December 26, 2004

tip about questia

hi guys!
i know i sent out an email earlier this xmas about that online library, well, i got a subscription for christmas and i'm using it right now and it is soooo good, i'm finding loads of articles in newspapers, journals and magazines (whatever the difference is between those) as well as books, just by sitting on my ass in front of my computer. i don't know if it's like illegal for me to post some articles here and how smart that'd be if we'd all cite the exact same article (ah who cares), but i was thinking if anyone finds anything on the site they really wanna use but can't access, lemme know and i could get it for you!
hope everybody's doin fine and have had good christmasses! mine's been really good, but today's been mad with me fearing for my friend's life for 4 hours this morning cause she's diving in thailand and we couldn't reach her, but now she's ok, but me and my family won't be able to go down there :/ ok enough self-pitying! :)
take care guys! and i'll post anything that i find really useful here.
(oh the site is, u can search stuff without having to be a member) OH and if anyone wants to i can make them co-editors of the page, and that way you'll get email notifications about new posts and stuff. sneaky sneaky!
:) – josefin

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