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June 18, 2006


after a swift drink in the grad, i headed to do the show alone (kinda). It went pretty well for the first half, then i buggered up a quite a bit later. Just a massive thanks to my housemates/ co hosts, crofty, steve, carinne and suraj for coming to help and playful banter and lovely song choices.

In addition with Croftys great construction skills we had the usual kinder egg surprise. was probably my favourite one so far, a musical themed kinda little dude a music note for a head, i certainly liked the cut of his jib, but i didn't get any of the chocolate, bummer.

June 16, 2006


After two abscenes myself, now shona has run off, not with the rock n roll royalty we usual expect of her, but regular humanly people. This means im taking control this week, this means a number of things, 1) there will be some Bowie, 2) i may bugger it up as shona is the brain behind the cookie jar, 3) i shall be joined by the residents of 43 Clarendon Avenue…lets see how it goes xx

June 14, 2006


Due to Jess' evercoolness and my lack of examage, she was at the Isle of White and I was drowning in Tia Maria last Friday night, and so there was no baked goodness for your aural delight. I need to attend the annual conference on Taking Over the World this week and Jess will be going solo, possibly aided by arcane creatures of the radio night. Who knows. This will probably be the last show of the term, so happy holidays people…

June 04, 2006

Going it alone with a commoner…

Follow-up to going it alone… from The Eclectic Cookie Jar

This week due to Jess' tragic absence, I had to stoop to recruiting a non–RaW commoner who came in the shape of Rob from the corridor next to mine…Slugs were a choice of 3 Five songs (If Ya Gettin' Down/Keep on Moving/Everybody Get Up), the one I was gunning naturally won (keep on moving). There was a bit of a saga before the show in that I couldn't get hold of any Kinder Eggs (Costcutters deserves many plagues upon it for being 'out of stock'), so your dedicated DJ trekked to Tesco only to find they came in packs of 3. Which just isn't the same really. However, this does mean an influx of Kinder toys, and more time to waste trying to recreate them in paint. I entrusted Rob with the task of eating said Kinder Egg and constructing the magic within, which he managed to do without any help from the picture at all (!). We came to the conclusion it looked like a malign ent.

The tree of doom

June 02, 2006

going it alone…

As i have the yuckiness that is exams, there shall be no Jess shaped cookies in the jar tonight, Shona is going it alone, (well kinda, she does have some mysterious little elf style helpers… )
Good Luck
Jess xxx

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