May 02, 2005

Waste of time…..?

hmm. I have three things that I think are a waste of time;

1) The library nazis (Yes i KNOW that that's a very Un-PC thing to say and my German/Austrian friends have already complained about me using it so let me clarify; the library nazis are those people that wander around aimlessly around the library, handing out little bits of paper with things like To avoid being disturbed, keep your food out of sight and Talking on mobile phones while in the library will incur a 10 fine ) Not only are they a waste of our time, they are also a waste of money. Whoever here thinks that library resources would be better spent buying books to supplement our pathetic (and recently cannibalised in the name of the learning grid) supply of books instead of prowling around handing out bits of paper printed in colour (Note the added expense) to people who have ( SHOCK-HORROR) been eating a satsuma in the libarary, hands up. Yup, I thought so. I'm not the only one. Incidentally, Judi had a huge "discussion" with the library people about this then put a note in the suggestion box addressed " Dear Library manager/library nazis" . It is yet to appear on the "you say- we say" board!

2) Men who take your number, say they'll call, then don't. All the women out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Why on earth do guys take a girl's number then don't call back? It's not as though we sit next the phone constantly jumping when the phone vibrates only to find out that it's a delivery report from a text message we sent three weeks ago to T-Mobile asking them to top up our phone or anything but, I mean...WHY???

Judi has a very valid point here…. All men should be given a questionnaire to fill in when you meet them along the lines of;

  • single? tick here
  • living at home age 35? tick here
  • got a foot fetish? tick here
  • Watch Star- Trek Enterprise? tick here

and last but not least,

  • Will you actually call me if I give you my number? tick here

If wishes were horses eh girls?

And Finally

3) Blogs. Does anyone ever read this damned thing anyway?

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  1. Oh god. I am so with you on that.

    02 May 2005, 10:06

  2. What's wrong with feet and Enterprise?

    02 May 2005, 10:10

  3. where to begin….. Ok shall we tackle this feet first the eh? (inward groan from all sitting around me)

    Feet can be pretty when they're nicely pediicured and painted BUT…and this is the crucial point so pay attention….Where have the BEEN? That person could've been wearing the same socks for a week, or been walking in the grass and had loads of bugs squashed on her feet. Then there's the nailpolish. The thing about nail polish is that IT'S OPAQUE!! Who knows what you're sucking out from underneath her toenails? yuk! Don't even get me started on men's feet and those cracked heels that have enough stuff in them to give you green feet (yes…another REALLY bad joke)

    Enterprise….Personally, I don't have much against it. To be quite honest, I'm pretty much obsessed with Stargate SG-1 and the more I watch that, the more it's starting to look like Enterprise. PLUS Brie from Desperate housewives' husband wotsisname started his career as an actor on Star Trek so if for that reason alone, I am grateful that ST exists!

    02 May 2005, 10:39

  4. I dunno. I find people talking on mobile phones in the library intensely irritating. Seriously. Especially if they are sitting within sight of a 'NO MOBILE PHONES' poster. This would distract me entirely from whatever work I was trying to do, and would force me to try to find a seat somewhere out of earshot. I mean, if they want to talk, they are perfectly free to leave the building, and come back later.

    Watching one of these people get their come-upance is an incredibly satisfying experience for me. Maybe it's just me.

    02 May 2005, 16:15

  5. mina

    Point taken. Talking on mobile phones in the library is unacceptable cos it does disturb everyone around you. But what about the whole fizzy drinks and fruit thing? Surely the library stewards have to aknowledge the fact that studying is an incredibly boring activity and we therefore need the burst of energy garnered from said "junk" to be able to keep awake?

    Obviously food should not be allowed cos of the whole smell thing but fruit???

    04 May 2005, 18:43

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