May 31, 2005

The trials and tribulations of mina….....

Where to begin….... Ever get that feeling during an exam when the invigilator says "you may begin." You turn over the paper, and all the self confidence that had kept you bouyed up during the pre-exam jitters sinks like a lead balloon and all you want to do is cry?......welcome to my world. That was development economics on Wednesday. the biggest bitch of an exam I have EVER had. Why why WHY do lecturers feel the need to punish their students? I think that lecturers are really masochists at heart. They stand there lecturing all year. And every time you miss a deadline, or scive a seminar, or do not know what the "Big Push" is, they nod, and they smile, but inside? ha. Inside they are rubbing their grubby little hands in glee, thinking about PAYBACK. What is payback you may ask? The finals. That three hour paper that is the culmination of a lifetime of scholastic torture. Call it Murphy's Law, cosmic karma, masochism, whatever. The bottom line is that there will always be that one lecturer who picks that one line in the piles of handouts to set 50% of the paper on. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! What I want to do to that one lecturer who's name will not be mentioned is not the kind of conversation one conducts in civil company.

What does any student do when faced with a paper they have possibly failed? No, after they cry. Yes, they calculate what marks they will need to get in all their other papers to still graduate with a 2:1. It is meant to calm us down. It didn't. Unless I get at least one first in my other papers to even out this one dismal mark, I'm screwed. Woop de doo.

Ok, what do you do next? The usual student will go out and get completely and utterly trashed. That option was not available given that I had another exam at 9:30 the next morning. So what did i do? Went home and studied. gag gag puke.

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