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May 31, 2006

Kinder Egg shockers

Follow-up to The Kinder Egg surprise 2 from The Eclectic Cookie Jar

In a sudden twist, it transpires from Kinder Egg themselves that the previously depicted toy is meant to be a pirate snail. However, this does not logically follow as snails have shells. In my opinion, it is a slug. Precisely what you don't want to find in your Kinder Egg. Or cookie jar.Slug

May 29, 2006

The Kinder Egg surprise 2

Follow-up to the kinder egg surprise from The Eclectic Cookie Jar

This was the mystery revealed by the Kinder Egg last week…

Pirate kinder

May 27, 2006

the kinder egg surprise

kinder egg surprise

I think much confusion and intrigue surrounds the kinder egg toy. we have establised no one hates, fears or is aroused by the kinder toy Here a skilled artist took time out from 'other tasks' and has reproduced said kinder toy. and in my opinion its bang on…

This week's show

Meh. After a year of having my happy lunchtimes ruined, RUINED promptly at a quarter to two by various Neighbours fanatics descending on our kitchen (as we being the only bunch that bothered to fork out for a TV license), I cannot share Jess' love for all things Ramsay Street.

Being unwisely absent to interview Tom of the Cooper Temple Clause (whom I professionally kept calling James throughout), the slugs were as follows, because I left them in Jess' hands…

Kylie Minogue – Can't Get You Out of My Head
Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss
Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Kylie was the winner, much to both our disgust.

I would recreate the rest of the playlist here, but I can't quite remember it, so I'll leave that for Jess next time she's on a 'revision break'.

Incidentally, we forgot to say what was in the Kinder Egg. It was small, purple, and curiously simian. It had kooky moveable arms though, which was a considerable improvement on the illogical crow's nest stalked by an irate plastic crab.

Shona x

May 26, 2006

today i love…

my saviour

i know its an obvious choice but today i'm loving neighbours and tonight you'll hear more appreciation of this…
admidst the revision hell and cabin fever im gaining from it, neighbours gives me a glimmer of hope in my day, at 1.40 i have a brew and relax, either full of euphoria (steph finally having a baby 'oh charlie') to comedy genius (ange and genaes fight) to a belief someones life is worst than mine (can harold take anymore loss?!?!)
god bless ramsay street…


and we were paired...

thought maybe, we should explain ourselves… we as in shona and Jess, have a radio show with RaW, at warwick uni, the jist of it is

*playing awesome tracks to chill to or boogie to

*ranting about stupidos we hate and excitement over lovely stuff we love

*giggling at each others stupidity

*general larking about but having it broadcast at the same time

if you want to check the show out, its 1251 am across coventry and some of leamington, or webstream at at 11pm friday nights


May 25, 2006


well we have entered the cyber cru, with our blog! Pretty sure our pointless ramblings will extend from the radio onto the action

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