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January 08, 2006

Essays…....forsooth they are the bane of my existence…..but Sales? Sales will be my salvation.

It seems like I tend to make the most entries in my blog when i know i have an essay due… I do now. 5000 words of one in fact. Of which i have only completed a pitiful amount. Why did it take me so long to get cracking you ask?........well…......the answer is simple. Science fiction. Or more precisely, Babylon 5. I have become a complete and utter geek. Never thought I'd see the day when I am perching on the edge of my chair in heronbank, biting my nails in worry as to whether Commander Sinclair is going to be able to stop the Narns from attacking the Centauri…...yet again.

Further proof of my geekness?........I asked for a 300GB External Hard disk and an update for my RAM for my birthday. Oh well… least I know my way around computers more than I did!

The sales have started again….....Oh how I love the sales! I walk off the bus on the Leamington Spa Parade and it is as though the clouds have parted above and a heavenly light illuminates the shops to either side of me….....with the faint background beat of someone's iPod providing musical accompaniment to my journey to find the perfect kitten heel.

I then enter the Temple of Relief (a.k.a Royal Priors Shopping centre) and my feet begin to move of their own volition towards Faith… hands begin to scramble for my trusty Mastercard and student ID for that 10% student discount that can help justify the £39 I'm about to spend at TopShop….....I'm saving £3 after all…....AND it's on BOGOF. (for the non shopaholics among you…...Buy One Get One Free….....a sure way to make a woman buy four times as many things as she actually needs…...but so desperately craves!)

Something a friend said to me once so inconveniently pops into my head…....a man will go to a shop, buy one thing he needs and leave. A woman will enter the same shop and buy two things she doesn't need…...simply because they're half price. They might have had a point. I don't really need 5 new pairs of earrings, 7 new tops and a jacket do I? It's ok though…......I have 30 days to take them back! :) hmm… dreams of the bargains to be had at the Bull Ring. Do I have the self control to stay away?........My bank account surely hopes so!

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