May 02, 2005

Waste of time…..?

hmm. I have three things that I think are a waste of time;

1) The library nazis (Yes i KNOW that that's a very Un-PC thing to say and my German/Austrian friends have already complained about me using it so let me clarify; the library nazis are those people that wander around aimlessly around the library, handing out little bits of paper with things like To avoid being disturbed, keep your food out of sight and Talking on mobile phones while in the library will incur a 10 fine ) Not only are they a waste of our time, they are also a waste of money. Whoever here thinks that library resources would be better spent buying books to supplement our pathetic (and recently cannibalised in the name of the learning grid) supply of books instead of prowling around handing out bits of paper printed in colour (Note the added expense) to people who have ( SHOCK-HORROR) been eating a satsuma in the libarary, hands up. Yup, I thought so. I'm not the only one. Incidentally, Judi had a huge "discussion" with the library people about this then put a note in the suggestion box addressed " Dear Library manager/library nazis" . It is yet to appear on the "you say- we say" board!

2) Men who take your number, say they'll call, then don't. All the women out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Why on earth do guys take a girl's number then don't call back? It's not as though we sit next the phone constantly jumping when the phone vibrates only to find out that it's a delivery report from a text message we sent three weeks ago to T-Mobile asking them to top up our phone or anything but, I mean...WHY???

Judi has a very valid point here…. All men should be given a questionnaire to fill in when you meet them along the lines of;

  • single? tick here
  • living at home age 35? tick here
  • got a foot fetish? tick here
  • Watch Star- Trek Enterprise? tick here

and last but not least,

  • Will you actually call me if I give you my number? tick here

If wishes were horses eh girls?

And Finally

3) Blogs. Does anyone ever read this damned thing anyway?

April 19, 2005

Exam timetables…whose is worse?

I have just got my exam timetable and let me tell you…...It is the EXAM TIMETABLE FROM HELL!!!!! I mean, I know that it's not an easy job to make exam timetables but crikey! Do they have to be so horrible!

My exams are 21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th then over. Ok… i will have over a month of free time after my exams finish to generally do nothing at all, but between you and me? I'd rather have a couple of days between exams and finish later as a result. I mean...everyone knows that the largest amount of work is done in that last 48 hours before the exams aided by copious quantities of Pro Plus, coffee and sugar (or in the case of some that i've heard of, speed!) .

The other down side to this is that ALL of my friends, basically, everyone I know, will be finishing their exams after me so I'll have loads of time to party....and NOBODY TO PARTY WITH!!

OK. I can hear you say in your head…stop complainin woman, some have it worse. So I'll stop now. Incidentally, I do know of one person who has 3 exams on the SAME DAY!! I mean….if that isn't the worst timetable around, I don't know what is!

Anybody wanna go to Alton Towers after the exams finish? If I have enough people we could rent a coach or something. Anyway, Making of Economic Policy beckons.

Toodle Pip!

April 14, 2005

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Life SUX!!!!!

I cannot remember the last time I have been this stressed about exams and life in general. There is soooooo little time left before exams and I have to catch up on so much!

Then there's money. How in the name of good did I manage to spend the whole of April's allowance before April had even begun? If any of you see a homeless person bearing a striking resemblance to me sitting outside the union with a tin cup please…...donate generously to the FTMF….(Feed The Mina Fund). Donations in cash only please!

Then there's life in general. It sux. Without going into boring details….suffice to say that my life SUX and I'm getting more and more depressed by the day.

On the plus side…I ran into Judi on my way out of xanana's and we had chocolate cake, frescato, and a general moan about it all and I feel a teensy bit better. I'm going to the Latin Party tonight in an attempt to banish the blues….I'm hoping to see someone I know so I won't be completely alone! Isn't it amazing how a big enough shot of sugar can make even the most difficult of times that little bit more bearable?

Oh well…...Back to Brit Econ. YUCK!!!!

March 10, 2005

Murphy's Law– anything that can go wrong….HAS gone wrong!

Guess what? I've been robbed twice in two days. Yesterday was wallet, debenhams card and debit card and all other cards in the library. Today it was my credit card and £20 from coat pocket in learning grid. How unlucky can one person get? I mean….what are the chances of being robbed TWICE in TWO days? I live in africa and I've only been robbed about 5 times in my entire LIFE!!!

I am currently in the Learning Grid typing out my bloody essays. I am about to fall asleep. Due to excessive boredom, I've eaten about 1kg of grapes, 2 mandarins, a plum, 2 cheese strings, a large chocolate tart, almost half a litre of strawberries and cream yogurt, tons of orange juice, chinese takeaway and am contemplating starting on the strawberry laces. The thing is…i'm not even hungry!

I'm just eating cos the damn stuff is there! this is so bad! I feel so queasy!i could survive a week on the calories i've consumed in the last 5 hours or so. ugh! feel really green! I think i better stop eating now!

Have also been eating excessive amounts of muller corner yogurt and baby bel over the last week. I started off buying a couple at a time but have now upgraded to multi-packs. MULTI PACKS!!!!Thank god I only have to do this once a term! the quantities of sugar required to keep me going are too high to do anything other than make me fat if i were to attempt this on a long term basis!

To digress, Sigmund and i have decided that spending too much time in the Lib/learning grid actually makes you dummer and we've both become slower and duller as a result! This is because our minds are so saturated with Futures and debt relief that there is no RAM left to process anything else with. Basically, what happened to your computer the first week after discovering DC++ took only 5 mins to download entire movies onto your laptop and couldn't stop downloading! Sooner or later the hard disk will fill up and you will have to erase something.

Lol! Can you imagine publishing that as an essay? "How going to the library can make you stupid" by Muhaimina Said and Sigmund Euteneuer.

It has been observed in the case of muhaimina and sigmund, that spending excessive amounts of time in the library will not, as previously thought, make one smarter. As this essay seeks to prove, there are diminishing marginal returns in the case of hours spent in the library:intelligence. After peaking at 5 hours a day (two hours in the case of Mina), the latter continues to decrease until you reach the point where the more you attempt to learn, the more you manage to forget.

At least all my essays are due tomorrow (all THREE of them) so at 3:45pm, I will be back in my room and fast asleep!

On that happy note…my essays beckon…must fly.

March 03, 2005


Essays! Essays! ESSAYS!!! Hate them! Hate them! HATE THEM!!!!! LEft learning grid at 6 AM. Am now back in library frantically typing. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the end of term and HOLIDAYS!!!

February 27, 2005

Food Food GLORIOUS Food!

Was supposed to be writing my essay but got hijacked by some friends and ended up going to a cooking society party in the next kitchen. I am now SO FULL !!! They made everything from Greek Salad and prawn curry to gnochi, meatballs and cake! mmmmmmm!

After we ate we ended up doing the Greek Hasapiko (Zorba) and everyone was dancing around the kitchen table! Once again….will post pics as soon as Angela and Charis email them to me!

February 26, 2005

Peace and Love!!!

Went to Peace and love Erasmus party last night. We were so loud the neighbours threatened to call the police which perversely resulted in even more noise! Left at about 2:30 but people were still arriving. Apparently, there were people there as late as 5am! Am really looking forward to the next one! Thanks Nico!

Will post pics as soon as I get them….

February 24, 2005

I'm a Blog Virgin!

Hellooo world! I am a first time blogger (hence blog virgin! ;-p). Dunno quite what to write. Not doing much. In library ostensibly writing my essay but really I'm chatting on msn and thinking about my next meal! Foooooooood! mmmmmmmm!

Unfortunately its freeeeeeeezing outside so I really cant face the prospect of walking all the way back to lakeside to cook so I'll probably just go have something from Kaleidoscope (You newbies will know it as Cafe library.Us seasoned old timers know that there is no such thing as cafe library and the graduate club. They are Kaleidoscope and Zippy's and that's that!)

Anyone wanna join me for chips and glue? yuk! That food is just foul. No matter what "meat" is in it, it all tastes the same ! Have the uni cooks never heard of SPICES?? yuk yuk yuk!

Anyway, will stop complaining now. Has anyone other than me wondered about the stuff that's been falling from the sky for the last three days then just dissappearing? Where does it go? ok…that was a dumb question….it melts. But surely at least some of it should have settled by now? Oh well…..hope springs eternal!

Must go write essay now so Ciao people!

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