February 24, 2005

I'm a Blog Virgin!

Hellooo world! I am a first time blogger (hence blog virgin! ;-p). Dunno quite what to write. Not doing much. In library ostensibly writing my essay but really I'm chatting on msn and thinking about my next meal! Foooooooood! mmmmmmmm!

Unfortunately its freeeeeeeezing outside so I really cant face the prospect of walking all the way back to lakeside to cook so I'll probably just go have something from Kaleidoscope (You newbies will know it as Cafe library.Us seasoned old timers know that there is no such thing as cafe library and the graduate club. They are Kaleidoscope and Zippy's and that's that!)

Anyone wanna join me for chips and glue? yuk! That food is just foul. No matter what "meat" is in it, it all tastes the same ! Have the uni cooks never heard of SPICES?? yuk yuk yuk!

Anyway, will stop complaining now. Has anyone other than me wondered about the stuff that's been falling from the sky for the last three days then just dissappearing? Where does it go? ok…that was a dumb question….it melts. But surely at least some of it should have settled by now? Oh well…..hope springs eternal!

Must go write essay now so Ciao people!

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  1. - I'm going to The Bar. Fancy coming?
    – Which one?
    – The Bar.
    – Yeah, but there's loads of bars on campus.
    – No, I'm going to The Bar.
    – Oh what, Airport?
    – Yeah. Why didn't we just stick to that name in the first place?

    PS Hi. Sorry for spamming your blog up already, but I do it to everyone.

    24 Feb 2005, 15:12

  2. Hey,

    Is this the same Mina, that I saw going crazy in the first year for the first time she saw snow?
    In the econ computer labs?


    24 Feb 2005, 18:16

  3. howdi,

    glad you finally found your way into the blogging community.
    and if you need a session on how and why snow melts…..just come to the back of the library. ;-)

    essay writing!
    essay wrting!
    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    see ya

    24 Feb 2005, 18:51

  4. yup, it is she of the first year snow mania! I'm a bit embarassed cos I don't remember you Reemal. Oops! Then again I do have a memory like a sieve….unless something is really big, it tends to just slip through!

    26 Feb 2005, 17:48

  5. Judi

    Has anyone ever noticed how many ugly people there are in the Warwick IT centre?! Ok I know that sounds kinda arrogant but there isn't 1 man in here i would fuck!! I mean…how depressing is that?! Its not bad enough that I have 5 essays to write, now all the men are eiher 4ft tall, have no teeth left or are BO kings. Grrrrr. I'm honestly not a bitch either. If u were sat here u'd take my point.

    11 Apr 2005, 11:34

  6. Mina.

    JUDI!!! Lol! Only you! I'm in the Grid and there are quite a few fit men here for me to ogle so i'm not complaining! hehehehe!

    13 Apr 2005, 12:24

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