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May 18, 2005

Calling all procrastinators…...

It's official, I am the QUEEN of procrastination! Exams are swiftly looming on the no-longer-so-distant horizon and this is what I've done today;

7:34: crawled out of bed, had shower got dressed.
8:00: Made sandwiches for lunch
8:30: Arrived at dungeon of doom
8:31: Decided to go apply makeup
8:50: Finished applying makeup
9:00: Went to my spot to look for my notes. They'd gone. Moved by library security to lost and found after I left them all on the desk without leaving a note ( Normally leave my "I'm a lazy cow, please leave" note on top of my files)
9:10: Found my notes. Apparently I'd left two BOXES of them in the library.
9:15: Found a trolley to wheel all my stuff back to the fifth floor
9:20: Started revising
9:25: Ate a sandwich
9:35: Ate another sandwich
11:30: Went to check my email
11:40: Bought eyeshadow on eBay
12:34: Writing blog entry

As a result, this is what I'll be doing come Friday:

8:30: In Library
9:00: Have panic attack
9:30: Try to read one year's worth of notes in one day
24:00: Library closes, get kicked out
24:05: Find empty room to study in
02:00: Run out of Pro Plus. Run to ceffee machine to pay £2 for muddy water
03:00: Realise the coffee isn't helping, get chocolate instead
05:00: Run out of change
09:00: Listen to everybody talking about Schumpeterian Economies of scale before exam (Your guess is as good as mine)
09:15: Cry
09:30: Get exam paper…..cry again
10:00 Start eating chocolate after having written everything I know in 30 minutes.

14 July: Collect my robes for a graduation I won't be attending

Blast. I guess I better get back to revision huh?

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