March 01, 2007

Day 3

Just played a $16 Double Shootout to the weekend $650 MTT sat. Made it past the first table when my AT held against KQ for 90% of the chips in play. On the second table, i didn’t get any cards, but before i knew it, we were 3 handed. I only had 1.5k, and was up against 8k, and 5.5k stacks. Now i had to play AGGRO, cos i can’t fold into a seat, so when they both limped and i had A7 i shoved! Big stack called with J9o, and obviously won. If my hand had held up, the stacks would’ve been 6.25k, 5.25k and me on 3.5k, and i reckon i win through to the next round more often than not from there.

Very frustrating to come 3rd AGAIN. Still another $56 profit for the coffers though…

Just loading up another $16 Double Shootout. Please let me win for once?

Didn’t get past the first table on this one. Think i was still tilting a bit, but when people hit sets against you twice, it’s hard to keep hold of all your chips.

Current WSOP Bankroll: $1,043.50

Notable Progress: 1 failed $160 Double Shootout attempt

February 27, 2007

Day 2

Yesterday was another day, so that meant more poker :)

I started by playing 2 $16 double shootouts for the $650 sunday satellite, but didn’t get past the first table on either. I had some chump call a raise with 92, stacking me when i had AA when the flop came 99T. In the other one i overplayed an underpair because i thought my opponent was weak. He was, but hit a flush anyway.

So that was -$32 right off the bat.

Getting a bit bored of these double shootouts, i decided to enter a $5 turbo rebuy to a $160 Satellite. $20.50 later, i had my seat. These turbo rebuys are just SICK though, and i had to get lucky to win. had KQ outdraw AK, and AJ outdraw AK. Bit of good luck, but i couldn’t have played them any differently.

By this point it was getting late, but i couldn’t deregister from the $160 Double Shootout qualifier immediately, and by the time i could deregister i thought i may as well play it. I actually played OK in it, but i got all my good hands right at the beginning and didn’t get any action. I then went card dead, managing to stay alive with some carefully timed steals, but eventually went busto in 3rd.

So for the night i was -$52.50, and had my first failed attempt at an actual seat. Oh well, i’m getting closer!

Current WSOP Bankroll: $1,003.50

Progress: 1 failed $160 double shootout attempt

February 26, 2007

The Journey Begins

OK, so yesterday the WSOP main event satellites started on Pokerstars. As many people may be aware, i have put aside $1k in order to try and win my entry to Las Vegas and play in this this summer.

So i figure i may as well use this to track my progress and my attempts to qualify.

Naturally, i started yesterday, I played a $16 double shootout to the $650 MTT qualifier on sunday. Two seats available and i came third. Very frustrating, as that constituted nearly 4 hours of poker to get that far.

Reassuring though to see how weak the standard is in these double shootouts. I breezed through the first round, with only two memorable hands. 4 Handed, a shortstack shoved from the button, SB isolated, I had AK, called, won, and nearly tripled up vs 44 & QT. Heads up, i won when i raised from the button with 63o, other guy minreraised, i call (getting over 3-1, i have position, and it appears i have massive implied odds. I’m not folding any two to a minreraise here!) Flop came 6Q6, and he overplays his ducks to his demise.

At the start of 3 handed play on the final table, i had about 2.5k, 2nd had 3.5k and big stack had about 9k. He was raising EVERY hand. Normally i’d play really tight, but his range really was any two, and if i just folded, i’d be blinded away before the guy in 2nd, so i had to do something. So when it folded to the big stack and he raised, my A9o looked AWFUL good. I shoved, but ran into A6 and lost :(

Shame, as i would’ve had about 5.2k, and would’ve been in EXCELLENT shape to get my seat. I still got $72 consolation prize, so am actually in profit so far, but it’s not the same. Oh well, better hit the tables now to make up.

Here’s the summary bit:

Current WSOP Bankroll: $1,056
Progress: none

September 08, 2006

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

haha! Just as soon as i start complaining about my poker results, i make a BIG cash online. About time too. Made the last couple in a tournament with 1101 entrants. Whoever said that complaining doesn’t get you what you want was wrong. Just look at Nikki from big brother, she’s perfected the art of complaining until you get what you want. Even if she is VERY annoying, you have to give her credit for that much.

Unfortunately, due to the pleasure pain theory, something has to be wrong, right? Correct, i am still deaf in my left ear, after a couple of weeks of misery (and a month or so of on and off misery). At first, i’ll be honest, i was excited by the prospect. I’d still have one ear that worked, and surely the sensory deprivation would elevate my other senses to near SUPER human status.

It certainly hasn’t. I am still colour blind for a start, and my ability to see in the dark is the same as it ever was. In fact, only last night i woke up in the middle of the night (meaning about 6 in the morning, i am a student afterall) and proceeded to crash right into the side of my bed, then trip over my guitar amplifier. I am convinced my cat, who would have seen this much better in the dark than i did, is still smirking to himself about this, and always seems to find a way to bring it up in conversation.

And yes, i know talking to your cats is a sign of insanity…But believe me, with my cat it’s barely conversation. He’s very dim and his short attention span renders any hope of conversation an utter waste of time.

Or maybe lack of sleep after being up til half 5 in that poker tournament is finally starting to affect me…I’ll leave that question to the philosophers.

Oh, for those who don’t know, Arctic Monkey won the mercury music prize in the end. Sad but true. Their, album, although good is horribly overrated, overhyped and unoriginal, and CERTAINLY wasn’t the best album nominated. And, i doubt they need the £50,000 they get for winning. Normally the mercury music prize promotes good music over good sales, but this year it looks like they dropped the ball. Shame.

Now then, tonight should i play some poker to try and bring the hammer down and cement my recent victory, or try to save my sleeping patter from its current uneasy state after not getting to sleep til 5:30am two nights ago? Considering i need to be up early to go to london for the weekend tomorrow, i know which one i SHOULD do. Sadly, that’s different from what i know i will do…

September 06, 2006

ob–la–di ob–la–da

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and wonder what your life has become. I am sitting here watching Frank Skinner live (who isn’t that funny), drinking a bottle of beer while playing poker online (and losing – i’m currently variance’s bitch). Most people will either be out socialising with real people, or already be in bed, ready to hit the world fresh and ready tomorrow.

Not me.

This whole situation sums up the self-destructive element of my personality that terrifies me. Tomorrow will be more of the same. My late night now will lead to a long lie in tomorrow, meaning i will wake up around midday and feel lethargic and not get anything done until about tea time, where i will eat, and start the cycle again.

I seem to find it way too easy to slip into ruts like this. It scares me to think that with my obsessive compulsive personality i could just as easy slip into something like alcoholism. Especially seeing how easy i found it to get addicted to poker…

But then again, that could just be the alcohol talking…

It’s not all that bad though, afterall the biggest concern i’ve had all day was when i discovered a split end in my hair. I know i should expect it; months without a hair cut, nipple length hair, these things just happen. But still, it’s a dark day when you find your first split end.

I’ve thought for months that i should just cut it all off and be done with it, and days like this just add to that. Sometimes it’s just more hassle than it’s worth. But do i really have the courage to take the leap and finally cut all my hair off?

I don’t know. I think sometimes maybe i’ll cut it off for charity, just to give me extra incentive to do it. But at the end of the day, i guess i’m a coward. And comments from friends like “but you wouldn’t be Ed without long hair!” certainly don’t help. I dunno, maybe i’ll just get drunk and one of my “friends” will shave it off as a joke. We’ll see…

September 04, 2006

Rock and Roll Music

I’ll warn you all now, i am not in the mood to write, but someone requested a new blog entry to read, and always one to buckle to peer pressure, i caved in and this is the result. The only requirement for this was that it had to be “amusing”.

So i started thinking, what has happened to me today, or what can i think of that is funny? However, my humour is more reactionary than revolutionary, so i struggled to think of anything. I started thinking, “how can i get round this?” I had a thought, maybe it wasn’t meant to be “amusing”, but A-musing, as in asymmetric, atonal, or asexual. Brilliant, that could work, all i have to do is go through this whole blog entry without mentioning Muse and the job’s done.

ah, um, oops, guess i fell for that catch 22.

I’m over it, afterall, why would you want to avoid mentioning Muse anyway? Their new album is their best and most consistent piece of workto date, and their performance at reading festival was the most inspirational and awe inspiring live performance i believe i have ever seen. Certainly a return to form after the very uneven Absolution. I wish them the best for the announcement of the mercury music prize tomorrow.

However, i do not actually want them to win. There is a cash prize for the winners, and i sincerely doubt that Muse need anymore money, ever. I’d much rather see that money go to a band like Hot Chip, who have created a masterpiece on a shoe string budget.

Looking at the last few winners though, they do seem to be going for more obscure acts. I mean, c’mon, own up, how many people had actually heard antony and the johnsons before they were nominated last year? And Franz Ferdinand certainly weren’t anywhere near being the musical behemoth they are now when they won two years ago. In fact, back then they were playing the new bands tent at reading and leeds i believe!

I love the mercury music award, it’s about the only award out there which awards good albums and good music, regardless of popularity or genre. It is also exciting, as the winner is in no way predictable, and the only certainty involved is that i will download whichever album wins (if i don’t have it already have it, which narrows it down to 5 of the 12).

For those who don’t know, the nominees are:
Arctic Monkeys
Hot Chip
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
Lou Roads
Thom Yorke
Zoe Rahman
Scritti Politti
Richard Hawley

Out of those, i think i’d like to see Hot Chip or Scritti Politti win, but they’d all be worthy winners.

Plan for tomorrow:
bitch about Russell Brand
reflect on who actually won the award
buy train tickets
try to infiltrate Aiden, and take them down from the inside

September 03, 2006

Baby's In Black

So, i started thinking about things that happen at sea, as per my plan, and due to the mystical and unknown ways my mind works, i started thinking of pirates.

I say unknown, pirates actually seem to be a big thing in my world right now (everything is relative, mind you) due to me being a big fan of the pirates of the carribbean movies and the release of the second one, and, of course, a certain section of my crazy coworkers.

I work at a kiddies theme park you see (Paultons Park, it’s a real hoot hoot kiddies), naturally we have a pirate ship. I work in the catering department, and the food kiosk near this ride is called “long johns.” Somewhere along the way, (maybe it’s the stress of working in such a high paced, high profile place, who knows?), half a dozen of my coworkers (occasionally myself included, i admit), have become convinced that they themselves are pirates.

This makes for some very interesting days at work. You wouldn’t believe the lengths they’ll go to. There’s buried treasure, treasure maps, pirate flags and everyone has their own pirate name. Indeed, occasionally they will even go and pillage other food kiosks round the park. Thankfully though, they seem to have steered clear of rape.

Anyway, i was thinking of bad things to happen at sea wasn’t i? I don’t see that pirates could be a part of that, as hollywood has done a good job of glamourising pirates, thanks largely to pirates of the caribbean. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to meet Captain Jack Sparrow?! That would definitely be much closer to a dream that a nightmare for most. I know that i am not the least bit scared of pirates, and i have to work with them on a regular basis!

Indeed, much to my amazement, i have recently unearthed a date everyone should have in their calendar coming up in a couple of weeks. September 19th marks the annual occasion of international talk like a pirate day. Finally my coworkers will have an excuse for their behaviour, and a reason to take things WAY too far. If this news gets out, Paultons Park will never be the same. I just wish i could be there to see pirates finally take over.

In fact, if there happens to be a full moon on this day, then we could be in for something far worse than anything that could happen at sea…

So if you’re planning on visiting mine, or any other theme park for that matter, on this date, be sure to remember the word “parlez” (not parsnip). And if you don’t know what that means, you haven’t seen pirates of the caribbean (which is criminal).

And if anyone out there wants to shiver me timbers, you know where to find me.

September 02, 2006

I'll Be Back

it’s been disgustingly long since my last blog entry. I figure it’s about time i got this thing back off the ground.

Someone once said “if i don’t write to empty my mind, i’d go insane.” Well, i hope it’s not too late for me, but i’m going to try and save myself…

I have no plans for the direction this blog is going to take yet, and haven’t actually given it any thought. And now, at half midnight, is NOT the time for thought people, even if it is the time my mind starts to wake up.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to be nocturnal?

Hmm, moths are nocturnal, yet are attracted to light. Easy solution: get up earlier you lazy so and so’s.

But i digress. Hmm, is that possible? To digress i mean, when you had no point to begin with? Who knows. Maybe i’ll find an answer tomorrow. “but it is tomorrow” bang That’s what you get for being a smart alec. Good thing i don’t have any good friends called alec/alex, cos apparently with me around they wouldn’t last anytime.

Maybe that’s why i don’t have any good friends with that name? Cos anytime one gets close to me, that sort of thing happens. I suppose “much worse happens at sea.” I never understood that saying, cos the worst thing i can think of that happens at sea is drowning, or maybe being mauled by a shark, then drowning. I’m pretty confident i can think of worst endings on land than that. Furthermore, the number of recorded shark attacks since records began is around the 2000 mark. While the number of Americans who were injured by toilets in 1996 alone is about 44,000.

Therefore, even the worst that can happen at sea is remarkably unlikely. Maybe i’ll go away and think about the worst that can happen on land, and the worst that can happen on sea, and consider the truth/false in the statement. Or maybe to add another dimension, i could consider things that happen in the air? Be hard not to mention planes or terrorists, especially with my record of saying stuff in bad taste, but hey, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I wish i could blame these unfocused rantings on a fever, but my cold isn’t that bad, and i’m like this normally. Shame

Plan for tomorrow:
Figure out whether digression without a point is possible
See if it’s true whether worse things DO happen at sea
Do not say anything in bad taste regarding planes
Get better
Find something to blame the way i am on
Write up review of Reading Festival without using the words “overrated”, “overhyped” or “unfeasible”

Thoughts on a postcard please.

February 22, 2005

I've Got A Feeling

I had a feeling once. Its not something i can describe. Rather, it is something one is born with. A level of intuition which allows you to see that something isn't quite right.

Somehow it has bought me here. Now 6 square blocks in my head are ready to explode, and i've got a front row seat. Believe me, it makes more sense with a gun in your mouth.

I know you understand that, because you and me are the same. In fact, i understand this because you understand this.

I had to investigate my gut feeling further. There was only one question that drove me, but i kept it secret from myself.

I know what you're thinking, why oh why did i choose the blue pill? the answer to this is obvious. My life, your life, life in general. Everyone has a desire to see how deep the rabbit hole went.

But i could not master such a quest by myself. I surrounded myself with hired muscle, scared into assisting my quest by a power not even i understood. With them i went forth, towards the lava and darkness with only the occasional screech of something evil as sin to accompany me.

As with most friendships, they eventually petered out. In fact, someone i considered a good friend even tried to take this quest from me, before he himself fell into darkness. Apparently i am the only person driven enough to find out the truth. What is the truth? To be honest i'm still searching to this day.

It has become a heavy burden, but one which i must bear alone. It's ok though, because you're here to carry me the last few steps. But you must remember the first rule of my quest is to not talk about the quest.

In France, they call a quarter pounder with cheese a royale with cheese.

As i sit down to do my Linear Algebra work, on the back of this realisation, the obviousness of the truth struck me. However, this is for me to know and you to realise for yourself. However, the only thing you need to remember with your Linear Algebra work is: the power of the one extends beyond the matrix.

February 21, 2005

Getting Better

Don't you hate it when you write a nice, sizeable blog entry, and then your computer crashes?

As if i haven't had a hard enough time keeping up with the rigourous schedule i set myself for this thing. How hard can it be to write an entry a day? I don't know why i haven't been able to keep up this past week. Maybe its that i haven't been fed any interesting lines in my day to day life. Or perhaps its due to my cold, whose status i have upgraded from "man flu" to "the plague." It may sound extreme, but you don't know man, you weren't there.

Or perhaps its a simple case of writers block, a lack of inspiration.

As i think this, a new quest forms in my mind, i must find some inspiration, for when i do, the whole world will benefit. Or perhaps something that sounds a bit less messianic.

But, this quest will be trickier than you'd think. Afterall, one mans muse is another mans, well, i don't know. Can't think of the word. Damn writers block.

A good place to start would be to look at the definition of inspiration, which is apparently "ivine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind." Well, it looks like i was right with the whole messianic angle, but i'm not sure i like that. Afterall, i'm not a believer in that. Unlike the Monkees, who believed after they saw her face.

Surely this can't mean that i'd be devoid of any hope of inspiration in the future? Because that's a sad sad picture. But then i thought, no, that's not right. Now, rock bands are certainly not god-faring people, but some of the stuff they've done has been nothing short of inspirational. If such classic, inspirational moments as "November Rain" are not examples of divine intervention, what is it that has created them?

It must be drugs. That's one of the only things that all inspirational rock bands have in common. And of course, its not unique to inspirational music. It extends to artists, actors and even scientists.

However, my argument is fundamentally flawed. Afterall, with my cold i've taken more drugs in the past week than the past year. Yet i'm the one complaining about a lack of inspiration. Unless, the illness creates an "inspiration vacuum." Which would explain why you never hear stories about musicians coming up with that awesome song/lyric/riff while on paracetomol, unless they took so many they almost died. It just makes sense.

So, is that the end of my quest? Have i come to the decision that i need to be rid of this plague before finding my inspiration? Well, i'll see if i do find it once i'm better. If i do, you'll be the first to know. If not, i won't be able to find the words to tell you, so expect the worst.

As always, if you take issue with anything in this entry, write it on a postcard, and send it wherever you want, cos they'd be more likely to read it than me.

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