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May 12, 2005


Writing about Last night at the Union (dumdumdum)...ruckus at the bus stop!!! from Daniel's blog

as my friend is telling you on his blog i just couldnt believe it when i heard it.
so read his little report first and then you will understand my comments.

how in the world can something like that happen???

and how unprofessional can warwick security be???
I am extremely disappointed!

at least the police was of assistance and the guys responsible for our friends severe injuries will hopefully be held responsible for their offence.


May 09, 2005

spice up your life

Still trying to revise for my exams.
Hoping to see some sunlight on the darkened sky.

But in case you want to "spice up" your boring revision time, take a look at this.

Hot, isn't it! ;-)


May 03, 2005

I saw red

So it was last Friday that I really saw red.
Not because my essays that I handed in that week turned out rather bad (which I don't know yet but might apply) but because we celebrated the end of that horrible period with a party and the motto "red".

See some pics from that event in my galleries.

So since yesterday I'm in revision mode and hope that it's not too late to cope with the mountains of material for my six exams beginning in not quite three weeks.

But I guess I'm not the only one (most definitely not) so I stop complaining.
At least today we're back to good English weather (rain). Makes it a little easier.

Good luck

April 23, 2005

muffin tree

well…just in case you didn't know it before:

"Never talk to Muffin Trees!"

Check here to see that it is not my essays and exams that let me go crazy.


April 17, 2005


hey people!

look outside!
Beautiful weather today!!! The sun is shining and all you want to do is go outside and enjoy this magnificent Sunday!
But wait…..what is that pain in the back of my head???
…it's not a pain…it's more a hammering….
…it's….ooohhhhhh noooooo…..it's my essays and exams telling me to sit at my desk in a darkened room and …work…work…work…..

No that I shared my feelings with you…I have to get back to my desk. Otherwise my headache won't get better!

Oh, one more question:
Is it allowed that you write three exams on one day?
Because that's whats happening to me!!!
I'm really pissed off!


April 02, 2005

April's fool

heya guys!

so somehow we managed to survive April 1st.
And I'm sure you played some pretty awesome tricks on people who maybe didn't see the funny side of it ;-)

April 1st also had its impact on the internet. Check out my favourites on the net:

1. GoogleGulp
2. Yagoohoogle
3. UN wants to shut down the internet
4. Britannica taking over Wikipedia
5. Ban on right hand drive cars

Hope you have a good laugh!
Enjoy the good weather and have a nice weekend!


March 23, 2005

back to work

hey people!

just a short update!
have been working since almost two weeks now with E.ON UK as an intern.
thats an energy company before you ask (you might still know them as Powergen).
its quite interesting. really!
but as you can guess my essays are suffering.

tomorrow im leaving for ireland!!!


see ya

March 03, 2005

I know, I know….

…..I really know what you are going to say now:
"Why can't you just write a lil' more regularly!".

And of course you're right!

So, I finally wrote the exam in Germany I was complaining about all the time.
And it went alright I think.

So here I am back in England since one week and already work has its tight grip on me again. Just handed in one essay on Monday and the last one is due next Friday. So again I spent my nights in the library instead of partying as I should do.

The social life has suffered since literally everybody is preparing for some kind of exam or writing some stupid essays. But being Erasmus students we managed to squeeze in a nice little (?) party at Nico's place.
The motto was "Peace and Love" and there were some really wicked costumes to be seen.
Check out the pics for some impressions.

Would love to see comments.
Have fun whatever you're doing at the mo!

February 15, 2005

Guten Tag!

hey guys,

a quick hello from beautiful Germany!
I'm here for the week to write an exam so don't call it a holiday!
It's been snowing for the last couple of days. Check it out here and here .

I hope everybody had a lovely Valentine's Day.
And for those of you who have always been sceptical about Feb 14th, here is why .

Gruesse auf die Insel

February 07, 2005

smoking head

hey guys,

this will be very short.
essentially because there is not very much to report.
I'm still studying for my exam in Germany in two weeks and writing that !@X"?# essay at the same time.

So if you want to express your sympathy, comments are welcome ;-)

If you need a break from studying, just have a look at how a greeting card is made


January 29, 2005

hula hula

Aloha hoaloha!

Luau Hawaii hale Pere!

And for those of you who don't understand Hawaiian:
The Hawaiian party in Pere's house was really a bomb!
In every aspect! The people were bombs, the costumes were bombs and the house itself looked like a bomb exploded there afterwards ;-)
Great fun!

You ask why we party so hard?
Well, work hard, play hard, I guess!
I'm still studying for my German exam in two weeks and at the same time I try to write an 3000 words essay. Quite some busy days.

This weekend will be endless hours of page-turning and falling asleep on my books only to be interrupted by some pasta and milk.

Enjoy the pics!
Comments are appreciated. What are you guys doing this weekend?


PS: You have to have a look at THIS ;-)

January 12, 2005

Hello again!

Hi everybody!

A Happy New Year to all of you!
I am back from beautiful Germany where I enjoyed three weeks of wonderful Christmas holidays.
I spent New Year's Eve on a small castle with a lot of friends and we had fun, fun, fun (not to mention the alcohol!).

But now work has me again and I'm already sweating to finish all my essays in time. But that's the hard life of a student, right?!

Hope to see everybody again soon.
Would be delighted to see some comments!


December 04, 2004

it is DONE!!!


term 1 is over!
after I handed in my essay at 12.00 noon today we started to celebrate a little. see the warm up for Xmas party pics for that!

later we went to the big Xmas party in the Student's Union where we had big fun ;-)
then we hopped to a private house party.
it was packed and there was not enough alcohol (how could there possibly be?), but lots motivated international students so we had a great time.

Today I got up around 1pm after 6 hours of sleep.
Tired but happy.
Next days will be a little more work for my assignments due in January and maybe some party ;-)

enjoy the pics

November 27, 2004

Final endeavour!


off we go into our final week of Winter Term.
Five more lousy days of research, reading and red eyes (sitting in front of the computer).
But the promising thought of relaxing xmas holidays keeps me going!
relaxing…...wait a minute!!!

How could I forget?!?
Two more essays due in January!!
This probably means that I'll be sitting in my little chamber in Germany all December writing some st…. essays.
Right! ;)

So what have I been up to?
Not very much to be fair.
Just trying to get the essays done which are due this upcoming Friday.
Long hours in the library and in front of my laptop.

Don't worry….
In very rare moments I find the time to recover from these horrible torments I have to endure.
Proof is provided (see recently added galleries)!

The Xmas Dinner was really great.
Had great fun!
Team Germany lost in a fierce battle against Team France in the First Pitcher Downing Championships.
To our shame contributed that Team France was supported by infamous Annabell "Down it".
Don't worry: We will rage sweet revenge!


PS: Anyone read the book "To kill a Mockingbird"?
Please have a look at this ;-)
How to kill a Mockingbird

November 10, 2004

ill, work, London!

Hi again!

One more week is over that means one more week to cover here.

Last week didn't start the way you want it to start.
I was sick from Monday on, missing my voice and trying to get down my fever drinking tea.
Not the best preconditions if you have to hand in an assignment the next Monday! But dutifull as I am I sat down and worked some cruel hours so I would be finished by Friday! Why Friday?
Because very early on Saturday morning (too early for me) we left for Europe's biggest city, England's capital, home of the Queen: London!

You know what I'm talking about if you have been there.
If you haven't: Go there!

I love London, the flair you only get in big cities, trendy districts etc. etc.
But since I had already seen all the main sights I didn't join my friends when they visited Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Tower but rather met with my dear cousin whom I hadn't seen in 5 (!) long years.
Can you believe it that destingy brought us together in London?!
Amazing isn't it!

At night we tried to find THE place to got to in London which we realized is not the easiest of tasks. Some recommendations for the next time I'm there are very welcome!
Nevertheless we managed to stay out until 4am and then went more or less drunk and massively tired to our accomodation known by the inviting name "The Generator".

Of course we had some problems checking in since we hadn't booked private rooms and so had to split up in different rooms at 4.30 in the morning. You can imagine the guys who had already been sleeping in these rooms were not really amazed to see (and hear us) trying to open the doors.
We managed and amazingly got up at around 9.00 am!
Sunday was Tate Modern and Camden Market of which both were worth every single minute spent there. Magnificient!

Several hours and traffic jams later we were back in Coventry, tired but happy!

I will definetly be back in London very soon.
So everybody I didn't call or manage to meet there: see you soon!

Enjoy the pictures!

October 31, 2004



Yes, it's true!
Once again it is time to celebrate the evil forces of darkness which surface once a year and take possession of people's minds (at least in English speaking countries).
And yesterday a lot of Warwick University zombies gathered at the local students union to indulge in their nasty business.

And it was fun!
The Halloween party has been the best on campus so far.
And after having been here for five weeks, that's a statement!

Music was good, crowd was in a fantastic mood and we danced our arses off!
I don't have to talk about the English beer, do I? ;)

I didn' take my camera so there won't be any pictures.

Let me know if you had any explicit Halloween adventures.

October 30, 2004

Good things come to those who wait.

As you can guess from my topic it finally happened….........
My laptop arrived yesterday having been somewhere in Scotland in some IBM Repair Centre for one long month.

This means that I can write a little more regular in this blog….maybe!

So what happened recently?
Not very much to be true. I have been working on various marketing projects this week which consumed most of my time.
And I am preparing a future scenario for the mobile communications company Orange which is quite difficult since telcom is a fast changing area.

Last night we stayed at a French's guy house and had a little international party. Was quite nice except of course: the beer was still English! ;-)

Put some pictures up on this blog so you can get a better idea of what's happening in buff town Coventry.


October 18, 2004

lil' late

sorry for not having written in such a long time.
it's just that my laptop has not been returned from the repair guys. this only leaves me using the uni computers.

I promise to to do better once I have internet access in my house and thus more time to tell you about the "wicked" (one of my favourite english words so far) life here in Coventry.

so what happened recently?
I have done a couple of rowing sessions and liked it very much. Although I had to get up at 6.00 am (!) on a Saturday morning.

But I should be compensated for that later on.
Because around noon my two old buddies Joerg (from Leicester) and Frank (from Bristol) arrived. The three of us went to the 2nd league football match Coventry vs. Leicester together with my housemate Serena. Although it was a crappy match I added quite a few swear words to my repertoire because we were sitting in the middle of the Coventry City hardcore fans who shouted "..who the fuck is Leicester.." or "...you fat bastard…"(in reference to the Leicester goalie).

The further development of the evening should be pretty clear to those of you who know me/us.
We went to a pub and then got enormous amounts of spicy food from the Indian take away in my street. hmmmm…....

But the unchallenged highlight was a simple German drinking game known by the mysterious name of "Maexchen".
Of course we had to introduce our foreign friends to that German tradition.

I don't have to say any more than:
1 bottle of vodka
1 bottle of gin
27 cans of beer

so as you can see I had a great weekend.
pictures to follow soon!!!! :-)


September 29, 2004

murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

sticking to that motto me and my fellow combatants came to study at the University of Warwick in West Midlandish town of Coventry.

I have been here for ten days now and didn't think that getting started here would be that difficult.

last week there was a thing going on called Orientation week for international students. they showed us around the campus (which is really nice) and tried to introduce us to some aspects of Warwick University.
What did I learn during that week?
Parties are not as good as in Germany, prices are f#/* high and God they like to queue here (deut.: in einer Schlange anstehen!).
I think I stood longer in queues in one week than in my whole life before! And there are still some queues to come I'm afraid.

arranging my timetable is still a bit of a problem.
but hopefully it will be done by the end of this week. I'll post it as soon as it's available so you know at what times I am feeding my superior intellect.

I've been fiddeling with my laptop since the day I arrived.
it just doesn't work with the wireless networks here.
it's really been a pain in the ass for the last 10 days.
so now I have to send it in to IBM to get it fixed hopefully within the next two weeks. lets see how the English will do on that. i don't expect miracles!

there are some good news as well:
I signed up with rowing team and the football team.
tell about it next week when I know more.

so in conclusion it have been busy 10 days walking around campus, queueing and trying to get things arranged. but I'm looking forward to my studies here since the infrastructure and academic support here are superb (so different from Germany, here they actually work FOR the students).

ok, so this is it for now
future entries will be shorter but I had to brief you up to date.
so take care and write lots of emails from whereever you are and whatever you are doing. email is florian.schnappauf@gmx.net
wanna call me? even better! write an email to find out about my new mobile number here in England.


Welcome to my English life!

hey guys,

good to have you here.
While I'm here at Warwick University you'll be able to check on me on a more or less regular basis.

Tune in once in a while and see how I'm coping with sloppy bacon, bad weather and sausages that don't deserve that name.

write lots of emails, let me know what you are doing!