room 101, I guess. So when I get time I might do that.

Anyway, I've now written a paragraph, and I think that will suffice for an introduction, so I shall leave it here.

October 03, 2004

My Summer On The Fringe

Writing about web page

For six weeks this summer I braved the freezing temperatures of Edinburgh, employed as a theatre technician on the Fringe Festival. Well, I say employed – I was paid 250 for the six weeks, which works out as around 50p per hour. But it was great fun, I met some great people, and got lots of experience (not wholly unrelated to engineering).
We spent the first two weeks turning a church hall into a fully functioning theatre.
This included installing a lighting and sound rig, rewiring many plugs, installing phone lines, constructing wooden rostra – all of which taught me the importance of planning, as well as providing some hands-on experience of electrics and electronic systems.
Once this was completed, it became my responsibilty to maintain the theatre, and help deal with the companies that were using the theatre to put on shows. From this I learnt a fair amount about management and being diplomatic. There were several instances where lack of communication and disorganisation lead me to having to think on my feet.
Near the end of the six weeks we had the more fun task of taking everything apart, and storing it for next year. Again this needed a large amount of planning to make sure various deadlines were met, and expenses reduced to a minimum.
At the end of it all I was exhausted, as was everyone else, but with an amazing sense of satisfaction and achievement, and an inexplicable desire to sign up to do it all again next year!

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