October 17, 2004

The effects of high death rate from AIDS in South Africa

I read two recent articles in different newspapers on this issue, and the focus and tone of each is slightly different to the other.

The first article in The Independent on 17 October highlights the impact of the disease on population growth with emphasis on the fact that the UN's millenium development goal will not be reached. It points out that it is the people in their productive years that are dying, and as a result, the ratio of dependents to working age people is great and increasing. The article asserts that this will then be a "systematic long term problem", and will increase poverty.

In slight contrast to this, the second article, in The Guardian on 8 October focuses on the increasing numbers of orphans as a result of the high death rate of the disease, and their desperate plight. It attempts to depict the effects on individuals by using a case study of a family of orphans, of whom the eldest is merely eleven years. It also points out the failiures of the bureaucracy to help such children in the AIDS crisis.

October 10, 2004

MEDIA DIARIES following the topic of AIDS and HIV

AIDS/HIV is an enormous problem of the world today, particularly in Africa, and there are many organisations and governments trying to establish the best methods of reducing the numbers contracting the disease.

I chose this as my topic as I would like to become much better informed about something that has claimed the lives of millions of people and continues to claim everyday.

I wanted to have the opportunity to research the facts of the disease and find out what has and is being done to address this severe ongoing epidemic, focusing on the major players in this task.

Thus to begin with, I had a look at The United Nations' Development Programme home page which prompted me to consider that the solutions envisaged by the major world organisations cannot be attempted without the full agreement and co-operation of domestic governments.

This brought me on to look at an article in the Sunday Tribune that depicts Politics as obstructing the implementation of an AIDS strategy in South Africa.

October 05, 2004

My first blog entry !!!!!!!!

Entry number one…

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